Subnormality for December 21st: The Christmas Comic

December 21, 2008


Hey look i updated on time for once, so have a merry messy christmas indeed.


Well, i’m shuttin’ ‘er down for the holidays! The sUbnORmALiTy will return next year (what?!), ie: early january (phew!), so have y’alls a merry x-mas and an even merrier new year’s and don’t be getting all drunk with creepy uncle Ted and driving the combine harvester through the halls of a major metropolitan shopping center at 3am with a kidnapped judge as your copilot and a cooler full of Olde Tyme Aylcoholyc Pete’s fortified wine as your backseat driver. And for god’s sake watch out for surprise alien abductions! This is when they strike, when The People are distracted by holly and mistletoe and stockings full of useless things like coal and copies of Chinese Democracy. Well, not really. Coal has many uses. All the best, then, and thanks x150 to everyone  for a great year!

stay beautiful,


60 Responses to “Subnormality for December 21st: The Christmas Comic”

  1. Cody Says:

    But if you knew what he says at the end of the Radiohead video then you’d just give up and lay down on the sidewalk with him. That’s not something I’d ask for for Christmas!

  2. yay! the festive season.


    and I know that’s me with the giant moth thing.
    Except my hair is brown, not orangy-red.
    Rowntree must pay more attention during class.

    This beats the shit out of my Christmas special.
    I’ll just go back to my previously scheduled miserable scrooge-ness.

    Bah, I say. Bah.

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    My favourite was the woman who wants to be “naïve and optimistic” when she’s old, rather than “bitter and jaded.” Amen, sister. I particularly wish not to become one of those folks who is all “I’m old and therefore everyone must do as I say!” in the checkout line, the airport, and whatnot.

    For different reasons, I hope I don’t become a senior who holds up the line by telling his life story to the person behind the counter. I say “for different reasons” because that sort of behaviour isn’t malicious (they don’t mean to hold everyone up) and stems from loneliness, not entitlement.

  4. The Count Says:

    I’ll take a number 8! Though I suppose I should take solace in the fact that my kind aren’t stoned on sight anymore…

    – The Count

  5. LafinJack Says:

    Aww, no Sphinx or post-pink-haired-girl.

  6. curlpop Says:


  7. Chris S Says:

    Sounds like those folks need to get out of the city!

  8. Ashley Says:

    toblerone is delicious! but yeah, great comic

  9. Slothy Says:

    World peace asshole to everyone!

  10. Carlton Says:

    The Gypsy moth part was my favorite : D

  11. I want The Book of Voles from panel 9.

  12. Sam Says:

    Amen to the religious one.

  13. Camille Says:

    Aha, that’s brilliant. I’ve always wondered about that Radiohead video too.

  14. irk Says:

    Well done on the Denis Leary subtitle.

  15. Lindy Says:

    I still want to know what that guy says in the video for Just!

  16. slashdotdot Says:

    I think I will join the second one.
    Stupid nothern European country…

  17. Christopher Norton Says:

    Yeah that Denis Leary book was kinda dissapointing. All Wah Wah I love my wife so much, oh I’m a big irish catholic. I shoulda bought something by George Carlin.

  18. Cratey Says:

    I’m with McCormack. Book of Voles all the way.

  19. Sveden Says:

    Hells yes! Sidewalks. I love that guy.

  20. Alex Says:

    Ah, the true meaning of Christmas.

    Great job again! Can’t wait until next year!

  21. LupineWolf Says:

    I always wanted to leave a comment regarding the following, and today’s strip is quite appropriate: I love it how you draw different kids of attractive people, specially women, with distinct nose styles. You never see that in other strips or comics, and it’s so true-to-life.

  22. Kyri Says:

    100% agreed to the toblerone. i eat one piece and it sits in ym fridge until next fuckin christmas. seasons greetings folks xoxo

  23. Martin Says:

    happy holidays! 😀

  24. Leak Says:

    @Kyri: Yr doing it very wrong… 😛

    As for me – Panel 8 all the way.

    np: Tocotronic – Free Hospital (Tocotronic)

  25. Dan Hughes Says:


    Work is pretty slow right now, so I just spent the bulk of yesterday reading this comic in its entirety. Really excellent work, clean lines, very funny. Keep up the great work!

  26. Marc Mielke Says:

    LafinJack; Isn’t the girl in the bottom of the first column our lovely post=pink girl?

  27. Leak Says:

    @Marc Mielke: I don’t think that’s her – the nose isn’t right: round here vs. pointy on ex-pink-haired girl…

    np: Tocotronic – Verschwör Dich Gegen Dich (Kapitulation)

  28. Marc Mielke: Naw, it’s not her, though she’d probably evoke a similar sentiment. For christmas i want…to draw more varied people.

  29. sean Says:

    I just found your comic.
    I posted a reference to it in alt.callahans.
    Happy New Year!

  30. sean Says:

    Are you NYC based? Your comic looks it.

  31. I opened a present today (it is Christmas in Australia) – Toblerone.

  32. sean: Nah, i’m Toronto based. Some call toronto the new york of the north, but they are wrong. It is its own animal.

    One Salient Oversight: Merry christmas.

  33. Leak Says:

    Egads. I had to buy my Toblerone myself… 😦

    np: Kid606 – Chicken Fight (Pretty Girls Make Raves)

  34. J.T. WIlson Says:

    I gotta say, Winston. You’ve caught me completely off guard in your comics, on multiple occasions and that to me is the mark of greatness in a comic’s artist and/or writer.

    It’s the “Jaded/OPtimistic” part. I’m 34 and I feel myself being very jaded/cynical…and my girlfriend, who is a good bit younger than I am, still has that. I ‘advise’ her sometimes (tell her how things most likely will end up) and generally I call ’em right. Which makes me sad. Because she had such high hopes. But it’s the times that I’m fucking wrong that make me feel better.

    Thanks for that realisation and more specifically, that desire! You, as always, remain awesome sir. Happy new year and I look forward to many a damn Subnormality. Thank you!

  35. msr Says:

    God this comic is good. I can easily see anyone saying those things, and I’m even more impressed by the personality you put into every one of those characters. They all have a distinct feel.. I really admire your work!

  36. sean Says:

    (NYC comment, I was thinking that because of the large street numbers. Canada is cool! (when it is not frozen (grin))

    Ok, I just got back to the CD/Keyboard sphynx incident. Since I could not leave a comment there I am doing it here.

    What she needs is a human for things like lawnmowers and CDs that need small hands.

    There are always traitors, someone would help.
    Imagine the life of such. Sphinx would need cash for human food, need a place to stay, need to keep other predators off her human. Human would live with guilt of living off of other human’s death. And might be near by to collect wallets etc of her dinner. And since most wallets are credit card bound, will eventually fall to crime. And someday might be asked to go and get dinner for his mentor/queen. And if she has a temper, might still get eaten fast.

  37. Thaif Says:

    Ha, excellent variety, as would be expected.

    I’m not a christmas person. Not one bit. The Flood of Food is great but thats where it ends.

    I can say I relate to all of those imaginary people in the boxes.

    Also: Can you belive I got castised by my sister for being nasty on christmas when I knew I could not go to my friends and roleplay on the 25th? Our christmas is on 24th.

    Thanks for reading, and thanks to Winston for sharing his musings with us.

  38. Stuart Says:

    Just read your site, beginning to end, in a single sitting. Laughed harder than I have in a long time.

  39. sean Says:

    The city will have a problem if the sphynx does not clean up after herself, and another one even if she does.

    The city will want to bury the remains of her food, and may need someone to collect such. This job, since it is tedious and dangerous will be about a buck above minimum wage, since only a fool would do it.

    And ‘dog tags’ might make a come back a jewelery, so that your remains will be correctly identified.

    Since we are talking likely a truck, a pickup crew, and coffin like pickup containers, it may cost the city over $100,000 just to handle one monster. And since there are others, likely a department of monster handling will be formed. Which would spend even more money.

    People who are depressed could use the sphynx. If the city decides to bury the remains using its own money, poor people who are terminally ill could use the sphynx. Those who now commit suicide by cop could use the sphynx. In a city of several million it is possible that she would be in danger of being overfed. And even if that is not so, she could start a suicide prevention service: you do not kill yourself, she does.

    So insurance co.’s will have to change their policys to eliminate death-by-monster as a ok-to-death-benifit clause?

  40. ElectricSheep Says:

    So, I stayed up ’til one am reading your archive instead of sleeping in anticipation of work or scratching out a report for economics. If I get kicked out of college or sacked I guess I’ll curse you to my dying day for ruining my life, but as it stands, you write some pretty damn funny comics. Thank You.

    (Rest assured I might have bought one of your t-shirts if I didn’t live in Europe)

  41. aliquot Says:

    Damn Toblerone indeed. I checked out your shop and while I respect your efforts on behalf of your European fans, I’m kind of amused that even a Canadian comix artist has to go with US-based e-commerce that charges extra to ship to Canada. Oh well, at least you chose a retailer that DOES ship to Canada, unlike half the American e-commerce sites out there, and doesn’t use UPS, who charge big fat “border handling” fees. Still, I had a slim hope that for once the Americans would be paying the extra $ for shipping. Oh well, at least we have a Governor-General to prorogue our Parliament for us. Take THAT, Uncle Sam!

    Hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Really enjoyed this comic. Looking forward to more subnormality in the new year 🙂

  42. aliquot: They do charge extra to ship to canada, but they charge a lot less extra than others, plus they’re fast, which is why i went with ’em. Canadian readers Matter with a capital M.

    Happy holidays to anyone reading, as well! Looking forward to getting the ol’ comix routine back now that the holiday madness and gladness is winding down. Can’t manage a new comic this weekend due to various factors, so Subnormality shall return on January 11th. Sorry for the delay, but i have actually good reasons so i’ll not beat myself up about it this time.

  43. dvilla Says:

    Excellent, as always. ‘Nuff said.

  44. J.T. WIlson Says:

    Seriously. Fuck Dennis Leary and his unfunny, plagiaristic shit.
    Bill Hicks is the once and future king.

  45. Tim Says:

    got my t-shirts, btw. Lov’em. The life pie chart reminds of the quote “think about how stupid the average person is — then realize half the the world is dumber”

  46. Theron Says:

    Fuck you, I like Chinese Democracy. 🙂

  47. Tim: Virus thanks you for your patronage of the Arts!

    Theron: Actually, the few songs i heard of it weren’t that bad. The album cover is pretty good too. I admit it!

  48. MJK Says:

    This is how Nickelback makes their AWESOME songs

  49. flio191 Says:

    wow, i feel like a dork, actually knowing that radiohead reference without looking it up. hopefully i’m not alone

  50. Nosferatukraut Says:

    Belarus winning the World Cup?

    Ahh, yes. Same thing I always wish.

  51. Yoast Says:


    Radiohead reference had me in stitches.

  52. Razzamattazza Says:

    I smiled at the Radiohead reference 🙂

  53. Link Says:

    I love the Zelda pin, and I love the Master Sword in the medieval strip. Every time I see these, I just love this even more. 3rd time through the archives, whee!

  54. Bella Says:

    I would like Thom Yorke tied up and locked in my basement so I can stare at him all day, interrogate him about his music, rape him, and make him sing for me.


  55. Marry Me, Rowntree Says:

    long time listener, first time caller.

    fuck all this toblerone

  56. Matt Povah Says:

    What everyone wants is peace, security, happiness, a decent and satisfying job, a good world to live in, good friends, a feeling of self worth, and a solid future to look forward to. You get these things by realizing your spiritual need, not by blindly criticizing anyone who realizes their own.

  57. Jenny$1983 Says:

    The Denis Leary book made me so happy: the man never fails to enrage me for stealing Bill Hicks’ … well, everything. Arsehole.

    Thank you 😀

  58. eyestone Says:

    I thought I loved you. Then I read:

    “Denis Leary: Why I Suck
    A feel good guide to ripping off Bill Hicks”

    Now I no longer think I love you; I totally know 😀

  59. tevra1 Says:

    life is complete – radiohead and world peace

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