March 22nd: Sphynx X

March 22, 2009


Good news first: there’s yer new comic, and it’s early too for once. She gets in and out through the garage if you were wondering.

Bad News Second

Well, if you think i suck then it’s actually good news, but anyway i need to take a bit of a vacation from the comic so there won’t be another one for three or four weeks unfortunately. I have great reasons though, like a perfect storm of converging things, the main thing being that i’m moving to a new apartment for April (hurrah!!) which is going to preclude the creation and uploading of new comix due to the usual time-consumedness and non-internetedness and box-unpackery and ikea furniture assemblage. Fear not though,ย  I’ll be back as soon as i can. The mental break will be much welcomed, but the returning from it will be even better. I hope y’all understand and will bear with me during this period of downtime. Thanks again for reading, and I’ll talk to yer later!

remain awesome,


movin’ downtown, baby!

74 Responses to “March 22nd: Sphynx X”

  1. Kris Says:

    Cheers! See you in a month!

  2. theo Says:

    awesome. cant wait for new comix

  3. Ink Says:

    Aww.. I’m sad to see that there’ll be a break, but I understand. Good luck with moving!


  4. rob Says:

    I didn’t realize that Canada Post was issuing flak jackets to their staff

  5. LafinJack Says:

    My brain no worky, what’s the 63 refer to?

  6. Michael Ezra Says:

    The Sphynx speaks for us all.

    Blocking mail you don’t want (or shouldn’t be getting because it’s addressed to a former occupant) is harder than getting rid of a stalker. Yes, stalkers are more potentially dangerous but at least you can get a restraining order and if they trespass you have the right to konk them on the head with a bat.

    But no judge will grant a restraining order against nuisance mail senders. And, if you konk the senders or the postal carriers on the head (which the latter don’t deserve because they’re legally obligated to deliver all mail), you go to jail. Yes, you can “request to be removed from our mailing list,” or write “MOVED-ADDRESS UNKNOWN” on the envelope and stick it in the mailbox, but that’s about as effective as asking N*ck*lb*ck to disband and issue a public apology.

  7. Thiago Says:

    The mail ALWAYS comes through.

  8. Brilliant stroke of genius, once again, sir.
    see you when you have finished making hamster-juice.
    I know what I mean.

  9. smallerdemon Says:

    You and your comic will be missed. Enjoy your break, though. ๐Ÿ™‚



    Oh, well. Enjoy your move. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Nice comic, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did the sphynx scratch the mailman below the eyes between the last and second to last panels?

  11. sean Says:

    hahahahaha the sphynx is always good

  12. ? Says:

    This is genius.

  13. Leak Says:

    Dear the Sphinx, could you please eat the *ohthehumanitycensored* artist and author of Subnormality?

    He always goes on haiti… hiati… hiatusses… eh whatever – when we need our weekly fix.


    np: Matias Aguayo – Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) (Reincarnations)

  14. Rhetorica Says:

    Find the little things, pt. 1

    1. Photo of Stephen Harper attached to a letter. Yes, he really does look like a LEGO figurine, Americans.

    2. Sphynx lives across the street from 666. Has skulls, bones in trash.

    3. Visible is a return-to-sender address of Stรฉphane Dion.

  15. maddie Says:


  16. frankwolftown Says:

    Do your thing man. Just don’t move next to any mythical characters and you’ll be fine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Jaames Says:

    I think the Sphynx speaks to that psychotic voice in my head. Good luck with the move and hopefully the next comic will have a novel size amount of text in it.

  18. bilgepump Says:

    your comic strip just makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. bachterman Says:

    thank god i don’t get those ‘eat this and that’ mails. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Dusty668 Says:

    Hope moving goes smoothe, and see ya on the other side. Meanwhile I will be down at office despot getting a self inking stamp that says refused that I can bribe my way out of ‘lunch with Sphinxie’ with.

    Maybe she needs a pet hooman?


  21. Linnรฉa Says:

    Enjoy the moving, hope it goes well. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for posting your comic online as well, it’s brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Simon Says:

    You’re not coming back, are you. You lot always do this to me.

  23. Patricia Says:

    Have a personally productive and fun month off, but know that we’ll be eagerly awaiting your return!

  24. arkonbey Says:

    so, she can’t handle DVDs but she can open envelopes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. GW Crawford Says:

    Dear Sphynx

    Please eat everyone who advocates murder in any way shape or form of a democratically elected leader while happily ignoring terror regimes and their awful leaders

    P.S. Ignatieff was not elected – get him now!

  26. Etrigan Says:

    Very, very sharp claws, arkonbey. Good for opening envelopes. Not good for handling little plastic circles.

  27. Line Noise Says:

    Have you filled out your “change of address” form at Canada Post yet?

  28. rob: Just the staff who deliver to 665.

    Michael Ezra: Public apology, nice touch! If only…

    Jaames: Fear not, i’m working on a novel-size amount of text right now…

    Etrigan: Yes, exactly!

    Line Noise: Not yet, doing it next week…

  29. Johnny Says:

    Elvis rocks, Harper sucks.

  30. Tim Says:

    hehe, neighbour of the beast.


    “Jaames: Fear not, iโ€™m working on a novel-size amount of text right nowโ€ฆ”


    I’m not sure whether this is cause for celebration or dubiousness. Novels are kinda long…

  32. […] March 22nd: Sphynx X Good news first: there’s yer new comic, and it’s early too for once. She gets in and out through the […] […]

  33. rob Says:

    Nice touch on the return address in the bottom-left panel.

  34. dev Says:

    Though I’ll miss your comics, I hope the move goes well. I hate moving. Unless of course it’s a good move. It is a good move, right? Anyway, I look forward to further awesomeness incarnate in the form of your next eagerly anticipated comics.

  35. Josh Says:

    Love your comics. It’s like you know what’s going on inside my head sometimes.

  36. Fenn Says:

    I bet it’s no picnic to be her garbage collector, either. Though I do wonder what the local Jehovah’s Witness population is like…

  37. Jim Donaldson Says:

    Am I the only person who is attracted to the sphynx’s face?

  38. Pikathulhu Says:

    But I thought we were all in love with Mr. Harper here at Subnormal…

  39. Nick Welp Says:

    haha I liked it, though it’s a departure for you; it read more like a straight gag and punch line.

  40. Epicaricactic Says:

    Oh lordy lou, not a break… Now what will entertain me during the long, dull hours of work? I might actually have to resort to… Well, work.

    I guess it’s back to trawling the internet for comparatively so-so webcomics for me.

    Good luck with the move.

  41. Bengo Says:

    Brilliant. I’m not one for brunettes but I love Sphinxy.

  42. Fede Says:

    Whoa. Read them all, so much for a saturday morning. Really like your work. Love the sphynx, and what the pink hair chick (you?). Anyway, greetings from argentina. Nickelback sucks.

  43. Ian Says:

    Enjoy the break; your comic is incredible!

  44. Andrew Says:

    Hope your break goes well. Your comic is absolutely awesome.

  45. simon Says:

    Is it wrong for me to be attracted to the cartoon girl on your homepage? She’s kind of hot.

  46. Izzy Says:

    Overall I enjoy all the Subnormality comics, but the level of preachiness is just a little too high for my tastes. It’s ok for a comic to have a message as long as its covered in a creamy, humor, chocolate, coating. The issue arises when the tangy message overpowers the sweet chocolate, creating a bitter sensation and an aftertaste of pretention.
    i.e. Nickelback – Despite the fact that you are slightly more subtle about your hatred of Nickelback than the average troll, some of your comics can be condensed to the idea that “Nickelback sucks.”
    Conformity – Conformity is bad? Really? I Hadn’t noticed. Could you hammer the idea in a little more brutally?

    Keep up the good work!

  47. LafinJack Says:

    tl;dr version of Izzy’s comment:

    herp derp I don’t get the running jokes in the comic, stop using running jokes!

  48. Jared Says:


    I don’t really know you, but I love your comic. I’m inviting you to come go-karting at action500 for my birthday this friday, where no one would know who the hell you are but me. I’ll also buy you a slice of pizza.


  49. Illogic Says:

    It seems the fruits of your labor is go-karting and pizza slices…

    Lucky bastard.

  50. void() Says:

    Argh, I can’t wait any longer for the next comic! It’s mid-April already, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. prometheus_ Says:

    Yeah, where the hell is the next one?! :p

  52. Bengo Says:

    It’s hard to move and reorganize, especially when you’re an artist. You have to figure out how the natural light runs during the day so you can get your studio right, for example. Allowing time to set up right will make things more efficient in the long term.

  53. Bengo: I got a nice big window in front of my desk now, so i don’t even need my desk lamps during the day. Still getting used to it, not that i’ve had a lot of time behind the desk of late.

    Speaking of which, don’t worry y’all, a comic is in fact on the way for sunday. I’m itchin’ to get back this weekend, transmitting from my new HQ in downtown Large Canadian City.

  54. LafinJack Says:

    I didn’t know they made those in Large.

  55. Leak Says:

    Hyoo-ray! *cough*

    Thank dog, I’ve been holding my breath for almost too long now… ๐Ÿ˜›

    np: Jared Emerson-Johnson – Consecutive Office (Sam & Max Season One OST (Disc 2))

  56. Doom Says:

    > donโ€™t worry yโ€™all, a comic is in
    > fact on the way for sunday
    That’s a really good news. “Subnormality” is one of the only 3 comics I enjoy reading on the web.

  57. kevin Says:

    where are youuuuuuuuu :[

    feels like its been months since ive seen brand spankin new comic from you

    hope all is well

    @doom what other comics do u enjoy im always looking for good ones

  58. Bengo Says:


    Tempting the question: What are the other two?

  59. Doom Says:

    > Tempting the question: What are the other two?
    Sinfest and Buck Godot.

  60. Bengo Says:


    Is there something those have in common that makes them stand out among all the others? Or more than one thing?

  61. Doom Says:

    Are you trying to do some kind of webcomic popularity survey? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I don’t have anything better to do right now, so here you go:

    The most common thing between them is that they all provide something to think about (“brain food”). They either sometimes touch questions that are interesting to me (life, death, meaning of existence, employment, choics in life and so on), or have interesting continuous story (or series of stories) where I can’t predict what happens next, or show a really good(and deep) imagination/fantasy. They all have a fairly good drawing style. Also “good quality content” appear more frequently when compared to other comics.

    In more details:

    Subnormality sometimes refer to real life in funny or interesting way (see story about girl that tried to buy letter openers), sometimes talks about real-life problems (see “the circle of life”) or gives interesting story which shows a good imagination and gives a lot of additional details (see “further additional adventures of sphynx”(page 452)). Because when there is something to think about, it makes comic interesting. I mostly read subnormality because of unusual ideas, although real-life references are also interesting (“Zavtragrad”, for example, even though it isn’t part of subnormality). In this way comic is somewhat similar to “amazing superpowers” (I don’t read it), but “amazing superpowers” seriously lacks depth – It has one “crazy idea” per strip, few illustrations, and this is it. This makes “amazing superpowers” shallow and boring. In comparison “Subnormality” seriously uses your imagination (via “walls of text”), which makes story deeper, and more interesting (once you read the text, of course).

    Sinfest have a really nice drawing style, story that is hard to predict, it mocks real world in interesting way. In the middle (approximately 2006, I think) it suddenly becomes more sentimental, deep and (sometimes) sad, and touches few interesting questions (life, death, love, etc). Also, it has strong characters with distinct personalities. Unfortunately, to find out what is so good about Sinfest, you will probably need to read all Sinfest strips (currently 3142), which will take few days. I mostly read it because I sympathize to some of the characters, and don’t know what happens next, and story is good. Also because I expect that something interesting will appear again.

    Buck godot has interesting story (It doesn’t touch any of the questions I mentioned, though). It is hard to predict what happens next – because main character is quite clever, despite appearance. The latest story became a bit too long, but I still want to see a conclusion. It is a shame that this comic will be finished at June of this year.

    From other comics I saw – 1/0 was a very interesting, but it was finished in 2003.

    I also tried reading “Faulty Logic”, “Ctrl+Alt+Del”, “Penny arcade” and so on, but although some of them have good drawing, these comic strips have small percentage of really interesting content (< 5% of the strips are seriously good), so I don’t read them anymore.

  62. Bengo Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful and interesting response. I appreciate your taking the time.

    I find I gain more insight from “the guy at the bar” than a dozen surveys. Since I create comics and write about them, I am always interested in heartfelt, thoughtful opinions. Like dud content or comics that are often just OK, many opinions are not as deep and considered as I would like, so I ask strangers questions when I see them say something that hints of deeper reflections. Someone like you is an excellent compliment to a reviewer’s article, since you have been following selected titles for years.

    I find myself in agreement with everything you said, and luckily, I have been reading Sinfest too.

    I am at my happiest when I can work philosophical, scientific and ethical questions into our more serious titles and still make them funny. I want to believe that less intellectual readers who lose interest will be replaced by loyal and appreciative readers who value those aspects. But writing for a particular type of person, rather than seeking broad popularity, is a less understood path. Hence my sudden inquiries to strangers.

    Thanks for the assist.

  63. vanetz Says:

    It’s the little things that make your comics so damn awesome. About fifth time I read this comic I realized Sphynx’s house number was 665 which I found hilarious (I don’t know why) ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Leak Says:

    @Doom: If you like Buck Godot, shouldn’t you be reading Girl Genius as well?


    Winston, I’m dead as long as the next comic is not yet up. HURRY!!!

  66. Bengo Says:


    I rather like someone who reads Buck and not GG. It suggests very specific tastes, which, if I was Phil Foglio, I’d be asking about.

    I don’t know if you do a comic, but I am sure you can imagine: sometimes the attributes and deficits perceived by the creator are different from those perceived by the reader. The best comics probably catch on and close that gap.

    My own reluctance to bend on certain points may cost us some readers, but may enhance the loyalty of those who like my position. The main ways I find out are experimentation, reader mail, the occasional review, and asking people their impressions. Put another way, high quality feedback is a precious commodity.

  67. Phrank Says:

    tl;dr version of LafinJack’s comment:

    herp derp somebody criticize subormnality durr stop criticizing

    …Ahh, that WAS oddly satisfying. I see why you do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. Anonymous Says:

    The Sphinx is hot.

  69. JManRomania Says:

    Minus the whole she-eats-people thing, yeah.

    The women (and men) in Subnormality are generally smart, nice (on the outside, at least), or somehow attractive, unless designed to be stupid, or a face in the crowd.

    I like that.

    Characters I can actually feel sympathy for, and people with depth, not a single-minded automaton.

    In short: Awesome people and art.

  70. Doodger Says:

    Hey, I’d like every goddamn canadian politician eaten, not stephen harper only XD

  71. Mr Gask Says:

    Thanks for getting that shitty song stuck in my head about 10 comics back.

    Never made is as a wise man,
    Couldn’t cut is as a poor man stealing,
    And this is how you remind me of who I really am, this is how you remind me….

    You can have it back sucka!

  72. lulzfish Says:

    Dear The Sphynx,
    How do you type with boxing gloves on

  73. Brittney Says:

    After reading up to this point, I’ve decided the Sphynx sounds a lot like Katey Sagal, at least inside my head.

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