August 3rd: “Macerator”

August 4, 2008

This week’s comic is finally finished, so there y’go. My vote is for the dijon as well. Good with deviled eggs as well as people, don’t’cha know. And now I must announce…


Yes, I will be heading back to the Motherland (ie: Saskatchewan) for a bit of a meet-and-greet with family and friends, and in the nick of time too because I am Burned The Fuck Out right now. There will not be any Subnormality comics the next two weeks, consequently, but I shall indeed return with Somethingorother on August 24th. Until then…. Adios! And thanx for reading. Stay outta trouble, you lot.


38 Responses to “August 3rd: “Macerator””

  1. Ratazana Says:

    Very funny, she is your better character.Have good holidays! We will miss your work.

  2. bachterman Says:

    happy saskatchewaning!
    as usual, the sphinx rocks, with dijon.

  3. charles Says:

    it was funny, but i didn’t get the guy’s face’s expression in the end

  4. Camille Says:

    Oh man, creepy. But still, the dijon is a great choice.
    Have fun! 😀

  5. zwrdl Says:

    Sphynx rules! She has such a wonderful mindset.

    Have a great vacation.

  6. yay! sphynx!

    have a great holiday. You deserve it.

  7. yoyo Says:

    good but could buy into the pro life f*ktards mind set. not that they would read non xian comix. well done

  8. Lily Says:

    Mm. Love dijon mustard. It’s the best.

  9. Dusty668 Says:

    Have a good trip! That Sphinxie, so thoughtful of her prey. This is killing with kindness inded!

  10. yoyo: I never considered that, actually–now you’ve got me all worried… Rest assured, I certainly did not have a sinister pro-life agenda with this comic.

    Thanks all for the warm regards!

  11. dextroz Says:

    great comic! i am an lacto-ovo-vegetarian and I think I just gave up eggs after reading this comic. thanks for the perspective.

  12. arkonbey Says:


    I get my eggs from the small farm at the end of my road. When he has them, that is (he’s only got like a dozen hens). He’s got an outdoor fridge and you just grab the eggs and put your money in a jar. There’s also a space where you can drop off your egg cartons for re-use. We’re pretty spoiled in our area; it’s easy to eat local, fresh and humanely raised.

    I’m planning on getting four hens in a couple of years. Not only do they provide eggs, but they’re fun to watch!

    I would choose a good horseradish mustard.

  13. To me Sphinx is just a big furry kitty with wings and a human head who eats people.

  14. Bart Mitchell Says:

    Its ok, all of the baby chicks are reincarnated into fertilizer, and livestock feed.

  15. Bart Mitchell Says:

    OOps! Hit submit too early. You make me a premature submiter.

    Where in Sask are you from? Ive family in Regina, Humbolt and LeRoy. Its still a small providence, we might be related!

    And since your returning on my birthday, I want a new strip for a present.

  16. Bart: I’m from Regina, actually. I’m here in Regina right now on my vacation, not making comics. But I shall return, and you shall have your present.

  17. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Mmm…ghost nuggets.

  18. The Count Says:

    Man, now my two sources of information about life – Socrates and Subnormality – are telling me two clashing things. One that the unobserved life is not worth living, the other that the too-closely-observed life is bound to turn up naught but orphan baby chick specters… oh, the confusion…

    Brilliant strip, as ever!

  19. Canaduck Says:

    I’m vegan, so I loved this comic, of course. You’re absolutely right on every gruesome detail of the egg industry, even the so-called “free range” one–that is, unless you’re like arkonbey and visiting a farm you know down at the end of your street.

  20. arkonbey Says:

    Canaduck: Yeah, I have a distinct lack of trust with ‘organic’ and ‘free-range’ and other such labels. If I don’t know firsthand that the animal lives (and died if applicable) well, I won’t be a party to the process by paying for it. This includes restaurants, especially. It’s a good thing the little Thai place does a mean drunken noodles with tofu.

    The farmer down the street is a great guy. He’s raising turkeys again this year and they are completely free range. He moves them around his sheep pastures as the sheep prefer turkey-fertilized grass! In addition to bugs in the grass, they get fed on squash and other stuff that he and other farmers couldn’t sell that week. He talks to them as he feeds them, though only the single tom has a name (Waldo). This is probably because they are pretty much identical.

  21. Temporis Says:

    There’s a guy down the road from me who sells eggs. Maybe I’ll check him out too. Dunno if it’s any less cruel, tho. Chickenfighting is like the official state sport here.

    I love Sphinx. She’s hawt, especially if you have a thing for women who like to kill and devour people. And who doesn’t?

    I’d go with spicy Russian mustard.

  22. Camille Says:

    Loving the new homepage xD

  23. ^Thanks! It was long overdue for a change.

  24. the first batch of anti-bullshit is up, my man.
    hope you like it!

  25. Am Says:

    great comic! GO HABS GO!!

  26. Chen Says:

    I’m considering eating myself after reading this comic. Not Worth It.

  27. Will Rieske Says:

    So we care about millions of baby chicks, but not the millions of helpless children murdered by their own irresponsible parents? That’s a glaring inconsistency.

    • Brennan Barrington Says:

      The point, I think, (to the extent that there is one) is just that if you thought about every single horrible thing that there’s a possibility is happening in the world, you’d become unbearably depressed as well. We only get through life by shutting down our empathy.

  28. Vonthako Says:

    If absolutely had to get eaten, I’d want the Sphinx to do it. Just so I could hear her awesome commentary firsthand before I die.

    @ Will Rieske: I agree.
    As A7X said in their song “Critical Acclaim”:
    “Heart bleeds but not for fellow man”

    ~I allocate power to shields for oncoming onslaught of flame-torpedoes~

  29. Mr Gask Says:

    Such a story would probably give me the will to fight off the Spinx (futile effort or not).

  30. Steven Says:

    let’s try my version:

    (the sphinx is full rant, till I stop her…)so instead of trying to change things for the better, you just use this rhetoric as an excuse to stuff your face?

    *Sphinx blinks* I…

    *I pull out shotgun, blow her head off*

    Let some uptight bitch ramble on, or save my own ass. All choices in life should be so clear cut…

    • Drake Equation Says:

      That doesn’t work or someone would have done it ages ago. A full-force blow from a pike didn’t even wake her up, it would take a cruise missile at the very least to seriously hurt her.

  31. inespie Says:

    eggs are not fertilized on industrial scale chicken “factory” bio farm yes. so bio farm eggs eater are murderer.

    Even, if you think a egg is enought alive and sentient to make a ghost, all the fkings ants and stuff you stomped on, all your fking bacteria you kill every day, and more than all, you are direct murderer of the billions of spermatozoids when taking the only way to survive without sharing it. you bastard.

    but die with a “moutarde de dijon” isn’t the worse thing. especialy when ” a l’ancienne”

  32. Jim Says:

    With my familiarity with european languages, I read Dijon as dyin’.
    Well played Rowntree, your comics are awesome.

  33. Somerandompersonguy Says:

    I thought they were unfertilized and that she didn’t eat people unless they annoy her.

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