Time travel, nazis, cashiers, etc.

June 2, 2009


Why? I don’t know. But here’s some required reading.



42 Responses to “Time travel, nazis, cashiers, etc.”

  1. Mantelli Says:

    I love this series! Time travelers are generally portrayed as intelligent, and it’s great to see this pair of vicious bumblers getting foiled by their own incompetence.

    I also love the pixel gun.

  2. Hristo Says:

    Ha! I loved this one. Staying up extra to catch the update ASAP is soooo worth it.

  3. SeannyJay Says:

    Wait, that’s not the Jainism symbol? Then that means I donated to… Oh shit.

  4. champthom Says:

    Maybe because I think about time travel way too much, these guys could have obviously planned better.

    IMHO, if I ever time travel, I’d bring gold because throughout time, it’s served as a universal currency and even if there’s not an outright gold standard, people always buy gold. Getting money isn’t even a huge issue if you’re going to the future, as all you have to do is bring something from your time and then you can make a fortune from your pristine condition “antique.” Heck, I bet they could have made enough money to buy that gun if they sold their outdated bills to a collector.

    Now most people would be worried about the ramifications of interrupting the flow of time but considering these guys want to travel in time to make it so Hitler wins WWII suggests they’re not too concerned about how their interactions in the future will affect time as a whole.

    Yes, I do realize it was a comic and it wouldn’t be funny if they took one of these routes but seriously, gotta think this sort of thing with time travel.

  5. Speesh Says:

    Awesome. I love the first panel. Funny comic too, though its tough to live up to ‘The Benz’. That one had me rolling =D. Keep up the great work my talented friend, every week’s a treat.

  6. Tess Says:

    Yay! A sequel to my favorite comic of the bunch πŸ˜€

  7. bachterman Says:

    it’s actually pronounced pengΕ‘. πŸ˜‰
    nice touch including the most inflated currency btw.

  8. George Says:

    Time traveling Nazis with the I.Q.’s of rabbits are now regulars, eh? This is officially the greatest comic on the net. All you need now are Nazi Zombies devouring Chad Kroeger.

  9. vincent Says:

    haha I love the german spellings
    ameriKan Kolony
    Hail the new Reichskommissare (better not)

  10. vincent Says:

    i just saw “Eisenschlafanzug”


  11. Line Noise Says:

    To judge from the future gun store a nazi win would be superfluous.

  12. Dusty668 Says:

    I used to love playing Pengo, sliding the blocks of ice around to help the little penguin out! Now he’s into weapon design? Good to see he landed on his flippers!

  13. Michael Ezra Says:

    The dialogue, “See! Your president falls to Earth in geometric segments!” is reminiscent of the cult-favourite Golden Age cartoonist Fletcher Hanks (he of the I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! anthology).

    I also liked the “Renalizer” poster.

  14. Innominate Says:

    The “z” in “Lazer” (sic) in the first panel is making me cringe. It adds to the feel of a future setting however, so well done.

  15. Ambuj Saxena Says:

    Jainism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jainism) is one of the most peaceful religions on Earth.

  16. LafinJack Says:

    In this thread: people who don’t get the jokes.

  17. p Says:

    champthom: what you forget is that the discovery that quantum information can indeed escape the event horizon of a black hole strongly implies that any theoretical time machine we may one day construct will be able to transfer only useless and comical items.

  18. Sam Says:

    Love the Pearl Jam “Drain of J” reference.

  19. Patteroast Says:

    I think my favorite part is that in the future, the Nazis will be forgotten enough that the swastika can be taken back by Jainism, Hinduism, etc.



  21. George Says:

    Guess what Winston, it’s finally been proven. Nickelback is every bit as bad as you said. I should know, I wrote this.

  22. These two guys are now officially my favourite characters. (I’m not a Sphinx lover)

  23. Stewie Says:

    kidney stone expansion beam? AHHHHHH

  24. Unbalanced Says:

    So, apparently the future has toonies still? πŸ˜›

  25. writer Says:

    Nice strip! I love the gun shop. Poor nazi slobs can’t get a break.

  26. Wellwellwell Says:

    Well – being a German I do really tire of the angloamerican simplification on the Nazis.

    I am really, really not one of them, rather Anarchist in my views.
    And possibly some of the newer, gut-angry streetmobs who call themselves skinheads in germany nowadays may be as dumb as you picture them…
    But the real intelligent right winger – in the 1930s as well as nowadays – those guys are dangerous. Do not simplify the movement that threw down all of Europe and was only stopped by two superpowers 8 and 14 times stronger in armed men, after having already fought for six years….
    And is now reemerging powerfully in all of Europe – as well as being fostered and helped by out of the US.

    I do like your humor, though

  27. George: Enjoyed the article, and am continually dismayed that Canada is a reliable source of soulless, deluded corporate unit-shifters masquerading as artists.

    Unbalanced: Actually it was meant to be a washer, but they’ll probably have a comparable value in the 22nd century.

    Wellwellwell: Oh, i’m not trying to simplify them, believe me. It’s just a case of sometimes needing to step back from the horror of reality and take comfort in the fact that the most extreme of these people are fundamentally ridiculous and insane and will thankfully never rule even a lemonade stand, let alone the world (right wingers in general, on the other hand, control all the lemonade). Don’t assume that everything I know/think about nazis and/or right wingers in general is contained in this particular comic, ’cause it sure isn’t. I greatly wish not to be what you accuse me of, though you are absolutely right to be so vigilant.

  28. Maximo Says:

    “Godspeed Mother Nature”

    Greatest slogan ever.

  29. Tomas Says:

    That simple pixilated photo of FDR gave me one of the biggest laughs I’ve had all year.

  30. Leak Says:

    Heh… took me ages to notice the Sphynx in the air in the first panel… πŸ™‚

    np: Plastikman – I Don’t Know (Closer)

  31. sergio Says:

    Americans must always focus on WW2 because its the last time they weren’t villains

  32. Ben Shambrook Says:

    What an absolutely stupid thing to say, sergio.

  33. Evan Says:

    Winston I need to ask, were you trying to be ironic in the first comic? (I’m seriously not trolling). You gave the Neo-Nazi an Uzi, which is an Israeli made gun. If you did that on purpose that is the most genius subtly I’ve been able to actually get.

  34. Matt Stroud Says:

    You have a knack for subtle musical references.

  35. Dan Cox Says:

    Love the Pearl Jam reference, I adore that song, good stuff.

  36. NoVan Says:

    Who the hell would invade Rhode Island? I’d go for Delaware Bay, although only if I could knock out its coastal defenses- Capes Henlopen and May had giant guns aimed at the sea.

  37. dodoman1 Says:

    Ben Shambrook: It’s a bit hard to sympathize with America when most of our enemies were just minding their own business until we invades them to take their oil and give them democracy.

  38. Alec Says:

    You have fantastic talent for the human figure and should consider doing a serious study of Albrecht Durer’s book on human proportion. Your proportions are sometimes a bit shite. This comic is a good example of that, as is your latest — the two women in the bar.

    I find that disappointing ’cause I have come to love your imaginative comics and crave them.

    The overall effect of slightly off proportions for me is like having a watery cup of tea.

    So, shape up!

  39. mross Says:

    they’re totally a medic / heavy pair

  40. Red Heylin Says:

    I am enjoying looking at your site: the artwork is good to look at, the ideas are intelligent fun, the text is well thought out and there are hardly any spelling msitakes even.

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