January 18th: “Everything’s Better With Cheese”

January 18, 2009


Here’s the comic. Stressed out right now due to debating whether to move apartments or not and the usual artistic worries. Not much to say. Wanting to start a new graphic novel for some reason. Idea’s been in development hell for about five years, but the pieces are falling into place. It involves halloween and bricks and nudity and that “Speaker’s Corner” show that used to be on CityTV. Likely completion date: Summer 2014. Mark those calendars.

insanily yours,


76 Responses to “January 18th: “Everything’s Better With Cheese””

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    Nudity is always good. Perhaps combined with the Speaker’s Corner concept. “Too Hot for Speaker’s Corner” or something.

    Does an idea being in “development hell” count if it involves just one person? 🙂

  2. lily Says:

    Funny that this comic came at this time, because last night my refrigerator was mysteriously filled with rounds of brie. Have I skipped back in time to the holidays? Did someone go to Costco? I don’t know.

    All I know is that I need to find a luxury sedan to throw it at.

  3. bachterman Says:

    say cheese! 🙂

  4. Funnyguts Says:


    oh man

    giant freaking slab of brie

    with car parts on the side

    I don’t think I can resist…

    I think this is the goofiest comic you’ve done so far.

  5. Mike Says:

    BAM! Take that everyone who says that Subnormality has too many words!

  6. Sue Says:

    The brie in the Sedan panel looks disturbingly like semen.

    Just sayin’.

  7. phosgopheritz Says:

    Today’s strip reminds me of a essay Frank Zappa once wrote. Its URL is:


  8. Dani Dias Says:

    Huhauhauahu very funny!!

  9. Dave Says:

    I am very much anti-cheese, and this has honestly caused actual fights with people because they are very pro cheese.

    Pretty much, I don’t want to see cheese unless it’s on pizza. Damn cheese lovers. It seems like I’m not the only one who is a little disturbed by the ungodly amount of cheese people put on things.

  10. BSL Says:

    I find liquid cheese to be rather icky. Anywhere it is(other than on starchy food) it gets sticky and gross. Solid cheese, however, is awesome, no matter where it is (other than in a diet pepsi). It solves hunger, decorates tastefully, adds flavor, baits mice, and makes a decent bludgeon.

  11. SJA Says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this injection of surrealism into my day.

  12. Scott Says:

    I don’t understand why I enjoy this particular strip so much, but thank you so much for it. Made my day entirely.

  13. LafinJack Says:

    Perfect rendition of Christian Slater.

  14. Michael Ezra: Oh, it counts. It only takes one person, sadly…

  15. J Says:

    For some reason I cracked up at this.

  16. Kiki Says:

    Try reading the whole comic first without reading the strip’s and each panel’s title. It won’t make sense.
    Why cheese is attacking these poor people? What is its source? Is it a monster hidden in that fast food place? What’s the white stuff on this car? Why is it attacking a mall?! DISNEYLAND?!?! WASHINGTON! Is this weird machine is the source of the horrible cheese invasion? Wait a minute, maybe I should read the title?

  17. stephen Says:

    I laughed, mostly at the mall. For some reason I can never get enough of things like malls full of signs like “200,000 years of evolution led to this”

  18. Tomora Says:

    What a cheesy comic. (Sorry, someone had to say it.)

  19. Brennan Says:

    In what fast food joint is there a dining room cover? It’s been a while since I actually went inside a place, maybe I’m behind the times.

  20. Rata Says:

    Hey, this one made me hungry.

  21. jdanryan Says:

    I was going to say something, but Tomora beat me to it… Still, it was gouda for a laugh…

  22. Chipmunk Says:

    Greatest comic I think I’ve ever seen.

    The more I scrolled down the better it got!

  23. oma Says:

    hey, great work – keep it up!

  24. Mabus Says:

    god, I want some cheese fries now.

  25. treepeach Says:

    cheesus christ, that was funny… :p

  26. Tim Says:


  27. hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

    I can understand Mickey being lethally smothered in cheese… but why Donald? Poor guy.

    Still, wonderfully surreal, W.
    Ten cheesy thumbs up!

  28. arkonbey Says:

    I was once gifted with a small wheel of gouda, hand-carried by a friend from the Netherlands.

    It smell exactly like feet, but tasted like heaven.

    Go figure.

  29. Zifnab Says:

    Seconded, to Tim.

    Also, what do you call that? Cheeseaggedon? Cheepocolypse? The long term effects of Y2K? El Cheesino? The Day The Earth Stood Still (with Cheese)?

  30. treepeach Says:

    incredible response xD

  31. A former acquaintance used to remark that Stilton Cheese smelled like little girl’s panties. This is one of the many reasons that this person is a former acquaintance rather than a current friend.

  32. djalicat Says:

    i am eating a grilled cheese sandwich right now!

    i can’t wait for the cheese-a-gedon!

  33. J Says:

    This reminded me of “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”. what a great book.

  34. Oh God, I need melted cheese so bad right now. CHEEEEESEEEE!

  35. daniela Says:

    a brilliant mind x)

  36. Darnok Says:

    Is it just me or is there a yellow submarine in Disney Land? I didn’t know you were the kind to make Beatles references! 😛

    Or maybe it’s the magic schoolbus in submarine form (for any of you that remember that kids show)!

  37. Suntiger Says:

    If your saviour is Cheesus, maybe this is a redention of the rapture…

    The mall panel especially was hilrious. ^_^

  38. Wibumba Says:

    Haha, CityTV. They still have speakers corner here in downtown Victoria, and they have the show on “A Channel”. What province are you from?

  39. Kurdt Says:

    That’s pretty much what I see every time I walk into a mall. Well, I usually imagine zombies running around chewing on the dazed consumers or mole people coming up from the floors to enslave them instead of cheese…
    Great stuff as usual!

  40. donuteyes Says:

    i want that t-shirt that reads, “I Like Shit.” that’s funny.

  41. Discogoatboy Says:

    Ah, I always prepare myself for some heavy reading when I go to subnormality! This week I was let down…

  42. Speaker to Third (and Second) Graders Says:

    I hope you have a personal injury policy on that strip.
    I think I broke something laughing so hard.

  43. Syckls Says:

    Scariest. Comic. Ever.

  44. Erikglenn Says:

    This comic is completely crazy! There is no way a huge herbivore like a mammoth could exist in that blasted wasteland of the last panel!! Mammoths would need hundreds of pounds of vegetation a day to keep going!

  45. Azrael001 Says:

    ¡This cheese is burning me!

    (This is an inside joke. Don’t worry if you don’t get it.)

  46. Erikglenn: There’s a watermelon stand just out of frame.

  47. Initialdproject Says:

    I suppose it would be fun until the cheese hardens. Poor fast food manager, it’s like real life all his employees hate him.

  48. datwilliams Says:

    You know what would be better with cheese?

  49. Dek Says:

    Nice one especially the manager, keep up the good work.

  50. Javier Says:

    I’m argentinian and lived in the US for about a year some years ago and couldn’t believe how mouch cheesee there was evrywere.

    Nice comic!!

  51. Simon Says:

    Methinks someone had a cheese-related nightmare recently?

  52. Hi Says:

    Are you Canadian wr?

  53. Sean Says:

    Personally, I can’t stand cheese.

  54. JoJo Says:

    Why don’t you make an RSS feed?

  55. Leak Says:

    @JoJo: You mean like the one behind the big honking “RSS” icon just below the strips?

  56. Hi: I am as Canadian as…uh…what’s the Canadian equivalent of apple pie?

    JoJo: Your question is predicated on a false assumption.

  57. Zephyr Says:

    I love the man being crushed by a car-sized block of what looks like swiss in the shoe store.

  58. Adam Says:

    I like how the cellphone is all cool with the cheese being everywhere.

  59. Seifer Says:

    Ah man, I really needed that laugh… Cheese please! XD

  60. amanda Says:

    i dont get it.

  61. CHEYENNE Says:


  62. keedy Says:

    it’s a bit cheesy !

  63. Stacie Says:

    Lol wow… this is kinda like awesome…
    My friends and I have a sort of code…
    In said “code” cheese is sex.

  64. Jo Says:

    Ooh this one was published on my birthday! Does that make me better with cheese? hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  65. Mr. Stabhappy Says:

    Funniest. Cartoon. Ever.

  66. Cass Says:

    So many times I have pondered the origin of fossilized cheese as well the mysterious gooey stuff that exits the tailpipe of the Mercedes in front me. Now, not only do I know the truth, the two are linked to a larger more bizarre phenomenon that scares me witless!!!

  67. lora Says:

    lol i like how it randomly just became out of hand.

  68. Vontako Says:

    I can just see Ben Gunn from Treasure Island thinking that he died and went to heaven…


  69. Vonthako Says:

    damn typo up there…

  70. blackwatertown Says:

    It’s all wonderful. All of it. But with this one you are really spoiling us.

  71. suoidet Says:

    i have never had a diet pepsi … or any diet style drink for that matter…but i love melted cheese and would might possibly consider trying them if there were such a drink combination

  72. As a firm advocate of cheese, I now love you.

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