November 9th: “Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe”

November 10, 2008


And so here is this week’s comic, in which stupidity for once is our friend. Piggish gluttonousness too, that of food and money. I guess it kind of ties in with the holiday on tuesday, though anyone worth their salt shouldn’t confine their remembrance to one day a year. Cheers to the allied troops of yore. Jeers to Hermann Goering and his Hindenburg-sized waistline. Oh the humanity!

Erm, quite…

–The Fightin’ Rowntree

45 Responses to “November 9th: “Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe””

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    As the old proverb has it, “The way to a Generalfeldmarschall’s heart is through his stomach.”

  2. ..... Says:

    great comic as usual!

    and you fixed the RSS. Yaaay!

  3. Mack Says:

    ;Obligatory Cake/Portal reference

  4. thejimbus Says:

    Ah, industrial sabotage knows no bounds.

  5. Spaztick Says:

    Do I detect a hint of political smugness underneath this layer of comical icing? I would love the recipe for this stuff.

  6. bachterman Says:

    nazis, again. πŸ™‚

  7. lily Says:

    There we go. The Nazi category is overtaking the ‘surreal moments with cashiers category’. Soon, perhaps, to be catching up with the sphinx serial. You folks and your Nazis. I suppose Mike Mignola would approve.

  8. Sam Says:

    I love the facepalming aide in the last panel.

    This explains a lot..

  9. Chris S Says:

    And to think, the Axis might have won if not for some cakes!

  10. Nella Says:

    Just a TAD of nitpicking here: This left me with the image of a very effective fly catcher – “Fliegensarg” would be a coffin for flies. Where can I buy one for next summer…? :o)

  11. Dusty668 Says:

    So as to not disappoint:

    The cake it, no flies.-Unknown Italian Engineer

  12. Slopez Says:

    I didn’t see it coming until the second-to-last panel. Good job, ’twas funny.

  13. Sprawn! Says:

    I know you are mocking militancy and the Nazis here, but you are doing it with an… admiring level of detail. It’s okay to admit that the Germans had the absolutely coolest experimental jet aircraft program. It’s okay to like them (the airplanes).

  14. Michael Ezra Says:

    Fake historical note: This was also how Werner von Braun got started. “Behold, Air Marshall, the V-2 rocket…and some delicious sauerbrauten!” After surrendering to the U.S. in 1945, he found that due to different culinary tastes he had to modify his tactics somewhat. His Saturn rocket was not approved until he offered the higher-ups at NASA “some delicious pogo sticks.”

  15. Stefan Says:

    My first comment in this serie. ^.^;

    As almost always it is a nice one, though the Stephen Harper episode didn’t touched me actually.

    But what I wanted to say, your German could need a bit improvement. As Nella said: “Fliegensarg” is not a god name for such a weapon. Do you maybe mean a flying coffin? That would be “Fliegender Sarg” or “Flugsarg”.
    Then the skript on the plane nose: “Punkt in Richtung zum Fiend”… The verb “point to” means within in this coherence “richten” (zum Feind richten / auf den Feind richten) or “ausrichten”.

    But anyway: Good stuff!

  16. arkonbey Says:

    Sweet. Making fun of Goerring AND Luft ’46!

    Damned Third Reich. beautiful aircraft and ugly ideals.

    Nice uniforms, too, but remember The Sukhomlinov Effect: Those with the prettier uniforms lose the war.

  17. heh… frisky frieda!

    pretty neat, sir.

  18. Camille Says:

    Those wacky nazis πŸ™‚

  19. iamafish Says:

    nice joke and i really enjoyed the excessivness of the aircraft, but did you really need such a long and wordy exposition for that joke? Much of the detail niether adds to the humour of the aircraft itself, nor is it needed for the joke to work. maybe i’m just lazy and dont like reading comics with lots of words…

  20. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe was such a kickass game.

    I like the instructions on where to point the rockets…and the last panel. Not just a facepalm…a double facepalm. Epic.

  21. datwilliams Says:

    I love buffets more than winning.

  22. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    What’s surprising is that there are people who don’t.

  23. mnov Says:

    The slogan of subnormality is “comix with too much words since 2007”.
    It’s right under the logo:

  24. William Moore Says:

    As a long term Luft46 nut, including having my own website at one time I can only say brilliant , the little details are great – you’ve obviously researched your topic. The plane is vaguely reminiscent of the Major Howdy Bixby series – see this URL and scroll down
    I didn’t think you could top the Hell comix but you have.


  25. lily: Up next: The Sphynx has a surreal encounter with a nazi cashier.

    Michael Ezra: Pogo sticks and Tang, that is.

    iamafish: I refute the notion that comics should be as economical as possible. My goal is not to tell jokes using the fewest possible words and panels.

    William Moore: Cheers, and thanks for that link! The psychotic aircraft shown there are more than entertaining…

    Thanks also to the people who corrected the incorrect German in the comic. Like a lot of people, i am not German, so my chances of getting it right were rather low. Ich spreche nicht Deutsch, or whathaveyou. I shall endeavor to photoshop in the correct words at a later date!

  26. jdanryan Says:

    And the interesting thing here is, Herr Goering by ’44 was so on smack by then that yeah. he very well could have been won over by a dessert tray layout.

    Und das ist nicht ein Witz, mein Freund!

  27. The Count Says:

    Was it British fortitude that prevailed at Dunkirk, or the patisseries? I thought I knew, but now…

  28. Marc Says:

    >Up next: The Sphynx has a surreal encounter with a nazi cashier.

    What would a Nazi cashier be like?

    cashier: Your preferred customer card, please!

    customer: eh?

    cashier: Those with cards receive 10% off. Those without will be shot. You will sign up now.

    Nah, too Hogan’s Heroes.

  29. UnderHerd Says:

    G for Germany πŸ˜‰

  30. Mack Says:

    I hope you’re not kidding about that sphynx/nazi crossover, Winston. Sphynxy is darling.

  31. sig Says:

    I actually appreciate the word creation “Fliegensarg” very much… plz, leave it as it is – intended or not, it wonderfully caricatures the third reich megalomania in a ingeniously and subtle way πŸ™‚

  32. Davis D. Says:


    Your art has ALWAYS been stellar. But you seem to be getting better and better with every strip!


  33. sig: So noted.

    Davis D: Thanks, much appreciated!

  34. Petra Says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who remembers that game.

  35. CH Cheng Says:

    The competent one is Adolf Galland of course?

  36. CH Cheng: Good eye. I wasn’t trying to glorify him or anything, he just seemed to fit as the voice of reason in that particular context.

  37. lon Says:

    nicely done great detail xtremely funny…my nose seems bleeding

  38. Vonthako Says:

    Manned Rocket Pilot? What could earn you that “honor”? Getting caught banging the commander’s daughter?

    Great comic as usual.
    Gratuitous technical/historical details make me a happy nerd. πŸ˜€

  39. Raslan Says:

    The look in his eyes. Motherfucking ART motherfuckers. >:D

  40. Gortos Says:

    I love that pig-German semi-language πŸ˜€

  41. suoidet Says:

    there were many inventions that were ignored or were squashed due to infighting/jealously and squabbling between the various ranks and different areas of the Nazi military.. normally i detest the human condition of petty jealously and envy and desire to step on the heads of others to get to the perceived goal of top most favored personage at the right hand of the power structure … but in the case of WW2
    (the extermination of millions of people was horrific and the end of the war prevented millions of more dead) the normal human condition worked as a self correcting internal function and the rest of the world worked as an external correction to the horrors that were the Nazi Final Solution

  42. FJ Says:

    it would be more likely named FLUG-sarg, not Fliegensarg

    great webcomic

  43. Nils Says:

    I spot My Tank is Fight!

  44. Mad Cormorant Says:

    Is that “aide” based on “Dolfo” Galland, or am I seeing things?

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