Subnormality for March 23rd

March 23, 2008


Comic done, available in the usual manner. Come for the nudity, stay for the huge blocks of text. And then leave…because of the nudity and the huge blocks of text. I was like, “we should get more from our metaphors,” and then I made a comic. Surprising amounts of hairy, naked men and medieval-style peasants with the ragged clothing and the surprisingly good haircuts. Several vegetables were harmed in the making of this comic, including an onion and a red pepper. Negative references to “the online community” are present-company-excepted. See today’s GameFAQs poll results for what I’m referring to.

SITE NEWS: updates: Good Reviews and Bad Reviews sections updated and fixed up a bit. Added a second Links page with links not related to comics, for the desperately bored among you who trust my taste/associations. Added a couple new links to this blog’s Blogroll, including The Flowfield Unity (a different sort of comic), Steve Bell (a long-overdue link) and Garfield Minus Garfield (does what it says on the tin).

[EDIT: It’s a frenzy of activity! I’ve added another link, TV Go Home, which isn’t a comic and hasn’t updated in five years, but is right now The Funniest Thing of All Time.]


6 Responses to “Subnormality for March 23rd”

  1. Zifnab Says:

    Two thought.

    Metaphors aren’t metaphors if you throw up examples in the text. Part of the reason you use symbolism is to make the audience think. “The Emperor has no clothes… isn’t that ridiculous? Who does that remind you of?”

    I have serious disagreements with any number of your “Emperor / eg” pairings. Frankly, I think there’s more to modern art than a naked supreme executive would imply. There’s nothing wrong with Polka Music, and its got a good dancing beat. If you can’t appreciate that, I don’t see why you’ve got to go ripping on Polka enthusiasts by implying that they’re all tiny and naked. The pitchfork media is – as often as not – some sort of naked midget wielding an automatic weapon. Given that its all bought and paid for anyway – let’s face it, CNN and MSNBC are just FOXs with different shareholders – I fail to see how they become naked rabble. They’re all part and parcel with High King Nakedsalot.

    And I really don’t see why you’ve got to hate on SNL or Bill Maher. What did they ever do to you? Dick.

    Seriously, though. Just let the work speak for itself. We’re smart people. We know what you mean. You ruffle less feathers and inspire more insight when you don’t tip your hand to whom exactly you are pissed off at as a satirist.

  2. Son of a bitch, I just spent an hour writing up this huge, thoughtful rebuttal, and then I closed the browser window by accident by clicking on the wrong tab and I lost the whole thing! ARGHH!! Goddamn computers, they’re like a naked emperor who… well, never mind. With my apologies, permit me to summarize in bullet point my counter-argument:

    –Thanks for the detailed, thoughtful critique. I wish everyone who disagreed with me would disagree in such a manner so that we could at least arrive at mutual respect as independent people with independent beliefs.

    –Without the specific examples, the strip would be nonsensical, or, at best, pointlessly ambiguous.

    –Primarily this was a humor comic, not an intellectual think-piece, so I assume your strong objections stem from the fact that you like certain things that I do not, rather than an objection to the format itself. Otherwise, it’s like Tucker Carlson accusing humorist Jon Stewart of failings in his journalistic integrity. My sweeping generalizations were for comic effect. Is there “more to modern art than a naked supreme executive?” Of course there is! It sounds to me like you’re objecting to the idea of satire.

    –Besides, everything I objected to was, in my mind, easily fair game for satire. If the massive portion of my readership that really, really likes polka music should now turn its back in anger, then I can live with that, but I have no quarrel with them. I merely offered a cheap laugh at the expense of a niche musical genre–a genre that I assume knows how to laugh at itself. Was it worth it? In the case of polka, probably not. I could have been more consistent with how deserving the various examples were of satire.

    –Bill Maher is the dick, because, in a feeble attempt at humor on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, he was ignorant enough to imply that child molestation wasn’t as bad as schoolyard bullying. Cue hail of rotten vegetables.

    –I know you’re smart people. You’re very smart people, and I’m glad you read my comic, I really am. And I hope none of you would be afraid to write in and say “I hated this strip and here’s why,” because I’m always gonna listen to what you have to say. If enough people say a strip was fundamentally bad, then I won’t make any more in that mold. I’m definitely gonna be experimenting with the strip from time to time (within reason–you’ll always know roughly what to expect), so shoot your opinions my way.

    –Ruffling less feathers is the antithesis of what I want my life to be, so it’s not gonna happen. You can be popular or you can be honest, to put it glibly. More specifically, you can try (and fail) to please all of the people all of the time, or you can try to please some of the people most of the time based on what you think about the world. “Garfield” is the former, and I seek to be the latter. I seek to have a niche, not mass approval. If I can’t please the Fox News-watching polka-heads, then fine. I’m not a robot, I’m a person with opinions–who is not going to pretend otherwise on the chance that someone might disagree with me. Shame on anyone who faults me for that. You can disagree with me all day long, which is the basis of a democratic society, but don’t ever fault me for “[tipping] my hand.” You’re just gonna have to respect my right to hold opinions, much as I respect your right to post your above comments about how you disagree with those opinions. I’d rather you spoke up than said nothing, so, again, thank you. I hope I can still count your polka-loving ass as a reader.

    –I make my opinions known because I believe it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s easy for me. I have a pathological fear of being hated by others, and I was sincerely afraid–AFRAID–to post this comic because I knew that it would annoy some people. And it’s not even that sharp a satire! But I did it anyway because I felt it was on principle the right thing to do. If I have beliefs then I should make them known and be held accountable for them, not hide them away because I’m afraid of them being challenged. It ain’t easy, but it’s for the best. Rest assured I’m not sitting here like a smug asshole, having said some gee-whiz naughty things about David Icke and religion.

    –Was this comic insightful? Not really. It was opinionated and satirical. But it wasn’t titled “This Comic is Insightful,” so you can’t accuse me of false advertising. You can be disappointed though, and I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you because I genuinely hate to let people down. This comic was not what you expected from Subnormality, and that’s an issue I should consider. But your idea of satirizing something unspecific is, frankly, bizarre. Satire that doesn’t ruffle feathers or tip its hand as to what it’s satirizing? Really? Again, your quarrel is with satire itself, not with me.

    –Once more, thanks for your comments, and for reading the strip. I hope the fact that we are different people with different opinions will not prevent you from writing off my work altogether, but if it does then that’s your right and I’ll hold the door for you on your way out, and I’ll even wave goodbye in a cheerful manner because I’m grateful you stayed as long as you did.

    Cheers, and thanks for caring enough to write in,

    W. Rowntree

    PS: I know that posting such a long, defensive reply can undermine my original ideas and annoy the people who agreed with me in the first place, but I felt this warranted a thoughtful response. Now you know–I’m a neurotic, self-hating bundle of nerves who can’t stop himself from stuffing both feet in his mouth and biting down hard!! Anyone got any ketchup??

  3. Adam_Y Says:

    Welcome to the club, W.

    I’ve done the same thing on countless occasions, but it’s one of the big bonuses of a blog-like comic… I mean it’s there to be discussed.

    For what it’s worth, I thought you nailed it.

  4. Thanks, dude. And yeah, that is the bonus of the whole blog thing. I welcome any and all discussion.

  5. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Well, I think you got it right on with Pitchfork. Snobs.

  6. Kiwi Says:

    Love it.

    also, man, re: the reviews — what is it with everyone being down on lengthy dialouge? I find it pretty cool, myself, and it makes it seem more natural. Since most of the people *I* know don’t get to the point of their story in six words or less, or without interjecting a “you know?” or two in there.

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