Interview: RC Pop Art

April 10, 2008

Heya. I did an interview with Robbie Conaway of RC Pop Art, so shouldst thou wish to read it, thou mustst headst on over to this place right here. The text can be hard to read if your monitor’s brightness is too low, but a simple right-click/select all in your web browser will solve that (this means you, Mom…). Mr. Conaway is a fine fellow indeed, and I thank him for this opportunity to go on and on and on about whatever it is I think is interesting. Until next time, I remain…

…Winston Rowntree

(I’d be very surprised if that’s his real name. I bet his real name’s something embarrassing like “Sparkles” or “Dickie,” so he changed it to Winston for the internet.)

4 Responses to “Interview: RC Pop Art”

  1. RC PoP Art Says:

    I knew it, “Twinki”!

  2. akwok Says:

    Kingston Browntree.

  3. Tom Says:

    man, I hope I get interviewd by you someday, Winstan Runebreeze.
    BG 7 and 8 are up. 🙂

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