July 27th: “The Benz”

July 28, 2008

Find this week’s comic in the usual place. HELLO to any new readers!! Come awn in, the more the merrier. Not too merry, though–the carpet stains easily and the TV is a loaner.



Last week’s Thinking Ape Blues comic was a keeper for sure. Check it out and be not sorry that thou didst.


I’m gonna be taking a vacation in a couple weeks, so now you can’t say I didn’t tell you. Details to follow.


60 Responses to “July 27th: “The Benz””

  1. zwrdl Says:

    We Want Sphynx!
    We Love Sphynx!
    We Need Sphynx!

    More Sphynx!
    More Sphynx!
    More Sphynx!


  2. Dustfinger Says:

    I totally agree – More Sphynx!!

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    So…Teddy Roosevelt was the inspiration for the cover of Action Comics #1. Makes sense.

  4. The ending to this comic was so wonderfully random.
    Loved it, as usual, my man.

    Hope you got my email,
    anyway page nine of EMMAM is up.


  5. Marc Says:

    Hmmmm. Very funny, as usual. You do seem to have a Nazi thing of some sort going on, though, eh? I mean, that’s just rather a lot of Nazis. My favorite strip so far, “Doubt Sets In” comes to mind. The moving though enormously upsetting “Sept. 30” (or “Untitled,” as it was when I first saw it… the Babi Yar one) was another example (brilliant work, by the way. Didn’t see it coming and was deeply upset, as one should be.). The time travel thing where the scientists make their bet and go German on us… there could be more but that’s all I can think of.

    Hmmm, further, it seems that with your comics, where there are Nazis, there is time travel. Kind of like chocolate and peanut butter, eh?

    Not than I’m complaining; the strips are all excellent. But what fascinates you about this particular brand of human monster? Ah, wait; you’ve given us clues. Perhaps you once escaped them yourself via time travel, and joined us here in the 21st as a comic strip artist. Well done.

  6. I love the fact that the Nazi’s are carrying Uzis. Nice and Ironic.

    And what’s this Kilometres stuff? I thought you wuz American?

  7. Dusty668 Says:

    Better nazis than all the ninjas. That last comic there must have been hundreds, or thousands of em.

  8. Isaac Says:

    Tom, it wasn’t fucking random. The entire strip was building up to it. Grab a dictionary and find out what random means. Rowntree should do a strip about people who use words they don’t understand and the fucking morons who get pissed about it.

  9. Easy there, Isaac.
    Though I think it’s disrespectful to fill WR’s comment space with stuff like this.
    I’d never have thought a simple word would’ve gotten anyone so riled… and it appears you just referred to yourself as a ‘f**king moron’… seeing as you’re the one getting so ‘pissed’ about it.
    Perhaps you should just calm down a bit.

  10. Tom knows what “random” means. He’s good like that. Don’t be accusin’ people of things. You can insult ME here, but leave the people alone.

  11. charles Says:

    nice strip 4.3 stars of 5

  12. Innominate Says:

    ‘ Not worth it’ is possibly my favourite strip, for my 2¢.

    One Salient Oversight: kilometres are used because it’s a science-themed dialogue.

    I do love the unexpected ending!

  13. Kelly F. Says:

    Great Scott! Another bully strip!

  14. Fishy Says:

    This is madness! You never put a flux capacitator in any car other than a Delorean! Even if you’re a nazi!

  15. comingstorm Says:

    Damn, Fishy beat me to it: “Y’all got a license for that there flux capacitor?”

  16. Yes, it is madness! Goddamn nazis, stealing people’s flux capacitors. Oh yeah, and I used kilometers because I am in fact Canadian and have been brainwashed by the sinister Metric System, but I used the American spelling just to be extra-confusing.

    Marc: Although i did in fact escape the nazis and travel here by time machine to make comics, that period of history has long fascinated me and is perpetually on my mind in some way. It started with my interest in WWII in general. To be ultra-concise, I’d say that you can’t understand Western society without taking a good look at the depths it can sink to. Although sometimes I think that the more I learn about the Third Reich, the less I understand it.

  17. littledas2 Says:

    Haha this is brilliant!

  18. Rob Retter Says:

    I don’t much care for Benzers, either. But that may just be cuz I was one for a while, discovering in the process that Germans can make every bit as shitty a pile of junk as any American can. Damn piece of trash spent more time back at the dealer’s service dept than on the road.

    If you need a time-travel-worthy chassis, build yer flux capacitor into a Jap frame (Honda, Toyota, whatever) and leave the Kraut metal behind…if you want it to work, that is.

    By the way, Marc…where are you getting those strip titles? They don’t appear anywhere in the “strip archive” dropdown list.

  19. “Doubt Creeps In” can be found here. “Untitled”/”Sept. 30th” is not a Subnormality strip but is an older 12-page story I did, available here. And yeah, let’s stick with the Japanese cars.

  20. Ahhh… you’re Canadian. That would explain the presence of common sense…

  21. Camille Says:

    Wonderful. Loving the fact that for once, it’s not people trying to stop nazis but nazis trying to stop Roosevelt. And failing like little bitches. And you made me want to rewatch Back to the future which is a great thing.

  22. Serasarra Says:

    I just found you, but I have been up all night reading your strip. Keep it up!

  23. Marc Says:

    >By the way, Marc…where are you getting those strip titles?

    From my not-so-hot memory, unfortunately. Excuse me, I have to go shout at some meddling kids on my lawn.

  24. Joe Says:

    Awesome. And are they supposed to be an alternate universe version of the man-lover and uterus-haver from “Ye Olde Part One” or am I just seeing things?

  25. Chris Says:

    New Reader, great comic ! Love the fact that they got the wrong Roosevelt. I’m sure Teddy would be a heck of a more difficult target than F.D.R. !

  26. Jason Says:

    Hey new reader here also, I forgot how I got here. I think it may have been Digg. So I went and read all of the strips you’ve done and that was a weekend well spent! Intelligent and hilarious strips. I was cracking up all day. You’ve got another fan.

  27. Alex Says:

    Hey, new reader from the other side of the continent (far, far down south). Completely random, I was searching for Albrecht Durer´s four horsemen of the apocalypse and saw your strip (the 4 atheist raiders). Then I proceeded to read ALL that´s on your website. Great stuff man, great art (love the sphinx) and funny, smart, cynic and savvy text. (sometimes too much of it!) Anyway, I just want to say thank you for making me laugh, not all is lost in north america!

  28. Camille Says:

    Nothing was never lost in Canada!

  29. Alan Smithee Says:

    I wouldn’t want to try to take out Teddy Roosevelt, the man delivered a campaign speech after being shot.

  30. bachterman Says:

    i love the german timetravel thing! as much as i’d like to pay you zweihundert reichmarks, i can’t do it! great scott! 😀

  31. Eric Roussac Says:

    Franklin would have licked them anyway, though I am gauging his fighting prowess off those old political cartoons where he’s the size of italy and doing all kinds of crazy stuff in eastern europe.

  32. The Count Says:

    Any comic featuring TR in his natural element – hefting horseless carriages while frightening Germans – warms me cockles so…

  33. xtd Says:

    I was just waiting for the frame where the American pick-up truck drives over two smaller eco-friendly cars… then again, maybe I am just biased by all the politically correct humour and not so open for randomness. I laughed anyway, for what it’s worth 🙂

  34. xtd Says:

    Oh yeah, gotta say I’m German, just so you all know who you’re flaming 🙂

  35. Jason Says:


    I think you’re right, xtd. Something like that would make for a more realistic picture of Americans.

    First they get angry at all “rich people” buying expensive foreign cars, then they would probably shout an insult at some eco-friendly bicyclist, to make themselves feel better.

  36. Jason Says:

    Also, I’m “American” and flamers can take that to mean whatever they want.

  37. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    I’m a little late to the party here, but I just want to say that it’s awesome that Teddy talks like Foghorn Leghorn.

  38. Palmyrah Says:

    Excellent. Started from 448. Got here. Going back for more now.

  39. Josh Says:

    Dear god.. that was hilarious. This is the best comic on the web. And yes, that includes your favorite.

    Well done!

  40. Chris S Says:

    That was a bully good time, I do declare!

  41. Wow, “Untitled” is *excellent*, very powerful. Well done.

  42. weatherwax Says:


  43. observationalist Says:

    i doubt nazis would use uzis

  44. Alex Says:

    your artwork is awesome!!!

  45. hannah Says:


  46. Joanne Says:

    Roosevelt can f*ck your sh*t up.

  47. kat Says:

    TR is the man! that is totally what would happen.

  48. Tess Says:

    This comic is so funny, I have no words. All of them are great, but this one is my number 1.

  49. Silfedac Says:

    Completely accurate portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt, my personal favorite president.

  50. Rel Says:

    just gotta say…this is the greatest comic ever. your other stuff is smart, well thought out, witty and has something important to say about society/etc. but this-this is ingenius!

  51. Ivarsson Says:

    Haha, great to see old Teddy in action. And as a swede i have to ask about the flag in the window, any idea behind it?

    cracked.com brought me here this evening and now i have been hooked for 3 hours, good thing i dont have a job…

  52. Vonthako Says:

    Brilliantly clever as usual! I’ve even quoted this strip in conversation.

    Also, scholars hypothesize that Theodore Roosevelt’s spectacles alone contain more testosterone than both teams of a typical Superbowl. [citation needed]

    But seriously, that guy was an epitome of “American Badass”.

    @Rob Retter: Well, Japan is the land of the future, after all.

  53. redinzane Says:

    grat work. it would be der zeitwagen though not das zeitwagen

  54. Mr Gask Says:

    Roosevelt was more the epitome of “American Asshole” (like GWB). At least he was unapologetic about it though.

  55. Akash Says:

    I am Indian and I respect TR. His quotes and worldview were remarkable, as was his larger than life personality and never say die spirit.

  56. Jake Says:

    LOVE the Jeep Comanche in this comic!

  57. Man, EVERYONE around where I live drives like you described. Everyone driving 5 or 10 miles above the speed limit, making left turns when the light turns red, etc. Doesn’t matter what type of car or what social class they’re in, they all drive as if they’re goin some place they needed to be 5 minutes ago.

  58. Tsu D'nihm Says:

    [2nd-to-last and last panels] Why are they carrying an Israeli submachine gun? …unless it’s an Alternate Timeline!

  59. kkkkatzk Says:

    best comic ever! it combines my hatred of freaking “priveledged drivers” and the awesomeness of TR!

  60. jayfurr Says:

    Needs more honey badger.

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