If your…

September 8, 2009


Okay, there it is. Celebrated Labor Day by, uh, laboring, and now it’s time for something goddamn else. Sleep, probably. There was something i was gonna say but i can’t remember what it is so goddamn it i guess that’s it for me. Thanks for reading, and have yourself a pleasant set of circumstances.



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  1. Revyloution Says:

    My ‘brain’ must be an overwhelming presence in my psyche. I hear that voice loud and clear during any televised sporting event. I think I would rather clean the bathroom than watch sports on TV.

    On the other hand, live sports have a decent attraction for me. I wonder what the difference is. I’d rather be at a good concert, but there is something entertaining about watching athletes at their best.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Brian the Brain needs a reality body-check. It’s not as though the conversation he was having, about Feist and “tall poppy syndrome” and whatnot, was on such a high level intellectually.

    Also, I don’t watch sports myself but I have nothing against people who do, except when they riot and loot through the streets, which doesn’t happen very often in Canada anyway. Different strokes and all that.

    I would however follow sports more enthusiastically if they featured naked women scissoring on ice or whatever that was.

  3. Kris Says:

    Sometimes people need to feel united behind a cause (especially one that doesn’t require a lot of intellectual investment). There’s nothing like sharing something with thousands of people, often simultaneously in the same room.

    That being said, I often take the position of the Brain, despite the obvious hypocrisy of doing so (I am a fan of football).

    I guess the organism benefits from having different areas of the brain stimulated (even the strictly emotional/social ones). So there’s a time and place for those things. But is the balance much too skewed to the lower-order pastimes? Seems so.

  4. timmy the dying boy Says:

    You know damn well Cherry would say exactly that if he could. And, btw, I love those pre-game naked knife fights.

  5. Loire Says:

    An interesting diatribe to be sure, and one I surprisingly whole-heartedly agree with. Although playing sports is a different matter entirely; nothing wrong with some physicality.

    I’d definitely get off on seeing this Brain-as-Person thing becoming a recurring concept for future work. Rock on broguy.

  6. I don’t have anything enlightening to say or any thoughtful critiques or commentary on this comic. All I want to say is that, like every one of your comics, this one was very intelligent, very well-drawn, and very funny! Thank you again, good sir! Cheers!

  7. This was an ace, a-level, murdergunning, deathmurdering, wondertastic, chocolate-marmite coated, fairy dusted, sandwiched, blood-painted, colourstrobing, body-popping, gut-bursting, kangaroo riding, off the charts, needle-burying, chicken fighting, vegetable breeding, people pushing, monster hugging, northern hemisphere, bermuda triangulating, nose bleeding, head throbbing, imagination bubbling, cow-tipping, monkey biting, banana eating, log cabin building, chew-toy divinity, stomach dancing, sword flinging, ninja kissing, duck petting, fart farting, global pandemic warning, countless death-producing, earthquake jumping, teddy bear slaughtering MASTERPIECE.

    I loved it.

  8. This was an ace, a-level, tip-top, ecstacy bread sandwich, jumbo degree, monkey biting, vegetable breeding, space chicken fighting, murdergunning, deathmurdering, murdermurdering, imagination raping MASTERPIECE!

    I love it.
    (forgive eventual repetition)

  9. LafinJack Says:




  10. iggy Says:

    brian maybe could do with some lessons about nonviolent communication?

  11. Jeff from NY Says:

    Brilliant! Bravo!

    Captures the inane acceptance of un-fulfilling pastimes, the banality of addictive zoning out, and the preservation of regressive thought very charmingly.

    I see it as a commentary on the virtue of mindfulness and it’s often sad reality.

    I too support a future re-appearance of the brain character! And that thing about Feist and imitation artists is so true!

  12. bachterman Says:

    i got the same conclusion after watching formula 1.
    the tall poppy syndrome is a genuine feature of the decadent estern european countries.

  13. Kalvyn Hawbes Says:

    Having slogged through swathes of text in the comic archives over the period of a few hours (not to my disgruntlement, however), I approve of your ruthless bashing of what you find to be shitty contemporary cultural practices in the form of satire. You have a penchant for expressing yourself through your art…the best art is art which stimulates one to try and empathize and reflect. Partially reading through the comments of earlier comics, I particularily dislike the anti-“wall-of-text” posts. I hope to live in a world where a comic is praised on the content of it’s characters (doubly words and personalities), and not the quantity of it’s panels.

    I like how you make audiences suspend disbelief, rather than suspending it for them. Although I digress in many places with the opinions of your characters (extensions of your own thoughts, I perceive), I hope you continue with this comic for a long time. There’s nothing better compared to actually finding articulate, non-flamboyant text that promotes thought rather than cheapness. This has to be the most unique find for a long time.

    P.S. Oh, and I enjoy the art style immensely.

  14. Gordo Says:

    I have the same issue all the time. In Australia where I live, our “hockey” is (for my area at least) rugby league, and god-damnit if everyone with a shred of intelligence hates that sport for some reason. I’m in love with it, and it’s often very hard to separate my love for a sporting contest from this aspect of my brain you so perfectly personified, Winston, in the comic.
    I know that the majority of professional players are, as you say, moron millionaires and the kind of guys who beat me up in school, but I don’t hold a grudge and I know a fair few rugby league players who are genuinely good people so I can find some justification that way ( I know a few who are douches as well though). Also, and please everybody don’t mind my machoism, as men, we need to release the ole testosterone some way. My 3 are punk shows, sex and rugby league ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Quib Says:

    What’s extra fun is not knowing how Canadian sports announcers actually talk.

    Plus, over here we have football (not soccer, the American kind) where you can distract your brain with “What the heck is anyone doing?”

  16. simon Says:

    I guess brian’s diatribe (and by extension, the comic’s point) isn’t about the sport itself, only about the commercialisation and marketing of the sport. As Revyloution says, watching skilled athletes is a pleasure. I don’t care if they are the guys who used to shove me into my locker, they have found something in their life they are good at, so good for them. What I DO care about is the obscene amounts of money that they receive for their efforts (I was going to say ‘earn’), and the overinflated importance such events take, probably due to effective marketing.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Well, it is dumb. But it’s good for unwinding. Taking a bath, having a walk, etc. are better, I agree. I myself prefer watching video lectures online or reading webcomics… stuff like that. But sometimes I’m so tired I can’t even read the web comics, so I just watch stupid shows on TV before I go to sleep.

  18. Tefferen Says:

    that’s a cool arcade fire t-shirt.

  19. EthZee Says:

    Sometimes you do have to enjoy activities where the brain isn’t involved; that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable.

    Not everything has to be an intellectual exercise; of course, not everything has to be intellect-free. It’s finding the balance between the two ends of the spectrum that makes for a good life.

    Feck it; if I thought about stuff all the time, my overactive paranoid mind would have turned me into a shambling hissing ghoul by now. Sometimes you’ve got to do something that can ‘clear the slate’, as it were.

  20. Matthew Abel Says:

    I’m going to play the role of “that guy.”
    Man, I love the Detroit Red Wings.

    Although, I have the same problem watching sports on TV. No problem with it live at the arena, though. However, I have a bias for smaller minor league hockey teams as the arenas aren’t so gigantic.

  21. Bandit a la mode Says:

    Oh my god I love this site.

    “Look for wives like other people shop for toasters”…. my heart, stolen.

    Keep up the great work!

  22. William Says:

    God, this strip is never a disappointment. Naming the brain “Brian” = genius. And Brian’s rant on jocks was spot-on. That was definitely the impression I got in college.

    Also, just recently found the secret archives. It’s little Easter eggs like that which make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for making us feel special.

  23. Jason Says:

    Eh, not a fan of this one. This comic seemed more preachy than elucidating. I think stereotyping athletes as dumb, brutish assholes is pretty intellectually lazy. They’re people, too–they can be kind and friendly, just as intellectuals can be racist, homophobic, and sexist. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with turning off your brain for a few hours and enjoying a game–life doesn’t have to be Philosophy 501 all the time. So yeah, not my favorite.

    Unless that was the point of the comic and I got totally trolled ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Ceno Says:

    Whenever a topic such as this one is discussed, I always remember the eternal war state concept on 1984.

    One of the multiple perspectives and effects it has, purely on a personal/emotional level, is the involvement in an artificially important matter. I’m portuguese and in portugal, being an european country, afterall, football (soccer for the americans?) is a big deal. There are 4 dedicated mainstream nationwide newspapers dedicated just to the matter, and they all sell and are in some way proeminent.
    The alienation of society, in a way reflected in the apathy towards social and political issues, is fueled by this involvement in trivial matters. Whenever a national team goes to play outside, on their return there is a crowd of people waiting for them at the airport. Mostly to give them hate, but some love on the occasional epic win.

    Just a random thought. This is why I love your comics, they always make me think. Cheers.

  25. Chutney Says:

    I suggest listening to the song โ€œDear Coachโ€™s Cornerโ€ by Propagandhi. It is about hockey!

  26. Michael Says:

    It is utterly required of every artist that he question his motive and his message. What am I saying? Is it valid, original, and worth reading? Or is it a common screed by a Type-B personality against the people who remind him of his frailties. If you still have these problems, fine. Most do. But you have allowed them to infect your art, which is losing its relevance. That is undesirable.

    A friendly advisory from a fan. You can draw, but for fuck’s sake there is a difference between complaining and whining!

  27. LafinJack Says:

    Michael, stop whining.

  28. Vellocet Says:

    Shit, the Flames let Bertuzzi go? He was useful, few can harass the defensemen and stick thier ass in the goalie’s face at the same time like him.

    I can’t help but defend hockey, despite being a bisexual nerd. My closest freind in the city is gay and a nerd too, and loves hockey more than me. That wierd, or just typically Canadian? Anyways, hockey is one of the few interesting things in goddam Calgary, and some of the players are admirable guys. Iginla is well reputed as a kind and charitable guy, And Miikka Kiprusoff is like if you combined Rain Man and Van Gogh into an eirily silent Finnish Goaltender. He’s my favorite. Interesting characters, some of them are. Not all dumb jocks. Though the dumb jocks do have thier entertainment value, like the Lindros boys. Those tragic concussion magnets.
    Besides, the CBC has little else to show us. They were desperate enough to run Air Farce for years.

  29. Blatant Coward Says:

    The spleen as a livermush sandwich, with coleslaw.

  30. Alex Says:

    You should read C.L.R. James’ book on cricket, Beyond a Boundary. James sees a kind of extension between cricket and the liberationist politics of the Caribbean in the 1950s.

    I’ve been thinking about how one would go about writing a socio-political analysis of the history of sports. I think that you’re right that the current state of sports and competition has been transformed into little more than spectacle by ESPN and the large amounts of money pumped into it. But I don’t think it’s necessarily that: there is a huge political education that takes place within sports, and I don’t think that we should discount it. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong political education in the U.S. (and probably Canada): they teach you how to hate commies and love red meat. But I would recommend you get more nuanced in looking at sports: many of the great U.S. civil rights’ political figures came out of the extremely “meat-headed” sport of boxing.

  31. Joe Says:

    Let’s face it–you’re right. But then again . . . isn’t that what makes it beautiful? More of a baseball fan myself, yet for the same reasons.

    Some here call it preachy. Yet I wonder–how many games do you watch a year? You’ve got it down pretty good.

  32. Joe: Big Red Wings fan, watched dozens of games last year (hooray for P2P), including the soul-eating playoff run. This comic wasn’t me trying to preach that “sports are rubbish,” let me assure you (long time Man Utd fan also). For me it was just a bit of illustrated cognitive dissonance regarding hockey in particular, if i may be so candid (i’m not in love with the NHL right now). For the reader it’s whatever you decide. Don cherry is rubbish though. Worse than rubbish.

  33. Joe Says:

    And there are very few things you said that don’t apply to baseball or soccer or football (I prefer the four downs of American, but hey–whatever). It describes the monologue and does it well.

    Of course you don’t have to sit through God Bless America in the seventh inning.

  34. curlpop Says:

    you are my hero.

  35. Questo's Dad Says:

    This is the inner dialogue that happens in my head when I watch sports/attend sporting events. I’ve turned down tickets to sold out Riders games because I feel like my time might be better spent doing one of any couple thousand things that need to be done around the house. Of course I usually end up watching the game on TV, but at least I can pretend to putter while it’s on (so am I in the minority when I say I’d rather watch on TV than in person?)

    I love it when people complain about how much money athletes make. Do people not know where that money comes from? Tickets to get in, food/beer at the arena, parking and TV revenue. Merchandise is huge too. On the weekend I thought it was time I had a baseball hat but balked at the 40 dollar price tag (you can’t tell me that that hat cost less more than 4 dollars to make, thank you China). We pay their salaries. If you don’t like it, don’t spend your money on it.
    Your dollar is your vote. If you spend it on sport, you are (in a very small way) saying that you value the product they produce. It makes me wonder how magazines like US Weekly and shows like ET stay on the air (seriously, who gives a fuck what Tom and Katie do on the weekend). Who pays for that?

    Anyhow, I don’t dislike sport, but I do dislike what professional sport has become. That being said, I’ve been thinking all summer about heading to an MLB city nearby to take in a series. Won’t happen this year, but next summer for sure. Brendan, are you reading this? Are you in? Baseball is My Secret Shame.

    Great comic, thanks WiRo.

    P.S. If the guy with the glasses is me, and I think he might be, I have noticeably less hair on top since you last saw me. Also, we got a new second hand TV. The one you’ve drawn is in the basement, waiting to sub in when this one inevitably stops working. And you’re quite correct, it does not have a remote.

  36. showtimeshottan Says:

    I LIKE hockey! Now I am sad…

  37. Meghana K Says:

    I guess it’s not just about ice hockey in particular… here in India, its Cricket… the silly old English game that we are crazy about. Its really ridiculous, as Simon said, how much money a handful of sportsmen make…

    Human beings are the still a primitive species, except our brain, which is developing faster than we can comprehend. Sometimes I feel human beings don’t deserve the brain that they have been given. Humans are, after 4000 years of civilization, still torn between the primitive desires and the developed intellect… and the primitive desires overpower the intellect most of the time… that’s the reason why the world is how it is…

    There can be a zillion things one might say out of it, but in the end… this is a brilliant comic!
    Even ‘Brian’ can’t help yelling!

  38. Eliza Moonchild Says:

    Too true, too true…

  39. Line Noise Says:

    If you think these 3 bitch too much you don’t want to be around when dick pops over for a visit after the game….

  40. Angus Says:

    My god, sheer genius…

  41. Dood Says:

    Dude! You spelt centre incorrectly.

    We’re not from the US you know.

  42. simon Says:

    I guess you should never check up on your comments. Sorry Winston, a little piece of my soul disintegrated when you admitted a liking for Man U.

  43. Questo’s Dad: High five for secret shames! Mine is a computer game from 1994.

    Meghana K: Well said, regarding the whole intellect vs primitive desires thing.

    simon: My dad’s from Manchester, blame him. I had very little choice in the matter.

  44. Caleb Says:

    Watching mainstream sports is boring as hell. I never understood why people do it. That and playing sports video games.

    I swam in college and high school so I think I have an appreciation for single participate sports and and I never got the need to watch teams of people play under convoluted rules.

    But I still don’t really have the urge to watch swimming events except for in the Olympics.

  45. Nick Says:

    hahahaha but I still like main stream sports. Humans competing, forcing each other to do more to win, makes good drama. If worse comes to worse, after these athletes are done entertaining me I’ll step over their broken bodies in the retirement home. Primitive is a manner for describing a tool or an art not a people. And lastly, people didn’t get beat up at my HS.

    If that pink shirted kid were at my house, I’d hook him up with a bong

  46. Nick Says:

    I have to throw this in there: I don’t think we should call desire primitive. That’s what puritans and people with a no libido agenda stay. We should call desire our muse, fickle as it may be, our muse calls on us to be smart or fast to get what we want.

  47. Caleb Says:

    I don’t think that sports are primitive at all. I think they are extremely complicated and convoluted.

    I mean if you went to a parallel world where everything was the same except they never came up with hockey how the hell could you explain it to anyone?

    So we are going to strap these blades to our feet and then push this round thing around with STICKS! But you have to to follow this set of rules while doing this and do it within this time…

    …so it’s like lacrosse except on ice?

  48. Sam Says:

    Hey, I didn’t know you were actually a little bald guy in a pink shirt.

    Hey, why do you even have a comments page?

  49. art Says:

    1000 homo djs!

  50. George Says:

    “The Wall of Text?” Please don’t go Phil Spector on us and start turning schitzophrenic and killing people, unless that person is someone I hate, such as anyone involved in keeping Americas Funniest Home Videos on the air.

  51. Mister Lenny Says:

    Preach it, mister Brain! And why not complain AND whine too? Too much is always better than not enough, right? I have NO mixed feelings about this. I am always bitterly disappointed to find that some alternative-type person I know is secretly excited about sports, watching some damned game when nobody is looking. We don’t need an excuse to like or not like something! But in general, to hell with mass sports! BE ASHAMED if you like them! I’m sick of it, a giant festival of stupidity! It constantly horrifies me that there is more detailed specific information about sports in newspapers … charts and graphs, statistics… than everything else combined! And ALL radio broadcasts seem to have sports contents, if there is a person talking, they’ll start talking about sports! If it’s BBC, NPR, international feeds on the satellite…. it’s like there’s nothing else they’re allowed to talk ABOUT! Well, better go put on my aluminum-foil hat. Another smashing comic, and I still haven’t gotten over the last one.

  52. George: Don’t worry, i promise to kill fewer people and wear fewer comedy wigs than phil spector, though i can’t promise to not go insane. Oh, and i also promise not to go around dubbing in 75 harps to people’s songs.

  53. Suntiger Says:

    It’s a funny strip, but I’m curious what kind of hockey that is and what kind of commentators that really talk like that, even allowing for exaggeration.
    Very few hockey games I have seen are like that and the commentators, while sometimes silly, doesn’t dig into racism.

    Is hockey played different in north america compared to europe?
    I know our rinks are a bit larger, but really…

  54. LafinJack Says:

    It’s Canadian hockey, and the speech bubbles aren’t what the announcers are saying, it’s what the guys are hearing after they take what Brian is saying into account.

  55. Kyle Says:

    At what point does Pro-intellectual thought constitute such xenophobic, spine-brained, knee jerk reaction?

    Do I agree with a couple of points, yes, I feel professional athletes as a whole make far to much money which could support other people.

    But while you decry these professional athletes asserting that they have been forever favored due to their physical abilities, you seem to forget the amount of time and discipline a profession athlete should show, and how those that do not, tend not to be respected for very long. Dennis Rodman formerly of the L.A Lakers, anyone?

    Moreover, you did not become as smart as you are, Mr. Rowntree, by sitting down and playing video games, or doing drugs consistently. You used your brain, in reading, introspection, and schooling. You are doing the best with the talents and abilities you were given. Why do you think the athlete’s body is any different?

    Nobody has ever come out of the womb with a Degree in Molecular Biology, or a Grand Unified Field Theorem, Mr. Universe physique, or Mr. Gretzky’s hockey skills, or Mr. Taijima’s Pikes Peak record. These have been acquired through rigorous training, either mentally or physically (both, if you’re Dolph Lundgren). All of the great painters of old went to a school at some point, all the great musicians have had to learn to play. Why do you so readily dismiss those who take their body to world-levels of their chosen discipline? Is it that much of a “lesser” pursuit? Do you think it to be simply easier? If it is so easy why don’t we all possess such talents and physiques?
    In short, Winston, Winnie if I may? Winnie, any pretense of valid points that you had were covered up by your own angst. I mean I thought like you, and would agree with you on most points, but I eventually turned 15, shame you haven’t yet.

  56. Thaif Says:

    To the person above: It would be prudent if you took and read Winston’s comment about “cognitive dissonance”.

    Anygays…it’s nice coming here, even if at times there’s preaching to the choir and the occasional hecklers.

    The likeminded yet thought provoking enviroment is something of a rarity.

  57. manch Says:

    While I couldn’t imagine dedicating all of my physical and mental energy to a sport, I still find it admirable. Exciting too, as it demonstrates the limit of human physical achievement, which is also driven by intense competition between fiercely dedicated people… I would hate to be a near-top level 100m sprinter in the 40 km/h shadow of Hussain Bolt. But I agree that the commercialization of popular sports is very off putting.
    and Kyle, is it hypocritical of you that your name links to latfh.com, or am I missing something?

  58. Writer Says:

    Excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚ Absolutely love Brian! Hope he comes back! His face, his clothes, it’s brilliant!

    Thanks for another great comic man!

  59. Theron Says:

    “Big Red Wings fan, watched dozens of games last year (hooray for P2P), including the soul-eating playoff run.” -Winston

    Wasn’t it just? Argh.

  60. Suntiger Says:

    I’m taking that into account, and I’m still surprised…

  61. joe glow Says:

    awesome. I have the same argument with my brain every fall sunday. now I’m off to drink beer, eat nachos, and watch a bunch of idiot millionaire criminals play football. and I’m gonna enjoy it, brain!

  62. This Guy Says:

    Wow, that brain is a douche.

  63. Nathan Says:

    I loved the punchline for this one. Also I had a lot of sympathy for Brian, being one of the rare non-football loving university students at a football-crazed institution. Yeah.

    Sooo… you wanna kick back and watch hockey sometime?

  64. sgt pepper Says:

    I dunno if I really got what you meant… but if you meant what I understood. Well then you must be the best social critic I have met (at least comic~wise) (y’know)

  65. George Says:

    Even though I don’t like watching sports, I do see the appeal. You’re just seeing it from the perspective of the monkey part of our brain, the lizard part of our brain want’s to see a motherfucker get his brains bashed in, and since we can’t really do that in normal, everyday life, watching semi retarded, genetic freaks do it for a living helps release those desires.

    That and the gambling, lots and lots of gambling.

  66. Marius Says:

    Ehh, they were having fun. Why did he have to spoil it?

  67. Mike Says:

    I. Love. 1000 Homo DJs.

  68. Viniciusha Says:

    Weeee bit of extrapolation there – so everyone that in engages in a bit of competitive team sports such as rugby or football (it’s not soccer and we will cathecize you until you learn :D) can be considered a barbarian? I love playing and watching football in the same way I love reading Dostoevsky… hahaha

    However, about the sports commentary: now that was spot on. Apparently, no matter the sport, there is at least one commenter that is an idiot. xD

  69. Sawfast Says:

    As a counter example to the stereotypical jock lampooned here, consider that an NHL hockey player runs this record label: http://www.elevationrecordings.net/store.htm

  70. Stephen Cashman Says:

    This was kind of douchey… I don’t like hockey very much myself, but it’s perfectly okay to enjoy some things that don’t require intellectual work. Hockey players are not necessarily morons either, although they might not need to be intelligent or educated to play hockey that doesn’t mean they can’t be. Overall I just found this one to be annoying. The brain character seemed like an arrogant elitist dick, I would rather hang out with even the stupidest hockey player than someone like that.

  71. 2:05 AM Says:

    What of us, the cavemen? What of the ones who take solace in the violence and the brutality the same way you do through your artwork and wit. I don’t think we’re all that different, really. Both of us are animals, we just fight differently. I’m the yin, and you’re the yang. I stand for all of the things you don’t, and you stand for all of the things I don’t. Without evil there is no good, but what if we are both evil..

  72. Julie K. Says:

    Hahaha loved it! I am a huge hockey fan even if rationally I understand how dumb it is (to get so invested in a game you are not even playing in). At least the french speaking commentators are not racist nor homophobes, but sometimes their degree of awfulness is pretty high too.

  73. AaronDanforth Says:

    The sports section is the only section of the newspaper that DOESN’T fill me with a blind, impotent rage. Don’t take that away from me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Mr. Hat Says:

    Putting aside all the relevant and interesting themes and issues raised in the both comic and comments, I want to ask: Are these guys from Windsor Ontario like myself, or some other species of Red Wings fans who listen to CBC radio?

  75. Cyb Says:

    It’s beyond me what this nation’s obsession is with Cherry, that pompous, foul-dressed, bigoted windbag. Why honour the worst among us, just because he acts as the self-proclaimed voice of our national pastime? It’s fucking insane; I wonder if I go to far to refer to him as ‘Our Own Rush Limbaugh’ to americans.
    Anyways, while I enjoy the sport (though rarely watch it anymore), I find this rings true to me.
    Also relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwsAruHCHHw

  76. Jake Says:

    Ah I just had to comment. First off, hockey requires a hell of a lot of skill, and I’ll bet you find the players range in intelligence from pretty dumb to very smart. It’s unfair to characterize them as cavemen just because they play a sport for a living.

    Also, I enjoyed your “not a woman in sight” comment. Of course there isn’t, hockey is a very physically demanding sport, and you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who could compete in the NHL. It’s not sexism, just physiology that’s keeping them out. Plus women in general are less attracted to sports and hockey in particular (although the Canadian women’s hockey team does kick serious amounts of ass)

    It’s not segregated either, just not very popular with blacks or hispanics or what have you. There ARE black players in the NHL, just not a lot.

    And as for the watches being dumb, or at least “brainless” for watching without thinking about it, that’s just stupidity. Things that don’t require strenuous mental activity are usually known as “relaxing” or maybe even “fun”. It’s not for everyone, but those who watch it aren’t necessarily stupid. As for the players being assholes, well maybe some are, but they’re damn skilled assholes, and that’s why we watch them play.

    Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy your comic, but you have a habit of being both horribly cynical and characterizing nearly everyone who doesn’t agree with you as dumb. Which is ironic because one of your values (at least as far as I can tell from the comic) is tolerance. Just ’cause it isn’t for you, even if you can think of a ton of reasons why YOU wouldn’t do it, doesn’t make the people who do it idiots.

    Grr random wall of text that no one will ever read!! Made me feel better tho ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I definitely read all the comments, so don’t worry, you weren’t just shouting into the darkness. And yeah, you’re absolutely right in everything you say. I definitely watch sports for fun/to relax, and i always will. My objective here was just kind of to comment on the discrepancy between my own mindset and the (perceived) values associated with, primarily, pro hockey. There’s just some cognitive dissonance there, is all. Definitely hasn’t kept me from following my team (red wings). From my perspective i was kind of questioning as opposed to attacking (well, i was definitely attacking don cherry, but that’s a separate issue).

    • Rig Says:

      You know, in this respect, I’m lucky. I don’t have a copout option on either side of a good few things, thanks to quirks of birth and travel. It must help that such irreconcialable facts are always in the foreground. I read damn-skilled assholes, but you already know what sticks with me. As for being horribly cynical! He has every right, considering. Afer all, i suppose one of the aims of this comic, besides from acting as an outlet, is to spread awareness, and admittedly, the comments here signify the odd few who have found this and started thinking about it. Unfortunately, most were already on the same page, and the vast amount of people are not interested, not counting those who have no access to it. Many of the ones who do read it would dismiss it with pc, or come up with a half-assed justification, or most likely on the internet call the readers the usual selection of insults, and this is football. Many would get more incensed about it then they do about lives anywhere they’re not. I haven’t mentioned the ones who’d do their best to forget it, and the comic hasn’t worked up speed in that regard.

      I’ll give you this; in the end, as far as i know, you can’t blame anyone. I can’t decry them as idiots, honestly, any of us would have ended up the same way with their lives. Frued came up with his excuse because it works, but there’s a reason why the second word was kept. Guilt works. Blame works. Rationalizing takes time, but instinct is exactly what it says on the tin. If that’s what it takes, then we’ll do it for as long as we have too, because i refuse to let it lie. If you need to, present them as reformers, revolutionaries ahead of their time, make them never feel a shred of guilt, but do not let it lie, and this way will at least, if they listen to it, stop them from doing it again.

  77. Killjoy Supreme Says:

    My only real problem with sports is that athletes make so much money. If they got paid say, 60k a year(plenty of money here in Canada), I would not say a word. But I don’t see how skating for a few hours a week is worth 5 million

  78. Hippie Says:

    Arcade Fire. ๐Ÿ™‚


  79. OrugTor Says:

    nailed it

  80. Leonard Says:

    TV just learn t to fly straight out my window!!!

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