Oh for fuck’s sake…

October 28, 2008

Look, i’m sorry about this. All too often i find myself working on a particular comic and then scrapping it at the last minute because i’m no longer satisfied with it. I realize that what i’m working on is actually complete, utter rubbish, and it all just goes sour and pear-shaped and various plumbing tools go flying into the cogs of the machinery resulting in kind of a disaster. And so once again this week the comic kind of melted down and I was left with something not up to the standard I maintain for this comic strip. However, instead of angrily firing the thing into the sun like i usually do, i shall link to it here as a kind of novelty unofficial bonus comic, or perhaps as evidence of what you’re not missing out on when something goes unpublished. Evidence that for every good comic i write, i write seven bad ones that go unseen. This is to say i should have taken a week off since i didn’t have time to properly work on the comic. Brain rot, mind-melt, thought-block, and other things seem to be afflicting me currently. The author is artistically unwell. Regular service to be resumed next week. Huge blocks of text may feature. Thanks again for your patience. All apologies.

crashingly yours,


19 Responses to “Oh for fuck’s sake…”

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    Hey, I thought the “Death of Mussolini” costume was hilarious.

  2. Rob Retter Says:

    And I liked the Beck thing.

    But I can see how the whole strip doesn’t really work very well.

    Hey, now that she’s tried standup comedy and commercials acting, maybe the Sphynx would be interested in taking a shot at comic drawing…you know, just to give you a little time off when “brain rot, mind-melt, thought-block, and other things” happen.

  3. oceanmachinae Says:

    Female prog rock fan.
    Very true.

  4. Greg Stacy Says:

    The strip is totally fine, other than missing the first drawing. Seriously, if you had finished it, I don’t think anybody would’ve thought it was an off week. It’a funny, with your usual killer drawings. You just overthought it and lost your confidence… Happens to us all, sometimes.

  5. Camille Says:

    Don’t be so harsh on yourself, it isn’t shit at all:/
    Rest well, we’re not going to hang you Mussolini style if you don’t post a comic a week.

  6. I love these unpopular halloween costume ones!
    The death of Mussolini and I’m being stalked by beck for some reason are genius.
    Genius, man.

    and now on a much lighter, less genius-level note, I updated my antibullshit last saturday, so when you like you can mosey on over.

    don’t lose heart, master!

  7. tim Says:

    bring back the berlin sewer system.

  8. DIV Says:

    I thought the Beck one was great. The only one I didn’t like was the open casket walrus attack. It was wacky.. but not really that funny or clever.

  9. Questo's Dad Says:

    My sister is a prog rock fan…she’s real, I swear!

    P.S. I really enjoyed your mom’s book. I’m thinking about calling and telling her, but I’m thinking that would be weird.

  10. Questo's Dad's Sister Says:

    Hey yeah! I AM a prog rock fan. Next time I want to see my likeness in that frame.

  11. I fully acknowledge the existence of at least one female prog rock fan! See, i told you this comic was shit!

  12. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Easy solution:

    The frame does contain the previously mentioned lone female prog rock fan, pictured from 12,000 feet in mid January just outside of Makkovik, Labrador, as she visits the inuksuk pictured on the cover of Rush’s 1996 album, Test for Echo.

    See? Done.

  13. Greg Stacy Says:

    Oh, NOW I get it… The first panel wasn’t unfinished, it was left blank to suggest that there ARE no female prog rock fans!

    I feel like a dummy now, I must say.

  14. fy Says:

    “I fully acknowledge the existence of at least one female prog rock fan! See, i told you this comic was shit!”
    Actually, just that one panel is… 😛

    Problem is, there ARE female prog rock fans – more than one. There might not be as many as there are prog rock fans of any other gender(s), or maybe they are not as present because they are not as loud as male prog rock fans – but, they are there.
    So, when someone brings up the topic “female prog rock fans” and someone else replies “there are none”, they make those female prog rock fans who do exist invisible; which is literally what you did here (for that reason it kind of is funny in some way – or would / could be funny, if it was a conscious comment on this.)
    The same thing happens in literatures, mathematics, you name it. (For example, everyone’s always like “There are no women in computer stuff!”, when actually there are lots of them, and the first person who invented a computer program was a woman. In f-ing 1843. )

    Sorry for the rather lenghty comment, but I really like your comic and because of the fact that unlike at least 70% of other webcomis you portray women as actual people, I was slightly disappointed in this one. I really liked the Beck thing though?

  15. fy: I’d be disappointed if you weren’t disappointed in it, for the reasons stated. Comic ain’t no good. Oh, and that 70% figure is more like 90%, sadly.

  16. LafinJack Says:

    Oh yes, you’ll be sorry. SO VERY SORRY. MUAHAHAHAHA

  17. John Hoffman Says:

    Okay, it might not be your best work. Having said that, I think it was hilarious! Remember that great writing is uneven. Sometimes I might not get the point of your latest effort until I look at it again after a couple days. Than I say something like, “Holy shit, am I slow or what? She really nailed that idea!”

    I regularly have cartoons come and go on my favorites tree. Your cartoon is still there. I like it a lot. Good art, snarky commentary, it is all there.

    Keep swinging for the fence! –old baseball expression

  18. Patteroast Says:

    It may not be enough to carry a comic, but ‘Help I am being stalked by Beck for some reason’ made me giggle insanely. That is all.

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