November 2nd: “Welcome to Hell

November 3, 2008

Welcome to hell, as seen in a previous comic.  Sorry for the scattered Canadian jokes, Rest of the World. Do I believe in hell? Nope. In fact, here is a video of me not believing in hell, set to music, thanks to one of the Heroes out there. Uhhhh… late….tired…  zombie-ish… Had to use extra daylight savings hour to finish comic… Oh, someone said that i should mention on the blog that graphic novel i did, so i shall mention it: it is a graphic novel, it is long, it is set in the future, it is violent and unpleasant, but all is in aid of a greater story i hope. Don’t read it if you’re underage. If you’re not underage…whatever. The art is old and freaky, but i think the words hold up. I like it, maybe you will too. Okay, i’m done typing and linking to things. Good luck in the election, USA. Try not to pull a Canada.



53 Responses to “November 2nd: “Welcome to Hell”

  1. Sprawn! Says:

    An ourobouros would make a great belt.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Very nifty strip. I liked the ouroboros too, especially the demon tapping it awake.

    But what’s with Pete Townshend performing in Hell? I admit some of his solo work leaves much to be desired, but…well, anyway I would’ve thought you’d choose Nickelback.

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    Sorry, that should be N*ck*lb*ck. Almost forgot the discussion on obscenities a few weeks back. 🙂

  4. Sahanavic Says:

    Current temperature 37 degrees Celsius? That’s a pretty reasonable temperature, it’s only considered mildly uncomfortable in Australia :).

    • The Watcher in the Water Says:

      Remember, Winston’s Canadian. You have to slide the whole spectrum of temperatures 15-20 K downward for him. 😀

  5. Camille Says:

    Great to see you back, I loved this comic although I had to zoom to see all the little details in the background, I really wouldn’t want to spend an eternity with ill fitting jeans.
    I read Captain Estar a while back and I thought it was excellent, you’re brilliant in the tragic too.

  6. Sam Says:

    Great comic as usual.

    I loved Captain Estar, too – absolutely brilliant, all of it. Loved the ending especially – very dark. Awesome work.

  7. arkonbey Says:

    Nickleback? Maybe Pennywise covering Garth Brooks songs.

    I think I like this mostly for the snake belt.

  8. Crispy Says:

    Ah, I see that subtle dig at Family Guy. Afraid to make it more prominent and incur the wrath of Family Guy fans? Heh.

    (I occasionally watch Family Guy and sometimes it makes me laugh. Don’t hate me.)

  9. Somebody made a funking video out of one of your comics?

    and could this comic BE any cooler?

    *throws in the towel*

  10. Ric Says:

    I just about died when I saw the room labeled “Canadian Tire Guy”. Yanks, Brits, and other assorted non-Canucks, youtube these commercials. What’s funny is I wanted him dead while he was on the air, but now… I sorta miss him. Call me a masochist I guess.

    Also: Anyone else like Orbitz? I friggin loved those.

  11. Chutney Says:

    The ‘eyeballs, fishhooks’ door reminds me of a Margaret Atwood poem.

  12. Leak Says:

    Seeing that they spend the inheritance on an E-Meter was a nice cruel touch… 😀

    np: AGF/Delay – Break Doors (Explode)

  13. Mike Says:

    It’s not truly hell without Sarah Palin.

  14. dan Says:

    You meant “conscientious”

  15. the details were great. the doors. the snake belt. awesomeness

  16. Michael Ezra: Ah, but N*ck*lb*ck aren’t “coming soon,” barring some sort of pleasantly surprising automobile accident. Townshend wrote an article about kurt cobain that pissed me off, among other things, so in he went, purely for my own satisfaction.


    Camille: Thanks, and i’m glad you enjoyed Captain Estar!

    Crispy: I plead the fifth.

    Tom: Hang on to that towel, you’ll need it.

    Ric: I couldn’t find the canadian tire guy on youTube, sadly. I totally would have linked to it otherwise.

    dan: Yeah, i did. Shit! Goddamn spelling mistakes…

  17. arbiterx Says:

    I like how aircanada is in hell.

  18. Ashley Says:

    blaster bonanza? what?

  19. Kurdt Says:

    I think in his Journals Cobain said something like “I hope I die before I become Pete Townshend.” I’m guessing there wasn’t a whole lot of love between them. His feud with Axel Rose was a lot funnier though.

  20. Yeah, exactly: “I hope i die before i turn into pete townshend,” skillfully playing on the line from “My Generation.” Always been my favorite quote.

  21. Michael Ezra Says:

    Yeah, Kurt “mumble lyrics shoot up smack” Cobain could only hope to be half as musically talented as Townshend, who didn’t just give us “My Generation,” but also some of the greatest concept albums of all time: The Who Sell Out, Tommy, Quadrophenia. (All of which were also among the only concept albums not to be completely pretentious.) Even the _leftovers_ from his _unfinished_ concept album Lifehouse–in the form of Who’s Next, are among the most lyrically compelling and musically innovative rock performances of all time.

    Nirvana in my opinion is totally overrated; it had all of one (incomprehensible) hit single, and the zillions of “alternative” bands it inspired all had the same bloody song structures and guitar styles. If Cobain hadn’t died so tragically young, I doubt he’d be the god-figure so many Generation Xers make him out to be.

    Love your comic (in fact all your comics on this site), Winston. I guess we’ll have to disagree on musical tastes, though.

  22. Camille Says:

    I had no idea about Cobain/Townshend. Even if I don’t like Nirvana or weepy Kurt, I have to say that Townshend in hell seems natural, he’d be pretty bored in heaven.

  23. Tordelback Says:

    Excellent comic this week, that first gag is outstanding, and the demon’s belt is brilliant.

  24. Michael Ezra: I should mention that I didn’t actually say that Townshend was untalented. I just think he’s an arrogant prick whom i happen to disagree with. I’m not writing him off an an artist or anything. I certainly wouldn’t start typing his band name as “The Wh*.”

  25. yoni Says:

    I for one, guzzled the heck out of Orbitz! Although it was suspicious when my 8th grade science teacher had us all bring a bottle of it so we could do experiments on density.

  26. Canada’s election was all sorts of messed up, lowest turnout ever and Conservatives re-elected.

  27. mrross Says:

    Virgin males for the suicide bombers hell – man, you’re wicked:)

  28. Jeremy Says:

    Can you please draw that lady naked

  29. oka so I’m keeping the towel.

    but my latest stuff is just doodles. blobs and lines.

    You’ve won this round Rowntree… but not the war!
    MUAHAHAHAHAHAAA–a–a-a-a–…. *falls down manhole*

  30. Jeremy: Let me guess, you came here from Digg…

    Tom: Damn open manholes. Have a look round for the ninja turtles while you’re down there.

  31. David Says:

    I love the demon’s Ouroboros pants belt.

  32. Alex Says:

    Captain Estar was fucking brilliant. How long ago did you make it?

  33. Matthieu Says:

    Hey, great comic! Love your work. Just thought I’d let you know that your RSS feed shows the wrong dates for your entries. This entry was listed as Tue, Feb 19, 2008 11:24 PM.

  34. Alex: Very glad you enjoyed it! I made it from 2004-2007, though the planning stages began in like 2000. Took a while, in other words, but i’m glad i did it.

    Matthieu: Thanks! And yeah, the RSS feed has horrible issues, mostly because i don’t know what i’m doing. I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet, but i will. It’s on the to-do list, along with “break out of the mental institution” and “singlehandedly win the super bowl.”

  35. Dusty668 Says:

    Eggs and bakey, wakey snakey!

  36. curlpop Says:

    I think I love you.

  37. RONny Says:

    wow. love these comics. the snake acting as a belt was a hilarious detail.

  38. Pete Townshend Says:

    So, uhh, not a fan of my work huh?

  39. superurban Says:

    The background minutiae remind me of Where’s Waldo. Very funny. =)

  40. hssd Says:

    I knew it! they are using windows ME in hell 🙂

  41. Cthun Says:

    I love the medusa demon the ouroboros belt comes with. ^^

  42. kat Says:

    thank you for including family guy in hell!

  43. Frai7ty Says:

    This was some great stuff. Loved the Medusa rendition.

  44. kurios Says:

    I loved the little belt : )

    Also, all the little door captions.

  45. Mark Smith Says:

    Googled “blaster bonanza”. This was one of the results: “An extremely attractive food/curiosity lure. A completely different base than other Bonanza lures. This lure will make canines and raccoon lick, scratch and hang around a set.”

    Not quite sure what that would entail in a room, but it seems animal related.

  46. Azaroth Says:

    Panel six: room in hell “Try to direct an aging Orson Welles”.
    I laughed and laughed till I couldn’t breathe. Then I breathed, and kept on laughing cause I realized I really Really badly wanted to try that room.
    Still laughing, cause most of those rooms seem pretty awesome.

  47. Vonthako Says:

    Great work with the details! I love the panel where the Medusa-demon feeds bacon to her hair!
    Also, another extension of the “While U Wait” screens could be: “Look who’s banging your wife/girlfriend now!”

  48. blackwatertown Says:

    This is a great series you have created.
    I have republished one here with a link to you.
    I hope that’s OK with you.

  49. BigLutris Says:

    I was stunned for 5 minutes because of the virgin thing. This. And nothing else.

  50. spade Says:

    this wins a tie for the most interesting hell torments with loservillex’s
    at least, imho. good job!

  51. Somerandompersonguy Says:

    I don’t suppose begging her for mercy/not to punish you would help.

  52. Dark Phoenix Says:

    LOL @ NHL Referees. Here’s hoping Kerry Fraser ends up there!

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