Oct. 5th: “Sphynx VIII”

October 6, 2008

And there you have it. I’d type more, but it’s late and i’ve been wrestling with this damned comic for too long now. To bed, to bed. Not much in the way of news. Planning some t-shirts. Watch this space for future announcements. Fuck, is it just me, or does anyone else out there have a CD collection that’s starting to deteriorate?? Every other disc is goddamn skipping now. If only they could invent huge, vinyl discs that didn’t degrade over time and had superior sound quality…

stay beautiful,


31 Responses to “Oct. 5th: “Sphynx VIII””

  1. Questo's Dad Says:

    I like the shape of this week’s comic. Had a “huh” moment when I ran out of panels at the bottom, then realized that I had some scrolling to do.

    Sorry for starting the whole T-shirt thing. I was just kidding, since I already knew your views on the subject.

    P.S. See you in the Stanley Cup final. I just cursed my boys.

  2. Lego Says:

    YEEEEAAAA UHF reference!

  3. bachterman Says:

    if only they could invent some sort of tape recordings, that would be the ultimate in sound fidelity. šŸ˜€
    seriously mate, your drawings rock. and i did imagine the sphinx as world leader #2 (after sinatra-bot) because of her persuasive skills. šŸ™‚

  4. PressureChief Says:

    Nice one! I like the UHF reference šŸ˜€

  5. Toronto Says:

    T-shirts ! Yes !

    Just getting better.

  6. This is where i quietly admit that i’ve never seen UHF. I would submit that they traveled forward in time, read my comic, and then traveled back to 1989 where they used my idea. You can’t trust these filmmakers, you really can’t.

  7. arkonbey Says:

    I must say that the best part of the comic was the Sphynx’s headshot. It naturally portrays an unnatural expression quite well. It also has a slightly different line quality than the comic that works well.

  8. Mack Says:


    You now have 459 pages.


  9. Andrew` Says:

    You could just rip your CDs to FLAC, then they never degrade. Also vinyls are famous for doing that, and combined with sound artifacts/difficulty of ripping/expensiveness of good turntables/non portability/almost no improvement in sound make them unwieldy. The one good thing about them is the mastering, lots of CDs are now mastered with a compressed dynamic range to make the music “sound louder”.

  10. GANDHI 3
    -hunger strike with a vengence-

    GANDHI 4
    -Gahndi versus Rambo-

    the possibilities are endless…

    and by the way, The Sphynx continues to rock my crazy little world.

  11. Kurt Says:

    Oh sphinxy, I would marry you but you would probably eat me, reap the insurance benefits, and then move on to another. Sigh, love’s a bitch.

  12. Spaztick Says:

    The irony of the above comment is not lost on me.

  13. Michael Ezra Says:

    I love how by this point the Spynx doesn’t even have to threaten anyone, or even act the least bit annoyed, in order to get her way. She just has to show up (although the crashing-through-the-wall bit certainly helps).

  14. Mack Says:

    Oh Sphinxy, do you take your young men with mustard, pepper, or a side salad

  15. Sasha Says:

    This is my favorite comic strip ever. I seriously look forward to reading the new ones on Sunday…. Not to be a corporate creepster, but is this syndicated yet? Also, has the artist ever though of making one of those collections ala’ farside?

  16. Sasha: Unfortunately they don’t syndicate comics that people actually like to read, not to blast my own horn or anything… The internet is The Place to find comics now, anyway. And yeah, I’ve definitely thought of making a Subnormality book. It’s on my “to do” list for the future, along with “eat dinner” and “do the dishes” and “steal the space shuttle” and “see if the space shuttle fits in the drive-thru at Burger King.”

  17. arkonbey Says:

    Just wondering: did you actually fill out the application with the pen in your mouth?

  18. arkonbey: The form was indeed filled out with a pen held in the teeth. There, the fourth wall is still intact…

  19. Andrew Says:

    Your strips make me laugh out loud every freakin’ time.

  20. MJK Says:

    It’s good to see that Sphinx has a job now.

  21. Suntiger Says:

    Hah! I’d love her just for bringing truth to advertising if nothing else! Take that, commercials! ^_^

    However, Sphynx is perhaps to character I like best. True, it would be marginally more safe to juggle chainsaws while blindfolded, though I have an idea for that.

    Would she consider tolerating my company in exchange for various services, like, say, arranging those fiddly little DVD discs, typing on keyboards, writing and all those other little details that is oh-so-much easier if you have opposable thumbs.

    All I ask in return is to not get eaten, protection and a very reasonable wage.
    If she think that sounds unreasonable…
    *wriggles thumbs*

  22. Ed Carlson Says:

    Jesus. You’re a damn genius. Found the link to here on Cracked.com.

    As a child I had Calvin & Hobbes. Now I got this.

    Keep up the great work, Ed.

  23. Mu Says:

    Oh man, the Sphynx is too cool for my browser. Rue!

  24. Azaroth Says:

    I think this is the first time I liked this character. Its a good thing.

  25. Colum Paget Says:

    I really should stop reading these. For one thing, I’ve started to develop a generic warm fuzzy-smiley feeling towards pink-haired girl. Sometimes whe she appears in this script, I think we’re supposed to think she’s stupid, but I don’t think she’s stupid, I think she’s just naive and honest and pure-hearted and trusting. But still, she’s a cartoon character, and about half my age. It’s not right.
    But, I can live with it. Pink-haired girl makes some kind of sense, it’s natural.

    What really bothers me, is that I’m starting to develop a thing for the Sphynx.

  26. Ben Says:

    An i thought I was the only one who’s ever seen “UHF”. This is m favorite reference ever. And coming from me, that means something.

  27. Mystyr Nile Says:

    She’s like a godess:
    She brings good and truth to the world
    Takes human sacrifices
    Human head, animal body

  28. Jimmy Says:

    GET HELP! Seriously. Marketing help. You’re just giving this stuff away? These are the works of a genius. Really. Where do I purchase hardbound editions for my library?
    Oh, and are you single?

  29. Somerandompersonguy Says:

    At least nobody got eaten.

  30. Swede Says:

    We need more sphinxes in advertising.

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