Ich Habe Keine Local Appearances

May 23, 2008

Just a quick note for those in the Toronto area: I will not be doing any convention appearances this year. I realize that literally no-one cares, but I felt like typing something so there y’go.  Anyway, those crooks at Hobbystar keep jacking up the price of tables at the august Fan Expo, so the event can now be categorized as Not Fucking Worth It. In addition, the event no longer caters in any meaningful regard to a comic-book audience, which was well-evident at last year’s event when business in the Artist’s Alley plummeted to half of previous years. People came for the video game olympics or whatever the fuck it was, not for the Small Press. Not Fucking Worth It. As for the Paradise Comics show, it suffers from the opposite problem: it’s TOO focused on comics. Mainstream superhero comics, that is, so nobody there wants to look at my indie-comics junk. Plus I don’t ever want to be in the same building as Dave Sim again. And besides, I have no new comics to sell, and besides that I Hate doing conventions. I can’t sit still for that long without going completely mad. It’s exhausting, too, for some reason. Plus the Audience is online anyway. More and more the worlds of webcomics and print comics are the Two Solitudes of sequential art (anticipatory counterpoint: no they aren’t).  Okay, that’s just about enough of that. As you were.


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