The Press Weighs In

February 20, 2009

Well, not really. But i did get a nice write-up over at webcomics blog The Floating Lightbulb, which is actually the best and (almost) the only such blog that i read so i was extremely surprised and delighted to see this overly nice article about my verbose picto-fiction. To be  written-up in this manner by a person I respect and admire, well it just kicks the shit out of money and hurls it down the stairs, so valuable is it.  A huge and wonderful surprise from a huge and wonderful blog. And I guess while we’re on the subject, another great webcomics blog is The Webcomics Overlook, who gave me a bad review a while back, but I nevertheless recommend it wholeheartedly as another great source of webcomics articles. Anyone interested in the goings-on of this bizarre, malleable thing that is the evolving state of the comic strip could do no better than to read these two sites.

see you at the weekend,


7 Responses to “The Press Weighs In”

  1. Johnny Says:

    I still remember when this site was unknown , it´s great to see you´re becoming very famous even outside America

  2. bachterman Says:

    yeah, in hungary too!


    AND in America!


  4. Clone Nr.2 Says:

    and in Sweden!^____^b
    Went through all of the strips last week, my absolute favourite is Whoops!

  5. RMG Says:

    I like your comic and all, but I am sorry, Floating Light Bulb is a blog written by a crazy guy and literally everything written in it is wrong.

  6. Alex Says:

    You deserve your notoriety. This is the best web comic that I have found, by a longshot. Keep up the good work.

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