November 16th: “Sphynx IX”

November 17, 2008


Comic finished, find it here. Gettin’ late, gotta run. Whatever i had to say wasn’t interesting anyway.



42 Responses to “November 16th: “Sphynx IX””

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    Love the punchline. Also, I’m not sure whether to be impressed or flabbergasted by the fitness club owner confronting a giant, quick-tempered monster like that. Sure, his business is in danger, but is it worth risking his life over it? I’d have cut my losses and moved far away if I were him. And perhaps, when I had the means to do so, started a new business that didn’t have lots of temptingly yummy fat people as customers.

  2. Eddie’s a little too quick-witted for his own good.

  3. Innominate Says:

    “Well it was a nice society we had here… once.” *all glare at Eddie*

  4. mrputter Says:

    “Pizza Building” FTW!

  5. Yay! Sphynxy goodness.

    and also an excuse to become the first ever Sphynx-Eddie Shipper!

    Sphynx/Eddie 4 eva!

    *googly manga eyes which irritate me so*


  6. arkonbey Says:

    Of course, going on a Giant Monster Rampage might just bring unwanted attention from groups of people with firearms. Unless she just kills thirty-three thousand homeless, or undocumented aliens, or homosexuals or somebody else nobody seems to care about.

    Though funny, tthere is failed logic in eating from a fitness place. Fat animals are tastier and have more calories/pound. And a fit person after a workout would be more able to run than your average obese American. Instead of a fitness place, she should have been stalking Applebees or TGI Fridays.

  7. Chris S Says:

    @arkonbey: Perhaps the Sphynx has a cholesterol problem and has to eat lean meat.

  8. J.T. Wilson Says:

    Well played, sir.

  9. simon Says:

    best fucking strip EVER!

    At least, since the one with the bookcases.

  10. simon Says:

    arkonbey: good point, after exercise isn’t meat supposed to be full of what they call it, lactic acid? What makes you get fatigue and all, and makes the meat tough and stringy? Perhaps she needs to hang the meat for a while, maybe in a hickory wood smoking shed, and add lots of HP Sauce?

  11. simon Says:

    arkonbey: good point, after exercise isn’t meat supposed to be full of what they call it, lactic acid? What makes you get fatigue and all, and makes the meat tough and stringy? Perhaps she needs to hang the meat for a while, maybe in a hickory wood smoking shed, and add lots of HP Sauce?

  12. simon Says:

    Aw hell, I’m gonna get a visit from the feds now . . .

  13. arkonbey Says:

    simon: You’re right. If she were smoking or making jerk jerky, then lean meat would be the way to go.

  14. waffle Says:

    another great comic strip!

    i hope you can set up your shop soon…i really want to buy a sphinx t-shirt! would be perfect!

  15. Kim Says:

    I have a crush on the sphinx. I know that sounds wrong but… I don’t care.

  16. Questo's Dad Says:

    This is my fave in all Sphynxdom. Let this be proclaimed far and wide.

  17. Stutkhartz M Says:

    I wonder if the Sphynx had anything to do with the recent change of name of the UK’s Pizza Buildings. Check it out: Freakin’ weird coincidence if you ask me.

    ‘You wouldn’t actually have to EAT…’


  18. Dusty668 Says:

    That Eddie, so smart to have died so young….

  19. waffle: Shop on the way sooner rather than later. Stay tuned…

    Questo’s Dad: It shall be done.

    Stutkhartz M: They’re just copying my comix. Lawsuit pending.

  20. Rob Retter Says:

    I just love how happy and peaceful she looks in the first panel. And you caught the body positioning of a napping kitty perfectly.

  21. datwilliams Says:

    What does the dream about Gulliver say about how she see’s herself?

    I was looking at your source code, and you don’t seem to be noting your web visitors; ever consider using ?

    I use it, its not a pain. I work in internet information and I’ve come to think of Google as a monolithic eye of sauroman, tracking us all. So this is data they have anyway. No doubt, google is the future of evil. But still it’s easy to use

  22. Dusty668 Says:

    Waitaminit, Pizza Building… That building is made out of no Pizza at all! Time for a kitty fit!

  23. brian Says:

    That was the best one in a while, and the first one that made me laugh out loud. Loved it!

  24. Dat Williams: Have thought about google analytics, but the whole eye of Sauron thing held me back, whether they already have the data or not. My web host gives me the basis stats, pageviews and links and such, so i’m satisfied as is.

    Dusty668: Ha! Good point…. They can’t win.

  25. Leak Says:

    Heh… that one was a good read: ­čÖé

    np: B. Fleischmann – Sendestra├če (Melancholie/Sendestra├če (Disc 2))

  26. I must say i am proud to be part of the fine tradition of people travelling back in time to kill hitler. Thanks for the link!

  27. zwrdl Says:

    This is well…perfect! It demonstrates quite clearly how humans think and act, from the patrons who use the club in spite of the gore and the Sphynx being in the parking lot, to the two cousins’ approach to the entire situation. Perfect, I say.

    As for the Sphynx, of course we have a crush on her. She’s beautiful from her face right down to her expressive paws, practical, matter-of-fact, a performing artist, and honest. Plus, she keeps the human population under control. What’s not to love?

  28. Crispin Says:

    lol – ah, go Eddie!

    That’s a wonderful expression on the Sphynx in the last panel. Thanks again for a wonderful comic : )

  29. simon Says:

    Arkonbay – ‘jerk jerky’ is the best phrase used on the internet . . . EVAR!

  30. Suntiger Says:

    Eddie is intelligent but he’s a bit short on smarts I think. ­čśë

    He’s quick on the uptake, but he doesn’t seem to realize that you should think before you speak and choose your words carefully.
    In this case *very* carefully…

    Still, it makes for one of the funniest Sphynx strips so far, and that’s saying something!

  31. Christopher Norton Says:

    I have to say this is the funniest comic I’ve come across since Calvin and Hobbes.

    I haven’t laughed this hard in at least a decade, and it’s just frosting that this happens to be written by a fellow Canadian.

    Good job for putting your comic on their webpage.

    Is it just a coincidence that Sphynx kinda resembles Paget Brewster?

  32. E Says:

    Just my luck. I meet the perfect woman, and she’s got the body of a lion, eagle’s wings, and a taste for human flesh. I can’t count the number of times that’s happened to me. Thanks for cataloging my pain with great art. The amount of words is perfect.

  33. nick Says:

    fucking hilarious.

  34. sean Says:

    Does the Sphynx have claws? Like a cat?

  35. sean Says:

    Despite the care the Sphynx takes in a later panel ‘… I kill quickly and painlessly…” she does not clean up after meals much.

    Actually for good health she should eat more than just the muscle. See wolves and mice: humans trying to survive tried to live off mice because they saw wolves do so, failed until they noticed that the wolves also ate the guts giving them different vitamins.

  36. none Says:

    How would she look that up? Her hands are too big for a keyboard.

  37. lulzfish Says:

    none: She probably threatens people to look things up for her.

    I don’t know how she gets away with killing people repeatedly in the same area. You’d think people would move away, or not even reproduce fast enough to keep the numbers up.

    I mean, if you’re eating “a couple thousand people a year”, then being sustainable means you need to pick from a large enough group that can replace all those people.

    Then if you’re only eating relatively young adults, who’s going to raise families?

    She’s going to over-hunt that city. There’s a balance between predator and prey.

  38. Daniel Says:

    that image of the sphinx eating guilliver while laughing just made my day. Greetings from Mex. All your art pieces are enjoyable ­čÖé

  39. Somerandompersonguy Says:

    Stop giving her ideas!

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