Subnormality for June 8th

June 8, 2008

New comic is finished. I like most of the movies mentioned, incidentally, and I definitely love two of the three filmmakers referenced (two thumbs down, Spielberg), so don’t get me wrong or anything. I saw that new Iron Man movie, as that was the big superhero comic I read as a kid, and I’ve gotta say the movie was a hell of a lot better than the comics. Wow, Tony Stark actually has a personality now! Neat. I wish they’d made actually good Marvel films when I was 14 years old and might have been more excited. Still, it was a decent two hours at the theatre, and bald-beard Jeff Bridges was hilarious. Unconvincing acting on the part of the people playing military personnel though. That one F-22 pilot was kind of distractingly terrible, but never mind. In other news, me, myself, and I have some cameo action in the new “Bananaglass” comic, which you can see below (click the image for the full comic). Drawing me being disgusted by Nickelback is definitely one way to get on my good side, although my appetite for ice cream has been taking a beating this month. Cheerio for now.


38 Responses to “Subnormality for June 8th”

  1. Tom Says:

    aw man, sorry.
    have a cornetto or something, but think of some actualy good music, whilst eating it.
    thanks for the mention as well.

    love the conceptual sweding.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Now imagine what you’d get if you subtracted not only all the men, but also all the _young_, _attractive_ women, from Hollywood movies. Here’s a sample screencap:

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    …Otherwise known as “A Post-1970s Horror Movie without Nubile Teenaged Girls or ‘Magical Negroes’,” “A Post-1980s Action Movie without Running Away from Fireballs,” “A Romantic ‘Comedy ‘without Two Quirky, Opposite People Who Hate Each Other,” etc.

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    Okay, that ASCII art was supposed to be a perfect box. Damn it.

  4. Anon Says:

    That is TOTALLY Schindler’s List minus the guys.

  5. —————–
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |

    Point made, ASCII problems aside. All the cliches you mention are of course spot-on.

    That is TOTALLY Schindler’s List minus the guys.

    Well, I DID say “pretty much every Spielberg movie,” as opposed to “every,” but never mind. Still waiting for the Mamet fans to write in with huge lists of female characters from his movies/plays/etc.

  6. Anon Says:

    Well I don’t see what point there is giving girls serious roles anyway, if you guys, and by “you” I mean America(ns), don’t trust them with their own bodies, why should you trust them with your mass media?

  7. Your criticism would be valid, except I’m not American, I’m very pro-choice, and the point of the comic was that it’s ridiculous that most of my own favorite movies lack substantial female roles. So, y’know, I’m not sure why you’re assuming I feel otherwise. I’m on your side, judging by the thrust of your argument. Don’t be all anonymous and defensive–you got something to say, this is the place to say it and not get verbally attacked. I don’t play that game. I’ll hear you out.

  8. Anon Says:

    Oh no, I didn’t mean you as in “You, the creator of this comic”, but rather “You, Hollywood”, which is in America.

  9. SD Says:

    Why mention Aliens instead of the original Alien?

  10. Why mention Aliens instead of the original Alien?

    What I should have said was “the Alien series,” but that would have used up more words, and since I was making quasi-accurate grand statements to begin with I just went with the installment with the most female characters.

  11. John Says:

    Goodfellas?? (A) Italian mobster film, (B) based on a true story. Unless you happen to know that in the real world there was a woman who was influential to the story but was cut out of the film, that’s a really weird film to include.

    PS if you haven’t seen Silent Hill, I have a feeling you’d like it…

  12. sarper Says:

    sigourney weaver is beautiful i think 😦

  13. Mikel Says:

    I’m going to object to Goodfellas for a completely different reason. I thought Lorraine Bracco’s role was actually pretty memorable, and it’s not fair to downplay it by saying she was just there to look pretty.

    C’mon – “Watch the wall with the rock”? Inspired stuff.

  14. Schuyler Says:

    Okay, as a Mamet fan I basically agree with you. His female characters are two-dimensional at best, they are either male or overly weak. But you still cannot beat his writing with a stick.

  15. Phrank Says:

    What would you like Pepper Potts to do in Iron Man? Also don a non-canonical suit or otherwise kick some physical ass? I do believe she both hacked into the computer of, and later electrocuted, Obadiah Stane.

    Though I’ll agree with you on the science fiction front, if by “every sci-fi movie except ‘Aliens’,” what you REALLY mean is “every sci-fi movie except Aliens, the Star Wars trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, the Resident Evil movies, Barbarella, X-Men, and probably lots more I’m too feminist to come up with.” Though since you included Star Wars and Matrix in the list, I have to assume you didn’t mean that. Really curious to know what the characters of Trinity and Leia would’ve had to do to earn your respect.

  16. SickBoy Says:

    Phrank, seriously.

    It’s just a comic.

  17. packrat561 Says:

    Just discovered your work,love the irony, love the smart and just cynical enough women characters, (oops, almost called them chics.), really dig the tone of the strips, they are like a Mcmurtry song.

  18. Da Says:

    Casino? Sharon Stone didn’t have a substantial role? And Kubrick? Lolita and The Shining, huge female roles (god knows Shelly Duvall wasn’t there to be pretty). And Princess Bride? What the? Spielberg’s got a significant roster of interesting, if not starring, female characters. And science fiction TERMINATOR HELLO.

  19. Jay Says:


  20. audacity Says:

    I love you.

  21. audacity Says:

    Also, this comic seems to be about the fact that these movies all only have ONE female character (whether she is, like Leia, important or as the comic implies “just a pretty face”). Sure, all the movies you guys try to list as “exceptions” have some okay female characters (*ahem* like Leia), but they only have ONE. Beyond the token female, they might as well be all-male casts.

  22. Captain America Says:

    Absolutely fucking perfect observation, a well done and well thought out comic.

  23. Doctorb Says:

    It’s a reference to the Bechdel Test, which asks “Does this movie have a female character talk to another female character about something other than a man?” and comes from a comic (Dykes to Watch out for).

    Alien works because Ripley tells the alien queen “Get away from her, you bitch”. I think it’s actually the canonical example.

  24. Alex Reynard Says:

    I assume you’ll do a sequel where they film a cardboard cutout of a handsome, adventurous, funny guy who cares more about marriage than sex, and have that represent every mainstream romantic comedy since time immemorial.

    Oh, and don’t forget to add the bland and/or assholish guy who is casually tossed aside by the end of the movie.

  25. Bárbara Says:

    Se7en? Oh, come on, that’s a good movie…

  26. Amy Says:

    Brilliant. Well, they’re all great, but I just noticed the “comment” button, 45 strips later.
    This reminds me of the Bechdel Test:

  27. Griff Says:

    you don’t like Spielberg? what the fuck is wrong with you?

  28. ajay Says:

    quite deep, satire and all.
    funny sometimes i also get caught up in same mindset

  29. lulzfish Says:

    I could do this with this comic by filming a printout of that cartoon woman!

  30. basiamc Says:

    I adore you, but the fact that you put the Princess Bride on here upsets me. I simply refuse to acknowledge any criticism of that movie, whatsoever. I am blind to any faults you may perceive. Now, stop it.

  31. suoidet Says:

    aah the timelessness of the Internet where a thousand years from now this site could still be receiving comments even though the concept of movies will have to be researched and debated and how “popcorn” and “milk duds” are relevant to watching of a movie .. of course you wouldn’t have to add anything else as sound effects are generally used to keep the males in the audience from wandering away when the camera isn’t showing the girl in the scene and females are kept captivated in the hope “usually in vain” that the girl will mess up her makeup/hair/etc. OR put on a really unflattering dress/shoe color combination

  32. Parker Says:

    Smart, creative concept ruined by seemingly choosing the list of films at random, as other commenters have pointed out. “Goodfellas”, “Star Wars”, “The Matrix”, “The Shining”(Kubrick), countless non-Alien series sci-fi films, etc. Totally unjustified. You’re still pretty brilliant, more often than not.

  33. Tyciol Says:

    What actress is this supposed to be?

  34. spade Says:

    i didn’t know anyone else even knew of algebra suicide.

  35. bjpapers Says:

    Make a poster! Make a poster! Or a print. I must have it.

  36. Fiona McElroy Says:

    Our you a feminits?

  37. pretty much, if you even think on it.

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