Subnormality #100

December 15, 2008


Together at last. And the comic is done at last. My apologies for the delay, I got a little sick and then i lost confidence in my ability to draw which i guess is my punishment for making a hundred of these damn things. The universe frowns on me and my huge walls of text. But it’s done now, anyway, so…uh…yeah, there you go.


So that is indeed a century of crazy comix, and i would be lying if i said i was expecting to make it this far. After the first year of the comic i’d gotten like one email and i was all like “fuck this, i’m gonna quit,” but then things kind of picked up shortly after so here i remain. A big thanks to everyone who’s Dugg the comix, or Stumbled Upon them, or seen one elsewhere and Reddit and enjoyed it. Word of mouth is the only advertising that means anything, so i’m glad people have felt the comix are worth telling others about. Thanks also to everyone who’s written in or left comments. There’s been some really nice emails and comments lately, and it’s just super-encouraging and such, so, y’know, much appreciated. Hey, i might even make another 100 of these stupid things. I might even make a Mega Surprise Announcement in the near future, though things are too tentative right now to get into details. Let’s just summarize: really fuckin’ glad the comix have been so well-received, and thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week.

Stay Beautiful,


82 Responses to “Subnormality #100”

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    A poignant and surprisingly non-violent interaction between our two favourite recurring characters. Nice. Well, considering everyone in Subnormalityland apparently lives in the same town (except the Nazis from your historical strips), they were bound to meet sooner or later.

    Also, poor Brown, I mean Pink, Hair (I like to believe her hair is still pink inside…awww).

  2. very cute ๐Ÿ™‚

    congrats on the centenniary!

  3. Tim Says:

    WONDERFUL 100th comic. PERFECT! laughed out loud at the quirky punchline. Love these characters. I say bring back the Aztek statue god though, i think him and pink hair still need to hook up.

  4. Pavel Says:

    I absolutely cracked up laughing at “What’s City Hall gonna do, wheel out the flak cannons?”

    Congrats on hitting the hundred, keep up the excellent work! Here’s hoping for a hundred more.

    • Brennan Barrington Says:

      Esp. since they’ve probably already tried to destroy her with modern weapons technology, and it obviously didn’t work.

  5. Awesome comic! Congratulations on your 100th issue. I really love the Sphinx, my favorite subnormality citizen, no doubt.

    Keep up the good work, congratulations mate!

  6. Aaron Says:

    Wonderful comic and congrats on #100!

  7. Sam Says:

    Congratulations on a hundred brilliant comics dude, and here’s to the next hundred (with equally vast fields of text)!
    (Nice sneaky addition of alt text comments, too..)

  8. Fenn Says:

    Awesome punch line.

    Congrats on #100. That’s quite a milestone.

  9. Ben Says:

    Well done, and please keep it up. You sir, are a genius.

  10. Questo's Dad Says:

    Oh for the days when the Ottoman Empire existed. I also miss, in no particular order, Prussia, Newfoundland and the Holy Roman Empire.

    I’m totally the most fashionable thing in my basement ever since I got my very own Sphynx shirt. Woot!

  11. J.T. WIlson Says:

    I LOVE the Sphynx. Hee hee, ordering in Latin..too funny ๐Ÿ˜€

    BIG congrats on the 100th issue! WOW!! That’s a LOT of damn work.

  12. Mabus Says:

    But….but the Pink Haired girl didn’t get her hair color back.

    Dammit! There’s no fucking justice. RAAAAAGE!

  13. scwizard Says:

    Congrats on comic 100!

  14. Greg Says:

    Awsome comic. nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the very end there

    congrats on #100

  15. ed Says:

    Every week there’s self-deprecation about huge walls of text, but I like them and would miss them if they went away. Nothing wrong with little comics and quick punchlines exactly, but there are plenty of places where one can find them, and not many places where one can find a good rant about latin and sonofabitch airplanes.

  16. Parry Says:

    Man, huge walls of text are part of what makes this comic what it is! ^_^ You make them work, beautifully. You know, all the rules, like not making huge walls of text, are generally helpful, but every once in a while you have someone come along who makes something that breaks the rules, and just does it in a perfect way that *works,* and at that point, sticking to rules is just pedantry. Awesome comic, and thank you for making a hundred of them! ^_^

  17. Icalasari Says:

    ^^ New reader here (Followed a link from cracked). just read all of the Sphynx ones. They are all made of win

    ^^ You know, Sphynx could be considered doing man kind a favour, cutting down our populations so that we don’t kill ourselves with overpopulation. As such, she should be allowed to fly anywhere she wants without rules

    I wonder though… Would Sphynx be freaked out by a voreaphile? Basically, they are a person turned on by the idea of being eaten. So instead of running AWAY from Sphynx to avoid being eaten, they may be running TO Sphynx, horny as hell

    • Brennan Barrington Says:

      Interestingly enough, there is one about that, where a cannibal chef recruits people to be eaten…

  18. Rob Retter Says:

    I like that she’s at least Pinking in some way still — you couldn’t miss that coat, no matter how hard you might try.

    And it’s cool hearing Sphynx’s take on her own behaviors. Sphynx has always been a strange and marvelous combination of outrageous, terrible (in the old sense of the word, “causing terror”), and astonishingly conventional. It’s really a part of her charm, us getting to discover how she mixes monster-ness with ordinary-ness in a new situation.

    Thank you, Winston (or whatever your *real* name may be!), for all the time and effort you’ve put into SUBNORMALITY these 100 strips.

  19. Gigel Says:

    Dude, your post made me realize that I’ve been reading your comics for pretty much a lot of time, but never posted on your blog or anything. So here’s me, saying ‘hey’ from Romania, the butthole of Europe.


  20. Karl Says:

    Hey, just discovered this site and I love it! I’ve posted some comics on a forum I frequent and gave the link to the site so expect more hits! Keep them coming

  21. C.P. Says:

    Love it. Good, good stuff.

  22. bachterman Says:

    hey, greetings from the ottoman empire!
    we still exist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. bachterman Says:

    to gigel: romania WAS the butthole, but now hungary IS.

  24. Ziliuse Says:

    After 99 episodes you still have not lost your edge: as brilliant as ever! Keep on rocking, man!

  25. treepeach Says:

    ‘sketchy, half-assed mashup of previous languages’… as a linguist i couldn’t agree more ahaha, its like the most illogical language ever

    my god, the weeks of waiting inbetween comics is like, killing me.

    started reading around about when chapter 90 came out, spent a coupla hours and read the whole thing including sekfor 41 and all the others. should have rationed myself lol
    i hope hope HOPE that your huge announcement involves getting these published, would make an incredible christmas present ๐Ÿ˜€

    also seriously,
    where is the pink hair T_T

  26. Toronto Says:

    100. great . love the comic.

  27. Andy E. Says:

    Congratulations on making it to 100! Witty and poignant as always!

    Walls of text are what sets this comic apart (and above) the rest.

  28. Suntiger Says:

    Hehe, hilarious!
    Funny how a being over 3400 years old and a 20-something girl can have so much in common, eh? Except for the killing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, and this sets up a nice opportunity… Pinky could become Sphynx little helper!
    They seem to have some of the same attitudes, sort of, and Sphynx has complained about the lack of fingers and thumbs before.
    I don’t think Pinky would object too much to employed by her.

    It is also really funny to see history through a being that has lived it, and find it largely an inconvenience.
    Sure put things in a rather different perspective. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please do write another 100 of them! We love your walls of text. ^_^

  29. Paul Says:

    I just realized something, what is the Sphynx’s job?

    Or is just fear her currency?

    • Brennan Barrington Says:

      She got that gig in the energy bar commercial (because she could imply without ever saying it that the energy bars had made her that way) but then she decided to make the ad accurate, and everyone was too scared to stop her. The funny thing is that the ad’s “honesty” might actually have sold them–you know, “there’s no such thing as negative publicity”.

  30. Monte Cook Says:

    I love this comic. It’s very often the best thing Mondays have to offer.

  31. The Count Says:

    Masterful!! A fine cap to the most consistently well-written comic on the Intertubes… We salute you!

    – The Count

  32. iamafish Says:

    wait… the ottoman empire doesn’t exist? holy shit dude why did noone tell me? ๐Ÿ˜›

    congrats on 100, i don’t think i could stay at something for long enough to make it that far. wordy as ever, but hey, at least they’re entertaining words!

  33. Elana Says:


    Your comic always brightens my day. And I get to startle co-workers with my raucous laughter.

    Thank you.


  34. maldine Says:

    Hey, long time listener, first time caller.
    Love the show.
    I was wondering if the Sphinx eats souls ?

    (Arf. Got mixed up in my comments)

    4th square monolog totally fits me. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing published.

    From Paris (with courtesy)
    – Maldine –

  35. Willikins Says:

    Love this comic. Been reading a while but this is my first comment.

    I’ve been waiting for the day when these two would meet. Now, my dreams have been realized. Thank you oh so very much. โค


  36. Lucas Says:

    I love your comics, and they keep getting better. This one was brilliant!

    I hope there will be a lot more in the future! Keep the good work, man.

  37. Cratey Says:

    Marvellous. One hundred! I love it, followed link here and have been eagerly devouring the wonderful walls of text for the last two weeks. Please keep it up, there is so much talent in these comics!!

  38. Lady Amber Says:

    Well done, it kind of reminds me of the work R.Crum’s brother did before the text took over his output and he did nothing but page after page of cramed togather text.
    But I am shure you wont fall into that trap you seem to have A great grasp of the off the wall wacky fun stuff.
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ {*v*} ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. Lauren Says:

    I am going to echo everyone and say congratulations on reaching 100, and this comic is brilliant as ever! thanks for creating such fascinating characters.

  40. Lauren Says:

    Oh, and I love in the first panel the crowded phone booth of terrified people. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. migue Says:

    I know she will come back to pink. I know…

  42. Michael Says:

    You know, Subnormality quickly made it’s way into my list of “sacred comics”, basically the ones that are so good they actually affect me on a deep level. I rank you up there with xkcd, Dresden Codak, Copper, and Nine Planets w/o Intelligent Life. Keep up the good work, man.

    Also, I love Ex-Pink-Haired Girl’s rant about her hair color and having to work so hard just so she can get back to where she started. Isn’t that just a perfect model of life?

    We spend our youth playing and doing mostly what we feel like, but then we grow up and we have to work ourselves to the bone so that we can hopefully become a member of the idle rich and spend our days playing and doing mostly what we feel like.

  43. John O Says:

    Ex-Pink-Haired Girl and the circle of life. Damn!

  44. Michael: Nicely put, nicely put…

    And thanks x100 to all for the comments! Virtual handshakes all around, digital high-fives and so on. Much appreciated, much appreciated.

  45. Martin Says:

    congrats on the 100th, sir!

    don’t knock yourself out trying to churn out a comic next week. it’s that time of year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Ratazana Says:

    I really enjoy reading your comic every Monday since one year ago, congratulations about the number and about the comix, ยกfelicidades!, and I hope the color shirts for Europe will be soon available, Iยดm curious about if someone recognize it over here.

    Sorry for my english, I know it sucks.

  47. Ziliuse Says:

    Michael Said:
    “We spend our youth playing and doing mostly what we feel like, but then we grow up and we have to work ourselves to the bone so that we can hopefully become a member of the idle rich and spend our days playing and doing mostly what we feel like.”

    I disagree: it is not true for everybody. For many people “work” and “doing what you feel like” are one and the same.
    For me work is the mean trough which one realizes oneself.

    Ok, that’s not always the case but let’s just not generalize so quickly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Ryan Says:

    Michael: I read all of those comics except for copper, and definitely say this is as good as those. Plus it updates a hell of a lot more often than 9 Planets or Dresden.

    This may just be a once a week comic, but its a nice treat that lasts me the whole week!

  49. Yem Says:

    You are too brilliant for words. Too, too brilliant

  50. Michael Says:

    It’s got wonderful child-like innocence to it, but it’s also very pretty and thought-provoking and kind of sad sometimes. The way I like it.

    At least DC updates about monthly. Nine Planets is frustrating, because his update schedule is so slow he’ll probably die before he finishes it. Wasn’t the last one almost a year ago now?

  51. wiLD0 Says:

    I enjoy Subnormality a heck of a lot. Keep up the good work as I don’t know what I’d do without a weekly tickle of my brain cells.


  52. Kristen Says:

    I’m recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery, and your comic really brightened my day! I read all of them today and they’re really fantastic. I love your sleek lines and sense of humor. Thanks so much!

    P.S. – please don’t draw how you say you’d like to draw…

    Love, Kristen

  53. Thiago Says:

    Iยดve been reading this comic since day 1 and I must say that it is great!

    Greetings from Brazil dude!

  54. Eric Says:

    I love this comic! Thanks!

  55. Stanley Soak Says:

    Having come this far after reading every single issue since the first one,
    I can honestly say that I prefer Perry Bible Fellowship.

  56. Kurdt Says:

    How can you compare Subnormality to PBF? Two totally different styles, both awesome.

  57. Paul Says:

    The writing in this comic is great, so keep up the wall of text! I’ve recently stumbled upon this comic (via Digg I think), and so far I love it. I love how you freely change the layout to work with the comic (like most recently, #99). Keep it up, you’ve got great talent!

  58. Icalasari Says:

    I still want to know how Sphynx would react to a voreaphile D:

  59. Josh Says:

    Somebody linked to the Atheist Apocalypse, and from there I read the whole comic straight through. Perfect timing for me to end up at number 100. I hope you’ve got plenty yet to draw.

    Thanks for giving us something good to look at.

  60. Chris Says:

    Congratulations on the century. Love the work you do. Now I’d better go buy some T-shirts to encourage you to keep it up!

  61. curlpop Says:

    Congratulations on a hundred!!

  62. omni Says:

    I love all your comics I hope you are able to tolerate doing 100 more XD

  63. Camille Says:

    Congrats on the hundred comics ๐Ÿ˜€
    I’m loving the continuity, really great

  64. Alex Says:

    Man, you are freaking hilarious! I found this site through, and just read straight through. A perfect time to, considering I finished at #100! Congrats, and please keep making these!

  65. msr Says:

    There are very few times when I would read such huge walls of text, but you comic makes it worth it every time. Awesome work, keep it up!

  66. sean Says:

    There is a filk song with the line:
    ‘Till you’re too fat to fly’
    about stuffing a dragon.

    Does the Sphinx have such problems?

  67. Agosarat Says:

    OK, Catalan? Of all romanic languages, you choose Catalan? As a half-native speaker, I’m curious as to why you chose it, and what do people know of it that side of the ocean (I’m guessing not much).

    And Paul: as far as we know, the Sphynx’s an actress. Do you write an apostrophe after an x? N*ck*lb*ck if I know.

    Anyway, congrats. The many odd traits of this comic are what makes it unique. Keep it up.

  68. Flavia Says:

    I read that you lost confidence in your ability to draw, which, to me, is a complete surprise.
    Iยดve got this test-job thingie, where I have to illustrate a math-book for sixth-graders, and I am in total lack of inspiration. So I surf the web for inspiration, where I come across your beautiful strip, and Iยดm flabbergasted at the level of your work, both the humor and style.
    Though, admitted, a little insecurity about your work is only healthy and helps keep the standard, but I would give a lot to have your talent.
    Kudos to you!

  69. Gaber the Guba Says:

    Precise vision of everyday life




    Sexiest (and Cutest) Sphynx I’ve Ever Seen


    Keep walkin’, man! Awesome material indeed!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  70. Frankus Says:

    “They had diverging views on the killing.”

    Why did it say that?

  71. Dag Says:

    me likey sphinxy! no really, it’s awesome. that has got to be my favourite character. a kind, considerate, fluffy, human eating, empathic, law abiding, ancient (god?).

  72. Lucid Says:

    Am I the only one who would actually be cool about the killing? I mean, she’s just like any other creature on the planet, she has to survive on the deaths of other living things. Personally, I’d be a cool neighbor to the Sphinx, I’d mow her lawn, manipulate fine objecs for her, and all I’d ask in return is that out of the 6 billion or so people on the earth she not eat the hundred or so people I care about. Hey, maybe my family could become like, a lineage of Sphinx assistants, one of each generation having the honor to serve the sphinx, to safeguard her while she sleeps, to petition for her right to flight, to press play on the remote, and go into buildings with small doors for her.

    Oh.. Now I wanna Sphinx..

  73. Jordan Says:

    look, you’re a good artist, and your jokes are good, but there’s TOO MUCH TEXT. Seriously, your jokes would be like ten times funnier if you kept them short and concise. Don’t mean to insult you, just trying offer some helpful criticism

  74. Yamara Says:

    Jordan is wrong. Your use of text makes your work more original than most by breaking expectations, and your bold use of line well balances the “wall” effect with vibrant imagery. The jokes are funnier with the additional details, like Dennis Miller was before he turned to Evil.

    Do not make his mistake. Do not listen to the Jordans.

    Congratulations on a powerful, witty series of comics.

  75. Fen Says:

    Lucid, while I’m sure the Sphynx would appreciate those things, there will always be someone willing to do them for free (a.k.a. no prohibited meals), so it wouldn’t work. It’s just selfish to only prevent the deaths of people you care about, and let her kill anyone else.

  76. I would have to agree with Yamara that the large amount of text in your comics furthers originality, and should be looked upon with an open mind rather than a preconcieved notion of how a comic should be. I will admit that the first couple of comics of yours i read i thought, “Hmm, seems like a little too much text here for a simple comic to me.” But thats just it. It’s not simple. It’s insightful, honest, witty, complex, and most definatly humurous. You should be proud of your work!

    Oh, and about the artwork… I think every artist doubts themselves at some point, and that doubt drives them to become better artist. In my opinion an artist whom does not doubt their work at least a little at some point in their career, is going to become uninspired, and never find it in themselves to create something better.

    However, all i can do as the reader is tell you that i thought the artwork was fantastic, and that you should only stop doing this when its no longer giving you kicks, because i think this comic is golden!

  77. Azaroth Says:

    Ex-Pink should work with Sphinx, they each need one another to solve their problems. I picture some intense anti authority action.

  78. agrim Says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect !

  79. Mystyr Nile Says:

    I love how the Sphynx, who normally terrifies everyone without trying, only gets a brief reaction of surprise out of Pinkhair. She’s just gotten accustomed to weird random junk happening around her, and meeting oddities.

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