October 12th: “Sex Fantasy”

October 13, 2008

Yeah, I got your huge blocks of text right here motherfucker. I even used smaller lettering than usual to accommodate all that TEXT!! TEXT, MOTHERFUCKER!!! Ahem. Excuse me. The ol’ insanity, it does surface now and again. This is why is keep myself sealed in an iron cube underground, like that guy who killed superman. Except then superman came back to life because people don’t really ever die. Another lesson for the kids, thanks to superhero comics. Another tangential blog posting that has nothing to do with this week’s strip. My head’s in the clouds / but at least i’m trying.

Be excellent to each other,


*   *   *


As you know, the time is upon us to descent unto the voting chamber and cast votes in the manner of a democratic nation-state. In other words, it’s time to fucking get rid of The Stephen Harper Robot, if we even can. Maybe the best we can hope for is some kind of doomed, hilarious coalition government joining the Liberals and Hollywood Jack’s Carin’ Commies and Crazy Gilles Duceppe’s Even Carin’er French Commies. Anything except The Stephen Harper Robot. To that end, please consider voting strategically this time out! We can do this, and we can do it by going to the excellent website Voteforenvironment.ca which has all the up-to-date info to help you figure out who to vote for if you’re in a riding where left-wing vote-splitting is in danger of electing another of The Stephen Harper Robot’s silent, animatronic minions. I totally Endorse and Recommend this website and am impressed with its comprehensiveness and ease of use. I realise that strategic voting is not for everyone, but for those considering it, this website is The Place To Be. The riding I live in is not in danger of being taken by the Robots, so I’m lucky, but for the unlucky this website provides some hope at least. We can do this!! I’m tired of having that right-wing Pepsi-swilling fatass fucking up our international image and carving up our everything to make ten-dollar bills with brian mulroney’s picture on it. Double-wide bills, to get the chin on there. And the horns and the huge piles of brimstone. Ooohhhhhhhhh shit. Let’s all go to the lobby and do some votin’!!

Votin’ for the Commies,


34 Responses to “October 12th: “Sex Fantasy””

  1. Fretsejaz Says:

    *sigh* Unfortunately I live in America and I can’t quite comment on your Canadian political stance, but, I can comment on the comic, and to be quite blunt, it was once again amazing!

    The ending was actually quite surprising and so was the beginning, I could swear you were going to do some sort of anti-male dominated society bit with the who stereotyped role reversal where the girl always bends to the guy’s fetish/girls do not have fetishes, but then you completely blew me away with the whole detailed account of dude#4’s crazy fantasy.

    Though, I do have one critique, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but you seem to be using a recurring design for your comics, you start out with some sort of odd setting, then go into something completely off the wall, then go for a surprise ending. I know that observation is quite vague and I’m not really saying it is negative because if you will refer to my first paragraph, I do think that the comic was brilliant, but I also worry what might happen if the comic falls into a sort of generalized rut. I know I might sound like some doomsday cultist standing on a street corner shouting about idiotic things, but many of my favorite comics seemed to fall into a sort of plot rut such as this and became very dull.

    Again just my two cents, take em or leave em, either way I still think you’re a brilliant writer.

  2. boB Says:

    LOL ok ok the fish bowl and the controller from guitar hero…lol classic

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    Thank you for not making it a fantasy about furry mammals or random magical gender transformations, like about 20,000 other webcomics out there.

  4. Chen Z. Says:

    That is the greatest kinky-sex costume set I’ve ever seen. Complete with fish bowl, cardboard, and yes, a space man fucking a freaking space shuttle. Why wouldn’t more women dress up as inanimate objects and put nose cones over their heads?

  5. bachterman Says:

    i’m shocked by such astronomic perversion. :O

  6. PressureChief Says:



    Seriously, outer space Billy Corgan?

  7. You are quite mad sir.

    and thanks for all those thousands and thousands of comments over on my blog. Really! THANK YOU! THEY MADE ME CRY AND LAUGH AND CHANGE MY RELIGION TO SARCASMOLOGY.

    It’s just I put a lot of love into those dancing ants.
    It’s not one of my favourites, but for once the huge block of text really works. Don’t ask me why. Just tie that ribbon round the old oak tree.

  8. arkonbey Says:

    Wow. Somehow you managed to come up with a fetish that has (as far as I know) yet to be seen. You made it seem wacky, somewhat (somehow) plausible and at the same time, in offensive. A lesser writer would have shot for something ungodly scatological or simply mixed a bunch of wacky/offensive fetishes together.


    Politics: Funny, we in the US get so caught up in our own political gobbledegook that we forget that other countries even have governments let alone the same basic problems as we do.

  9. Questo's Dad Says:

    Well, looks like I’m going as Outer Space Billy Corgan for Halloween. Well done, well done.

  10. The Nerd Says:

    EPIC sex fantasy.

  11. Fretsejaz: Definitely appreciate your comments about falling into ruts. I try to be aware of patterns I might be repeating, and what you mention is definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks for the kudos, anyway!

    Tom: “for once the huge block of text really works”?! Ouch…!

    arkonbey: Actually, I’d like to forget about our government too…

    QD: I dunno, how can you top the Def Leppard drummer costume?

  12. Kurt Says:

    I wonder how many hits this comic is going to get with “sex fantasy” as the title?
    Do Internet perverts like reading huge blocks of text?

  13. Rob Retter Says:

    Really, the wings and vertical stabilizer make the entire thing work. It’s attention to detail like that which separates you from the common, garden-variety LUNATIC. Wow.

  14. AslanC Says:

    Space Billy Corrigan? I laughed but I think I am going to have nightmares tonight … oh well.

  15. I didn’t mean it in a bad way, though re-reading it I realise it sounds mean.

    what I MEANT to say was, that whilst juge blocks of text are usually just huge blocks of text, this one was more than just that.
    For me the guy’s whole drawn out art-house-movie style sex fantasy was more funny than the actual space shuttle scene (which is great nonetheless)

    that’s all.
    are we still fwiends? 😀

  16. Mack Says:

    “And yeah, I’ve definitely thought of making a Subnormality book. It’s on my “to do” list for the future, along with “eat dinner” and “do the dishes” and “steal the space shuttle” and “see if the space shuttle fits in the drive-thru at Burger King.”

    Would you like an apple pie with that?

  17. LMAO @ Sex Fantasy That was great.

  18. Tom: It’s okay, I was just yankin’ yer chain. Glad you thought the monologue was the highlight, as I do not always intend for the “punchline” of the strip to be the focus.

    Mack: Yeah, gimme a veggie burger with cheese and mayo and a couple of appple pies. And go back in time and get me some of those sweet jalapeno poppers too. Fuck, i loved those things…

    Trex: Cheers. Glad to add some LMAO to the world.

  19. pwntalive Says:

    Oh my god its like you read my mind

  20. Bart Mitchell Says:

    @ Kurt


  21. Robert B Says:

    THANK you for contributing to Rule 34!

  22. Yay.

    you could still comment on my blog, though, you crazy fool.
    just cos it doesn’t say Banana and Glass anymore, doesn’t mean the yogurt isn’t fresh.

    is any of this getting through to you?

  23. iamafish Says:

    Robert B said: ‘THANK you for contributing to Rule 34!’

    together xkcd and subnormality will rule the world!

  24. Kobraski Says:

    wow. that comic was just fuckin’ brilliant, beginning, middle and end.

    just wanted to say that.

  25. arkonbey Says:

    oh. Cheers for not spelling ” fuckin’ ” as ” fucken “.

    If you’re gonna swear, swear correctly.

  26. Leak Says:

    Wo “fucken” doch ganz korrektes Denglisch ist… 😦

    np: New Order – In A Lonely Place (Movement Extras)

  27. cp.tar Says:

    Well, thanks. Now I have a face to put on Bloodninja.

    I really could have lived without it.

  28. John Barker Says:

    Ha, ha, Conservatives won!
    I like your stuff but, man, I dislike your politics. Maybe you don’t mind Jack tse-Tung making your decisions for you, but I resent government, with their omnipresent fucked-uppedness trying to run/ruin my life

  29. Azaroth Says:

    YES. Times infinity.

  30. Hatta Says:

    At least his fantasy is romantic but as a man i must say i still emjoy her fantasy alot to!

  31. Stone Taggart Says:

    O_O This is actually really hot! I LIKE her fantasy! IT’s so deliciously yet harmlessly strange! I feel like that guy… I’d love to do that every time… but I’m kind of disappointed that she didn’t look thrilled and inspired by his fantasy, even though it wouldn’t be possible to REALLY pull off. They’d have to use cheap props ^_^

    I love that you included the singularity in this though!

  32. artist.comics&ilustrations.masterpiece. Says:

    We wanted new artist ?

  33. Ian Says:

    By the law of quantum fetish mechanics, rowntree has released this upon the world. God help us all

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