Subnormality for May 18th

May 19, 2008

Ye olde this week’s comic is ye old finished, so ye olde there you go. I know this says Part 1, but don’t expect Part 2 for a while. Just giving myself some options for the future in terms of characters I can revisit. Figured I’d get part 1 out of the way now as it’s a holiday and no-one’s reading anyway. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day off work, but I am working anyway because that’s just the kind of life I lead. I’m totally taking tuesday off though. Oh, below is a link to ye olde aged newspaper version of this week’s comic. This was how I originally wanted it to look, but I ended up needing colors to tell the story so the Super Official Version is the colored one linked above. Personally I’ve always preferred black and white comics above all else. I like lines, and color distracts from the lines. However, color also catches the eye and thus I bend, rainbow-like, to the will of common sense. Anyway, I already have an idea for next week’s comic and it’s gonna be mercifully short for once so Hurrah.


(click for full image)

5 Responses to “Subnormality for May 18th”

  1. Michael Ezra Says:

    Aye, happy am I that I be immune to the pestilence that is “Reality Viewing Screen.” By my troth, I swear that I have espied not one episode of The Real World, Survivor, Big Brother, nor any other such villainy. Verily are they all tools of the Saracens, Cathars and Knights Templar, to bring the corruption of Lucifer upon all Christendom.

  2. I too am proudly uninitiated in the experience of reality TV shows–constructs of Lucifer himself as they are. Dancing With the Stars my ass.

  3. Tsornin Says:

    I abhor the Viewing Screen and its incessant 15+ kHz buzzing.

    Zomgs, I spy the Blade of Evil’s Bane!

  4. vineetgupta Says:

    Hi! I love your comics – Just found your blog. You rock!

  5. Thanks! I am not often accused of rocking, so I appreciate the sentiment.

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