The Whole T-Shirts Thing

December 3, 2008



Okay, so i went ahead and spent fifty thousand hours setting everything up and so now there are t-shirts, there are t-shirts. Did you ever want a shirt with a belligerent mythical creature on it? Well, now’s your chance, kids and cadets. You can even choose the color of the shirt (except in Europe, but more on that later). You can even not buy any because i realize that you’re here for comix and not clothing, but more on that later as well. At any rate, what i do know is that i worked hard at some designs and then i worked hard at fixing up the website (have a look around, it’s, well, vaguely different in spots. New home page and logo and such), so one may judge for one’s self the results. As for me, i’m kind of…


I mean, i realize that selling merchandise is the new business model of online comix, and i realize that i’ve been spending the last four years drawing and drawing and literally not making a dime, but i’m still not used to the whole t-shirts thing. It’s just kind of weird and surreal. I’m not a seller of things, i’m a, uh, comics guy. I’ll get used to it though, don’t worry about me. Gotta make comix to make money to buy time to make more comix. Support your non-local comicker! Plus the Sphynx shirt comes with a guarantee that you will not be eaten by a Sphynx while wearing it. Can’t beat that. Fuckin’ can’t. Anyway…


My goal had always been to use a shirt manufacturer/shipper with distribution centers in both North America and Europe, thus removing the need for people to pay ridiculous shipping fees to import t-shirts from other hemispheres. The North American side of things is good to go, but the European side is limited to white t-shirts only for the time being (yes i am serious). This is due to stupid, boring technological issues, both mine and the manufacturer’s, and i shall not waste your time with further descriptions and vague promises. European/Asian customers may peruse the full line of Virus Comix t-shirts at the North American store, but they will have to (sigh) pay increased shipping charges if they buy anything. My apologies for this, and as soon as the situation is remedied i will post an announcement.

The Gist of it

Have a comic. Got some readers. Made some shirts for ’em. They are nice (the shirts and the readers). Thanks for reading, and now i’m gonna go mentally clear my head of the last four days of capitalistic distractions and get back to comicking. Up next: strip #99. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!



PS: To anyone who’s sent me a friend request on Facebook, i haven’t answered only because i’m never on Facebook, plus i only have as Facebook friends the half-dozen or so people that are closest to me. So don’t be offended or anything when you don’t hear back from me. I appreciate the requests though! Friends? Friends.

PPS: The t-shirts are print-on-demand, so i unfortunately don’t have the power to send anyone free thank-you merch (you know who you are). This displeases me, but it’s for the greater good. I’m using an online service, you see, so i don’t have to spend thousands of hours i don’t have mailing off shirts and renting cars to ferry around boxes of merch and buying crowbars to fend off vicious nazi shirt thieves and whatever the hell else is involved in running a business. Poison spiders, maybe? Probably. Fuck that.

20 Responses to “The Whole T-Shirts Thing”

  1. Spaztick Says:

    These shirts, sir Rowntree, are pimp; I should buy one to keep mythical creatures off of my back (they pester me to gain weight and offer me a lot of free food). Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to snapping my fingers, I hear elephants are on the lose…

  2. Camille Says:

    I’m loving the new webpage! Your photo is also very interesting, I didn’t know Winston Rowntree was a Canadian Wolverine šŸ˜‰
    Nice tshirts, I hope the whole “making money with my comics” doesn’t make you an evil capitalist or something. Thanks for making a special page for Europe/rest of the world, online merch tends to forget there’s a world outside North America šŸ™‚

  3. nice sideburns, mate :-p

    as for the whole t-shirts thing, not osmething I would’ve done but that’s just because I’m a meany who thinks liquorice is more important than money. It’s true, it is!

    and is it me, or are your comments on my blog getting proprtionally shorter as the ones on yours get longer?
    space-time dilation effect, maybe? or do zombie rainbow ponies thrill you no more?

    seriously the ‘ah yes’ freaed me out.
    drop me a line, we’ll have coffe baby.

  4. I am the opposite of an evil capitalist, just for the record. Hence all the conflictedness… Liquorice is definitely more important than money! Not that black liquorice though!! ACK!! Straight from hell it came, reeking of the devil’s crotch!!

  5. I confess I don’t get the reference in the t-shirt titled “North America”.

  6. gumshoe Says:

    i was hoping for some time that you would sell shirts but sadly the motives, while not bad at all, don’t do it for me šŸ˜¦ …whats with the catlady? is she featured somewhere or did you create her for the shirts?

    you really should add the winking sphinx on the /subnormality.html page i’d buy it right away!

  7. Tim McCormack: It’s a canadian thing, an analogy drawn by former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. Canada is a mouse that lives inescapably in the shadow of the USA’s elephant. The mouse is rather more aware of the presence of the elephant than the elephant is of the mouse, simply due to their respective sizes. They remain the best of friends though, as pictured.

  8. Questo's Dad Says:

    Huzzah! Shirts and making money! It’s not selling out if you’re still doing it for the right reasons. There’s a huge difference between selling art and selling out. Selling art: The Generals playing in dives for gas money. Selling out: The Generals releasing a Christmas album singing duets with other musicians including Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and the remaining Brothers Gibb.

  9. Leak Says:

    Seriously – what’s the backstory on your new logo? šŸ˜‰

    np: Contriva – Centipede (Separate Chambers)

  10. Leak: Weird is beautiful.

  11. Van Says:

    Would feel proud to support you be purchasing a shirt. I’d like a Sphinx, but not a fan of the white. Ever consider using as well? They have huge selection of printable gear and a snap to upload/customize.

  12. recalcitrantid Says:

    Diggin’ the Ts, probly pick up a subnormality in red. Any chance you’ll make a comic book?

  13. K Says:

    I miss Jesus Rhys Davies girl. Does she appear in a gallery somewhere on the site?

  14. recalcitrantid: A book will appear some day, some day…

    K: This is what you want:

  15. iamafish Says:

    i resent the implication that capitalists are evil… filthy socialists šŸ˜›

  16. Wulf Says:

    Your mind is beautiful.

  17. Tim Says:

    Can’t wait to get em

  18. Mark Temporis Says:

    Camille; Wolverine IS Canadian.

  19. Martin Says:

    If you are trying to be a capitalist but not really making that much money, does that mean that you are not very evil?

    I was trying to sell Cheney’08 merch this year and I only sold a few buttons and one thong.

  20. phyzome Says:

    @Winston Rowntree: Wow, I *never* would have gotten that, being from the mid-Atlantic U.S. Thanks for explaining! (And I like the deisgn.)

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