August 31st: Look Back in Anger

September 1, 2009


Comic. That’s it for me; to bed, to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream of pie.

want pie,


53 Responses to “August 31st: Look Back in Anger”

  1. anon2 Says:

    as usual, the themes are recycled but the ideas clever. loved the language! “too zealous by half” lolz. liked this one better than some of the other recent ones

  2. LafinJack Says:

    Was the admiral involved in a recent sci-fi reboot movie?

    Also, is the J in the Justice logo supposed to look like someone being reamed? No? Just me?

    I’ll be over in my corner, then.

  3. nick Says:

    Spot on. Great writing, great illustrating. Keep up the good work!

  4. eric Says:

    I liked the first half of it.
    At least you didn’t mention that particular band that you often make us hear about.
    My first thought, naturally, was that that was an awful lot of penises to have to draw.

  5. eric Says:

    Oh, also, a president subject to the rule of law, that is a future strange and foreign and difficult to fathom.

  6. ok I really like the idea…


    if the future hall of justice messes up the past by cramming its culture full of crap, won’t that in some way get in the way of said Hall coming into existence?
    And what of the felons they send back in time? What if they have families and children… wouldn’t there be the possibility of them becoming their own ancestors?

    I didn’t get the joke did I?

  7. Vincent Says:

    I bet the woman is crying because she got an Nickelback-concert-ticket :)!!!

  8. Camille Says:

    So the reason I can’t listen to the radio without being baffled by the constant stream of shitty music is that I don’t recycle? Damn.

  9. Spicy Says:

    That explains Twilight! Oh god does it explain it!

    @Eric: He does mention Nickleback in the alt text. x3

    Fine work as always my good chap.

  10. Michael Ezra Says:

    “It is customary to tip the guards”–hehe.

  11. Ethan Says:

    Such a comic deserves most high a compliment.

  12. Asher Says:


    Why would they put/keep the trash inside the dome? We’ll have the technology to travel in time but not to move our garbage to outside our cities??

  13. Martin Says:

    As ever, sublime.

  14. Guy Says:

    And here I thought people were willingly watching/listening to this crap. Thank you for a logical explaination, my mind tries to fold into itself when I contemplate how people willingly watch that crap.

    Excellent work!

  15. George Says:

    Do all women have hairy armpits in the future?

  16. Fiarr Says:

    It reminds me a bit of Atlas Shrugged for some reason… Anyways, great job! I love the little background stuff you sneak in… la naturaleza es caliente D:

  17. erik Says:

    this would never happen, americans don’t watch soccer we watch football and wrestle bears and beat up terrorists

  18. jaeclassic215 Says:

    So those citizens of merit get to see the good stuff of contemporary culture. I imagine some guy curing cancer or “dome-sickness” and getting sent back in time to witness the Renaissance which bought forth modern culture which bought forth cinema and new ways to imagine art which bought forth Transformers 2 and Nickleback…fuck! No one wins in your idea of futuristic society. Oh my God. I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it.

    You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    P.S. Don’t come home drunk and look at this comic. You’ll take it far too seriously.

  19. Gordo Says:

    I think this is one of your best comics in a really long time. A return to form for winston IMO. Not that I don’t like some recent ones… but you have funnier older ones.

  20. Suntiger Says:

    Is their country called paradox by any chance?
    Or “not thinking things through”? 😛

    Though I have to say, being requested and required to speak Elizabethan english for a year do sound like a “punishment” most grand.
    Forsooth! ^_^

  21. Tobu Says:

    Come on, justice isn’t that bad.

  22. Mitch Says:

    What they don’t realize is that we’re only destroying the environment as a passive-aggressive way of getting back at them for giving us awful music, tv, movies, and books.

  23. Manuel Menschman Says:

    I spent my entire unemployed day reading your comics. And I mean really READING them. Very verbose. Your Sphinx character is moderately original. I like it.

    You have a lot of anger at cops and the justice system, I see!

    Regarding this one in particular — interesting mechanism for dealing with the undigestable reality that people actually enjoy mindless garbage. It’s hard to look at an endless sea of simpletons who voluntarily consume pop culture and regard them as your peers, isn’t it? It’s easier to imagine that a masochistic-bureaucratic clusterfuck from the future is maliciously poisoning the roots of its own failures — through the court system, no less.

    Altogether, nice to see some thought in humor.

  24. EthZee Says:

    …What’s wrong with the Transformers films? Are you people badmouthing films with explosions in them again?!

    This endless elitism will not stand!

  25. LafinJack Says:

    I like my explosions to have stuff like plot and character development in them.

  26. George Says:

    No, EthZee , people don’t hate Transformers because it has explosions, people hate it because it was a poorly done, overlong clusterfuck of a movie that I hope Hitler is forced to watch in hell at eardrum rape level volume.

    God, that movie sucked.

  27. EthZee Says:

    …Woah. Not a lot of love there, George. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst film I’ve seen (I’ve only seen the first one). My main problem with Transformers I is that they tended to concentrate too much on the fleshy humans instead of the giant transforming robots blowing shit up.

    Okay, I know that character development and plot are important for a ‘good’ film; but if I wanted those, I could watch a Coen Brothers film or The Wire, or any number of life-changing amazing pieces of televisual entertainment. But sometimes, Godsdamnit, I want to watch robots shoot the shit out of each other with lots of explosions for a couple of hours.

    Disclaimer – I enjoy books by Nabakov, music by Verdi and Strauss. I’m not one of the ‘mindless simpletons’ describe above. But I also enjoy Transformers and Fallout 3, and Domino’s pizza. Go on, gaze upon me like the horrible misshapen, hunched mutant that I am and pass comments. ¬_¬

  28. Mister Lenny Says:

    Incredible! A whole science-fiction story in a few crazy panels. And it explains so much…. Been really enjoying these so far, this one might even beat the “Atheist Apocalypse”, or at least be a close second. The President was really too much. I’ll be saying “and how the year does linger” for the rest of my life. These are a rare example of a comic that you can read many times. I’m ready for some big glossy color prints.

  29. Eth-Zee Says:

    ALSO: Being made to speak with an Elizabethan diction would verily be a reward most fair! Not a punishment in any case, except in the eyes of those low of thought and opinion. Also texting could get a bit tricky.


  30. George Says:

    erik, you missed the nationality of the author. He’s Canadian, not American, and I assume they care more about soccer in Canada than we do, and I further assume that the president is the president of Canada and not the U.S.

    (Granted, caring more about soccer than the U.S. means absolutely nothing, most Americans put the World Cup somewhere between there cousins bowling league, and the professional bagpipe players club. We just can’t grasp that whole “no hands” rule.)

    EthZee, I was talking about the Transformers sequel, not the first. The first one certainly is no great cinematic opus, but it is about 1,000,000 times better than it’s predecessor, and is a perfectly excusable popcorn flick.

  31. Maximo Says:

    Unlivable orange hell, lol. That made my day.

  32. Eth-Zee Says:


    Ah, I retract some of my previous indignation. I haven’t seen the sequel, and thus cannot pass comment upon it.

    …I still stand by my original opinion that the first film needed less sappy human drama and more robots fighting, though. (in slow motion if need be, and with added explosions. Gawd bless ya, mister Bay!)


    As a Condescending British Person, I feel it necessary to say: aw, you americans with your crazy handegg.

    *drinks tea*

    *watches Transformers at half-speed (or as I like to call it, Baynimation)*

  33. Samuel Says:

    This made me optimistic. If we only stop polluting we can get rid of post-grunge music!


    Yeah, that’ll happen, Samuel.

  35. No Hablo Ingles Says:

    IF we can all live happily together, we can smite Grobal Warming on a Grobal scale!


    Sí, eso va a suceder.

    (Yo no hablo español. Esto se hizo a través de Google Translate. Lo siento si es una mierda.)

  37. lily Says:

    Ha! Heavenly bodies indeed! “never have you seen such leerings”

  38. Meghana K Says:

    The apology note on the garbage dump is just too hilarious!
    We are what we eat… and inhale and see… and if we eat what we eat now a days, breathe the foul air and see shitty things, we will produce art that are similar…
    And I really really love the terms that you come up with! eg: ‘societal haymaker’

  39. Meghana K Says:

    Few more things I loved:
    1. Judge plays badminton!!!
    2. Time booth is not to be used to kill Hitler! 😉
    3. ‘JUSTICE – because you can’t handle freedom!’ can i quote you on that?

  40. Sean Says:

    Sheer brilliance.

  41. Abdul Alhazred Says:

    If it weren’t for the futuroids screwing up the culture, we might have fixed the environmental thing.

    Instead we’re too busy watching Captain Planet and WALL-E. 😉

  42. mekonin Says:

    you sir, are a genius.

  43. Marius Says:

    What the hell kind of country do these people live in where a president making a soccer bet is a legal obligation,where guilty verdicts come immediately and without a jury, where they have the ability to go to space but leave all their garbage on earth, where instead of trying to make their world better they try to make the lives of others worse, where holding up a monorail is punishable by exile to the past?

    Fuck these assholes. If their society is run like that they deserve the hell they live in.

  44. Colum Paget Says:

    Oh my god, this is genius! GENIUS! Why have I never thought of this!?

    Start an interstellar empire in order to view female cadets in tight, impractical space-wear. Damn! I Should have thought of that. I’d go for ‘Empire’ rather than ‘Federation’ because, Blake’s 7 aside (ohhhh, Servelan), Empires are more fun than wimpy do-gooder federations. The only thing better than a female cadet in a revealing jumpsuit, is an EVIL female cadet in a revealing jumpsuit.

    I sooooo bet this is the real business model behind ‘Virgin Galactic’. Typical Richard Branson, it’s not enough for that bastard to be rich and famous and have a cool beard, oh no, he’s got to have all the fun. Darn. And it wouldn’t surprise me if that ‘space tourism’ fleet his building doesn’t turn out to be an invasion fleet, after all “cruise liner” -> “troop transporter”, it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it?

    Well, he’s going to have some competition. Why should he get to be ‘First Galactic Overlord with an Army of Scantily-clad Space Vixens’? That ticket had my name on it!

    I’m off to run up some space-suit designs.

    Uh… can’t comment on the rest of the comic, didn’t get past the second panel.

    Well, now he’s got some competition,

  45. Ghosty Says:

    This is pretty fucking brilliant.

  46. Bella Says:

    Bloody brilliant.

    Also- I love how some of the page names are song references.

    I LOVE your work. I didn’t think I would find a commic I love as much as xckd but this cuts it pretty close C:

  47. Jenni Says:

    The best comic I’ve read since Calvin and Hobbes.

    And even Calvin and Hobbes couldn’t have come up for a likely reason for Justin Beiber’s popularity.

    You’re a genius.

  48. onewhoreads Says:

    The verb “hacer” is used to refer to weather. Hence, the “exterior conditions” display should read “Hace calor!”
    “Es” is the third person singular and second person formal singular conjugation of “ser,” which refers states of being that tend not to change. Weather and people’s moods change all the time, so “estar,” which also means “to be,” is the proper verb for such states. Even so, “estar caliente” means not “to be hot,” as in temperature, but “to be horny.”
    That’s it for Spanish 101 for today. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comic.

  49. suoidet Says:

    and now allmost recent movie success make sense .. if they add a subliminal suggestion while they are in temporal transit to buy products advertised on really bad tv shows as well……that would explain so much more

  50. Fellow with keyboard Says:

    Is there a paypal or something I can send a dollar to?

    I’ve never felt such a strong need to throw money at something before.

  51. spade Says:

    this … is awesome!

  52. Kathryn Says:

    Brilliant! But one question — have you actually BEEN to the future or are you simply imagining all this? It just seems so plausible…

  53. Earthling Says:

    So are you actually prescient? Cuz there’s an awful lot of todays’ reality in your ten-year-old material. Or maybe it was just that obvious and inevitable. I’ve felt that way about it since 1976 or so.

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