Cue hail of rotten vegetables

July 26, 2009

Sorry guys, i’m just kinda out of gas this weekend, plus once i got the script finished the comic was longer than i thought it would be so there’s no way i can get it finished this week unfortunately. On the plus side, the extra time will be good for the finished product, so look for something a bit longer next week (walls of text almost guaranteed).

Looks like it’s That Time of Year, when it won’t stop goddamn raining and the temperature soars and the day job starts to wear and the gears are stripped and the energy levels plummet to zero. Therefore i’ll be taking my Summer Vacation soon (i did the same thing last year, don’t worry), so things will be kind of quiet around here in August.

So… apologies for the huge tub of Nothing that i’ve delivered this week, but there’s a new comic under production and you’ll have it soon enough. As for me, i need some caffeine or something. Maybe a good slap in the face (form two lines over there, no brass knuckles please).



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