July 13th: “Down at the Job Interview”

July 14, 2008

This week’s strip is dedicated to anyone who’s ever tried to get a job. It is also anti-dedicated to the dirty fucker who stole my bike on friday (that’s Toronto for you). I rudely gesture in your general direction, asshole. Anyway, this week’s comic is also dedicated to my friend Johnny “the Flying Pirahna” Fontaine (he knows who he is), who is going under the knife to repair some damage from a minor tiger attack. Well, not really, but he knows what I’m talkin’ about, so this one’s fer you, J. As for me, uh…well, that’s it for me. I’m off to the bike shop.


74 Responses to “July 13th: “Down at the Job Interview””

  1. Questo's Dad Says:

    Thanks. Looking for a job myself…I’m thinking something with less tiger attacks.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Aw, poor Pink Hair. Am also job-hunting but my field is so competitive I can only dream of landing an interview even with a hideous beast that turns women into parking meters.

    Sorry about your bike.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Oh man…bike thieves deserve their own special level of hell. My first real bike was stolen after my cross-country bike trip. Fuckers.
    I just celebrated one year of unemployment!

  4. Pavel Says:

    Thanks, jerk. Now I’m gonna have nightmares about the H.R. lady. 😦

  5. Wendell D. Says:

    We’ve all been here, drawn the doodles, fallen into place to get a paycheque. This seems to personify the whole back and forth beyond my mortal comprehension, but at the same time this is nuts! You’re nuts.

    I love it.

  6. Romeo Says:

    subnormality is the best webcomic i’ve ever seen, please keep up the insanity so that I at least know that one other person is as crazy as me.

  7. der_vossi Says:

    thanks god i am natural!

  8. Fenn Says:

    Aww… poor Pink Haired Girl. She really doesn’t deserve this.


    That last panel I soure gold!
    Well done, indeed!

    oh and P.s.
    don’t you DARE steal my ‘dome’ (it’s the only good gag I have, dammit! I’m not like you american funny people! I suck!)
    Consequences of said deed are presently illustrated on my blog.

    have a nice day!

  10. by soure, of course, due to fat ifngers, I ment PURE.


  11. Camille Says:

    Damn. Now I feel bad because I have brown hair.

  12. joe Says:

    I LOVE THIS COMIC! i followed from DD 😀

  13. panel 3 – Motivation. ha… reminds me of the KFC/A&W days…

  14. Leak Says:

    Gotta love that extra hand in panel number 5… 😀

    np: Jamie Lidell – Little Bit Of Feel Good (Jim)

  15. Romeo: Come for the crazy, stay for the, uh… the crazy! Actually it all seems really normal to me, which must mean I am in fact mega-crazy.

    Fenn: No, she doesn’t.

    Tom: That’s CANADIAN funny people! Don’t make me set chad kroeger on YOU!

    Camille: My hair is brown as well. BROWN!!!

    Joe: Thanks for making the jump! Stick around for a rich future of baffling weirdness and snarky mythological creatures.

  16. Arkonbey Says:

    I always kept a photocopy of my license and a note (“if the name on the work ticket does not match this this bike is stolen”) in a baggie hidden in my bottom bracket shell. You need a special tool to remove it and if the bike ever showed up at a shop, I could prove it was mine. Seat post or up the steerer tube could work as well.

    BTW, don’t know the circumstances of your theft, but I’d just like to remind everybody that cable locks, no matter how expensive, can be cut with a pair of standard wire cutters in a matter of a few minutes. Learned that little trick at the crazy people bike shop.

  17. I was thinking of doing something like that for my next bike. Good advice! Gonna go crazy with like five u-locks and homing devices and one of those auto-turrets from “Aliens” too. Well, maybe. And yeah, cable locks are about as resilient as dental floss. Fucking bike thieves.

    • Brennan Barrington Says:

      You could try an electric device. Hook a battery into a switch & load that shoot, oh, 70 V into the whole frame if some code isn’t entered properly.

  18. D Says:

    your comic strips suck. they have the worst fucking humor i have ever read on the net. it’s worse than watching seinfeld

  19. Rob Retter Says:

    Man, your bike got stolen at an Applebee’s, didn’t it?

    I loved the non-sequitur interjections of truth in each panel. But I have to admit, that extra arm kinda threw me….couldn’t figger out if you were trying to indicate motion of a single arm or the actual existence of an extra arm. Oh, well. Thanks for reminding me why I never, ever wanna have an interview inflicted upon me again.

  20. Rob Retter Says:

    Hey, it just occurred to me: Pink Hair oughta go work at the restaurant with that totally cool waitress who makes up shit to scare the customers (and the tables have legs of frozen rats). Seems like a much healthier place to work than this pit.

  21. *whips himself repeatedly for making such a mistake*


    and I can take on Chad Kroeger.
    Hell I’ve had to fight off Jimmy Buffet!

    cheeseburgers… cheeseburgers…

  22. Kurt Says:

    Don’t you just love trolls? If ya don’t like the type of humor on display here then don’t visit the site, it’s not a hard concept.
    No one’s forcing you to watch Seinfeld either ya jerk.
    Just had to put in my two cents, this site is great!

  23. tanda333 Says:

    yeah, this reminds me of walmart… where i currnetly work, hurray for having peices of me chipped away as a slowly chafe to my death in a corporate hell-hpole just to pay for university.

  24. Eowyn Says:

    I just dyed my hair back to brown (from electric blue) to get a job… now I, too, look like everyone else. I think if more people dyed their hair crazy colors, it would become more accepted.

  25. your comic strips suck. they have the worst fucking humor i have ever read on the net. it’s worse than watching seinfeld

    In the Bizarro World that’s, like, a HUGE compliment.

  26. Kiwi Says:

    I myself am currently looking for a job. This week I was asked “what is your opinion of customer service?” Just. In general, I guess?

    Actually, the appearance of the worm-thing in the final panel felt almost unnecessary, since the HR woman was only *marginally* more bizarre than most actual interviewers. Still, a fabulous comic all-around.

  27. L'Anonyme Says:

    All the background gags really made the comic for me.
    Fire is the cleanser, it’s funny, because it’s true.

  28. laura lynn Says:

    thank you! you made my effing night 🙂 I just came home from a crummy restaurant-based employment situation — remarkably similar to this one — when I read this, and it was perfect.

  29. Robin Moshe Says:

    This was a really funny comic. I liked it.

  30. Sarah Says:

    I tell myself that my job is cool enough to make up for having to dye my purple hair something boring and take out/hide my facial piercings. And I guess it is, but damn, I had the most awesome purple/pink/green hair ever. I was like a My Little Pony and it was great.

  31. Michael Ezra Says:

    Now I’m picturing a My Little Pony with facial piercings…

  32. Clark Says:

    This reminds me of a story about my friend who went in for a job interview.

    Her hair was a combo of Green/Blue/Red/Blonde. And the person interviewing her said that she needed to take out the colors before she could work.

    Anyway, her natural hair color is actually bleach blonde, so when she went in on Monday, she was immediately fired for dyeing her hair, and then, quote, “Lyeing about her natural hair color.”

    Gret Comic too!

  33. Clark Says:

    Edit: *Lieing*

  34. acidcycles Says:

    Loved this one, but for some reason I was really freaked out by the HR lady. Bizzare, as ever ❤

  35. Staz Says:

    Great comic.
    Reminds us that everyone’s boss is really a monster.

  36. L'Anonyme Says:

    @Clark – it’s lying, not lieing or lyeing.

  37. Matt Says:

    Fire is the cleanser… Denial is paramount…

    I think I’ve just found a new motto!

  38. John Hoffman Says:

    This is why I am glad I retired. If I were still seeking employment, there would be inevitable assault charges and restraining orders! I really dislike HR people.

  39. Dude9 Says:

    Wow. This is my first visit to this website and these comics are both intellectually stimulating AND successfully comedic. Bookmarked.

  40. Fraser Says:

    I just read every one of your comics. I lost 2 hours of work… thanks a lot.

  41. rodd Says:

    i before e except after c

  42. Du sollst ruhig sein! Arbeiten! Wonderful comic!! Visually appealing, intelligent commentary and beautiful replication of this insane corporate doublespeak I’ve luckily never encountered. Never worked a day in retail. Go me.

    I also love the expression of the girl in the penultimate panel.

    As a general aside, you draw cute girls.

  43. Aviagra Says:

    I loved the post. I think your thinking is nearly matching the great sukrat’s cocept.

  44. tony Says:

    brilliant. you are also so good with words! nice job man!

  45. Brittany Says:

    Brilliant! I connect with this character…just substitute hair color for nose piercing and you pretty much summed up every interview i had during college.

  46. Demopoly Says:

    The ten thousand wage junkies that I’ve worked with would salute you if they were not so tired and soulless. These poor bastards still submit to Cineplexs, for goddess sake.

    I’ve worked my way up and down the retail and management chain ladder. I’ve been fired for blinking. I’ve been promoted for accidentally and indirectly fingering [and wrongly] a fellow employee. Your comic is so spectacularly representative of the wage slave state, that it is hard to look at it.

    I don’t know whether to applaud or cry. You nailed it.


  47. Chris Says:

    Happens every time to me…

  48. Chris S Says:

    I wish I’d read this comic BEFORE I got some of the jobs that I’ve had…

  49. Formal Says:

    I see your point with the comic.

  50. Danni Says:

    seriously, why DOES she keep leaving the house?

  51. Jay Says:

    Fuck I wish all interviews went logically straightforwards like this.

  52. I’m having a somewhat similar situation right now, except that I already have a job. I work as a bookseller for a popular independent book chain in Portland. My company is awesome. It has no policies against piercings, visible tattoos or brightly dyed hair that is an “unnatural color”. However, I was recently told that I would have to change my hair because the landlord doesn’t like it and my company could be fined if I keep my hair pink.

    I’ve been told by my manager that there is no specific policy in the contract between my company and the landlord either. It only says that “hair must be neat, clean and professional.” My hair is neat and clean, but the professional part of the equation is pretty arbitrary. I’m a bookseller for an independent chain. As far as I’m concerned, my hair *is* professional FOR MY PROFESSION.

    I don’t see what the big deal is. My hair doesn’t hurt anyone. It isn’t unsanitary, and most of my customers seem to love it. Many have commented on how progressive and open-minded it is (was) for my company and the landlord to allow me to have pink hair. This situation has opened my eyes to the need for body modification rights activism. And it is so important to me that I’ve joined the Church of Body Modification (uscobm.com)

    I’m going to put up this comic near my desk in protest. Thank you!

  53. Gusta Says:

    Hi — like the paintings of the strips but some of them have just far too much text and are more like a coloured script than a comic. Thanks for publishing!

  54. sadsuzie Says:


  55. GonZo Jenny Says:

    dude. this is my life. I eventually gave up on trying to be myself with my pink hair and just went to blonde. I cant even tell you how many places told me they couldn’t hire me with my pink hair…pain in the ass..

  56. Jeremy Says:

    Sir Winston, I wish to congratulate you on singlehandedly keeping the English language alive!

    You had me at “frictionless operating potential of this edible product dispensary”.

    *raucous applause*

  57. Great stuff as always

    Never had to go through a job interview, I just learned to play the mandolin instead
    (maybe not such a good life-plan, but what the heck…)

    To BeautifulPyre:

    check this out:

    Maybe you ll relate

    p.s: should try a pink mandolin, maybe…

  58. Onus Says:

    It’s been a long time since I laughed so hard I cried. I love it, “we turn young women into parking meters”

  59. Akari Says:

    Oh my god….I hope my job interview wont turn out like this…Still hella funny.

  60. Aaron Says:

    The manager freaked me out more before it changed than afterwards.

  61. Lazlo Toth Says:

    I love you forever for this… and so does my long purple unemployable hair. ❤

  62. Azaroth Says:

    This would be a good job interview for me. I would prefer to know it wouldnt work out before I took several weeks memorizing fake work related information before discovering I have already been replaced with someone whose brain is an empty sponge ready to be violated and formatted by the machine of commerce.

    When did the world become a place where knowing things worked Against you?

  63. Tomas Catz Says:

    100 points ><; why do you have to look just like everyone else to work? too long, too short, wrong color…jeez

  64. Mideast Says:

    this is probably the funniest one 😛

  65. anna Says:

    Heheheh, excellent, some people actually almost talk like that interviewer.
    I just new that underneath they looked like a wurm monster blob thingy !!

  66. Madalyn Says:

    I’ve been to this exact interview…lol. I love these comics, I’ve read every one up to this one and plan to read till the end.

  67. Bill W Says:

    I’m in my first full time job, and I haven’t had to deal with HR yet….now I’m worried lol….is HR really that bad?

  68. Stone Taggart Says:

    So it’s a soul-sucking corporation with no room for creativity or imagination and it is operated by WORMS that consume people mentally, spiritually, and physically…

    … Are you referencing Werewolf: The Apocalypse?

  69. apersonreplyingtothecomment Says:

    Stephenie Meyer? Is that you?

  70. Tandtråd Says:

    They should put GPS in those bikes! The battery could be powered like a dynamo or something like that.

  71. a Says:

    I feel like this one is at least partially autobiographical. Also, nice website design.

  72. tevra1 Says:

    I worked for that lady only she was a colonel

  73. tim Says:

    painful to read! shorten up the dialogue.

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