Sept. 14th: “Discovered”

September 15, 2008

Let’s have a nutritious bowl of this week’s comic. Let’s rejoice at the return of huge things of text. Let’s expect even more text next week. Let’s switch to drawing black & white stick men instead of actual drawings because it’s just so much easier that way. Then I might get the comic finished before 11:59pm for its “sunday” update. Let’s all move to the west coast so my comics are finished at 9pm or whatever time it is there now. Let’s start every sentence with “let’s.” Let’s listen to “Beautiful Midnight” while we do this, ’cause it was a good album. Let’s travel back in time to 1998 before we knew it would all end badly for the Matthew Good Band. Let’s all move to Canada so we know who the hell i’m talking about in the previous sentence. Let’s end this blog post before people start boycotting it due to oddness.

Handshakes all around,

W. Rowntree

PS: Hobo Soup is not actually made of hobos. OR IS IT…??

35 Responses to “Sept. 14th: “Discovered””

  1. Questp's Dad Says:

    Let’s hope that you’ve already registered sparsons@gmail, hotmail and yahoo before everyone else does. Let’s hope Steve and the Sphynx never go into business together. Let’s hope this is the last sentence of this post.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Hehe. “You can meet some real high-rollers in this business, albeit from inside a fondue pot.” Classic.

    I also appreciated the return of the hot hobby-shop customer from comic #62 as well as the Simpsons-like fakeout where we almost learn Pink Hair’s name.

  3. Ursula Says:

    Huh. You know, in all these months of reading this strip, this is the first one I don’t really get. I don’t understand why the pink-haired girl is tempted to call the guy. She’s enticed by the possibility of… proximity to people who are big names in cannibal cuisine? I keep trying to puzzle it out, but it’s not coming to me.

    This is a lame subject for my first post… I love your strip!

  4. LafinJack Says:

    Let’s not.

  5. bachterman Says:

    lol! hot chick salad.
    the daily magazine in the box has some interesting title…

  6. TentacledBeast Says:

    @Ursula: Although the artist will probably answer this question himself, I’ll tell you what I think. In my opinion this is a comment about the modelling business. It is harsh, and most models end up self-destructing (they become anorexic and/or addicted to drugs). The very nature of the profession isn’t so great to begin with, keeping your body unhealthily thin and fragile just so other people will like it, and showing yourself off like that, objectifying yourself. Plus, it’s a lucrative job for a few years, but you can only do it for so long before you are deemed too old for it. So why do these women even consider it in the first place? It’s almost as absurd as considering being cannibalised. That seems to be the point of the comic for me.

    Now I have a question of my own: What do the symbols in the first panel mean?

  7. Stutkhartz M Says:

    I think most people in the UK would go for it — especially if they thought they would get to be on TV before (or after).

  8. Govind Says:

    Ha ha ha. Kinda reminds of the episode of the IT crowd where the duo makes friends with a cannibal just so they could watch his big screen TV.

  9. ‘the daily f**k you in the face’ made me guffaw.
    Of course, I enjoyed the whole comic. Great as usual.
    Soilent Green is hobos.

  10. u Says:

    Nooo! Don’t fall for it, hobby shop hottie! Just keep on walkin’ to the Warehouse district and pick up some Civil War miniatures!

  11. Ursula: The interpretation posted by TentacledBeast is a pretty good one. Glad you’ve “got” all the other strips though! Some of them even I don’t get…

    TentacledBeast: The symbols are just poorly-transcribed Chinese characters for something or other related to a sale.

    Tom: No need to use st*rs here, as in “fuck y*u”, or “h*ly shit,” or “N*ckelback.” Ain’t no kiddies reading, I reckon. Soylent Green is made out of Charlton Heston nowadays, just as Dave Thomas was ground up and mixed in with the Wendy’s hamburgers.

  12. Chris Says:

    You should have given the “model” a beehive and a pair of Tina Fey glasses, and also, holy fucking shit, N*ckelback DOES need st*rs!

  13. mrross Says:

    I’ve got an impression this girl is in some disoriented mental state. Like, she always sees everything in common stereotypes and don’t give attention to little differences between these stereotypes and the reality surrounding her. Well, we’re all in this state in one point or another, so this position is practically liveable since even Pink Head is still alive after all those comics.

  14. The Count Says:

    Isn’t that just life in general: Either a slow grind to oblivion or a flash of dubious glory before an early demise? Well, now I’m depressed…

  15. Michael Ezra Says:

    Children should be taught at a young age never to use “N*ckelback” in polite conversation. Otherwise all sorts of foul profanities will ensue, such as “N*ckelback off!”, “N*ckelback you!”, or “What the N*ckelback?” (although the Netspeak abbreviation “WTN” is acceptable). Especially offensive is any use of “Ch*d Kr**ger,” except in the context of literary wordplay, as in Shakespeare’s line, “Do you think I meant Kr**gerrand?”

  16. Marc Says:

    >Dave Thomas was ground up and mixed in with the Wendy’s hamburgers.

    For a second I worried you meant Doug!

    I didn’t get this one. The only other one that stumped me so far was the one with Napoleon (?) suddenly appearing at the end. What was that about?

  17. Marc: Sorry the comic didn’t work for you. I’ll have a look at the machinery and see what went wrong. Tighten some screws. Hit things with a wrench at random. Curse at the janitor. As for the Napoleon one, the title was everything. It was just a surprise ending for its own sake. Any further you want to read into it is of course up to you, but a stupid ending was my primary intent.

    Michael Ezra: Exemplary use of asterisks in the example of “Ch*d Kr**ger.” Some words are just too offensive to spell out.

  18. Spaztick Says:

    I think anything to do with the NB word should be abbreviated when speaking in mixed company. As for the comic itself, great work, subtly done as well. As an aspiring artist I’m wondering if you draw these in Photoshop or Painter with a tablet or do you draw(/color) by hand and scan them in.

  19. ElGuappa Says:

    Heh heh…

    You’ve found your place.

    I like it.

  20. Spaztick: The drawing is done by hand, and the coloring is done by computer. I’ve never even SEEN a tablet. Shoot me an email if you want more details on my process, not that it’s intensely fascinating or anything.

  21. Mack Says:

    Personally I don’t feel any need for an over elaborate interpretation about the modelling industry (Although it’s perfectly plausible). I just think it’s about curiousity about the absurd and adventurous Vs. everyday mundanity.

    If I got approached like that, I’d definitely have a voice saying “What if” for a while and would probably regret it if I avoided his establishment completely. I’d at least show the respect of visiting and finding out about it before going Nuh Not for Me Cheers.

  22. wow….you are good !

  23. Chris S Says:

    …N*ckelbackin’ good!

  24. Lauren Says:

    I got that we just all so much love the idea of some expert type coming out of nowhere and telling us that we’re beautiful and special and “discovering” us, plucking us out of the masses, that we’d pretty much do whatever the hell they want us to.

    Also, Beautiful Midnight, like run-on sentences, is fantastic.

  25. yochie Says:

    you never cease to make me laugh

  26. Hocus Pocus Says:


  27. Count D20 Says:

    I can almost see my self being caught up in the glamour enough to…
    Not get eaten but maybe killing another for him.

  28. Suntiger Says:

    Heh, Pinky returns!
    She’s a bit ditzy but I kinda like her. Many of your characters are quite likeable in an understated way, even when I don’t feel I have much in common with them.

    As for me, this strip spoke less of what modeling does to many of the models and more about how strong even the appearance of glamour is to people.

  29. Sam Says:

    I love this.

  30. Ghosty Says:

    If I say, “Oh, I get it!”, does that mean I’m reading too much into it? Either way it’s hilarious!

  31. Hatta Says:

    Ah if only pinkie (My name for pink haired girl) was a real person! Well in reality I see myself as a male pinkie. Always gettin stepped on for my kindness sigh well it’s nice seein pinkie again lol!

  32. ExpressNumber Says:

    Anybody else read Steves’ diolauge in Shaun Hastings’ voice?

  33. lens Says:

    Excellent! Very enjoyable. Hope she accdepted his offer to be a star – no matter how temporary. Plus, she looks delicious. lens

  34. Brennan Barrington Says:

    Anthony Horowitz wrote a story like this, except it was little kids who had been kidnapped instead of consenting adults, who got eaten.

  35. Lukas Xavier Says:

    Well, it’s nice to be wanted.

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