This Week’s Subnormality

March 17, 2008


Okay, so the new comic is done, but let me offer some preamble. I’d wanted to do a bigger comic for the strip’s first anniversary last month, but inspiration didn’t strike until this week, so, uh, better late than never I guess. So this one’s kind of big, and it’s got the end of the world, and pigeons, and cars, and pointless dialogue, and horses, and riskily esoteric celebrity cameos, and and weapons tied in knots, and flowers, and butterflies, and onions for 13 cents/kg. Good deal? I dunno. I suppose I could have done this joke in three panels with 1/100th the words, but y’know, I’ve got a reputation to maintain here. So there you go. For more information on the four horsemen, consult your local internet.


22 Responses to “This Week’s Subnormality”

  1. Insert Name Here Says:

    if pink-hair is in this, why not the sphinx?

  2. Mark Dominus Says:

    I really liked it. Thanks!

    I recognized Dennett as soon as he showed up, and with that hint it wasn’t hard to recognize Dawkins and Hitchens. But who is Reason?

    And the change in the reported price of onions was a hoot.

    Thanks again.

  3. ‘Reason’ is Sam Harris, who is impossible to caricature (for me, anyway, but I suck). Why no Sphynx? She was at the drive-in, taking in a film.

  4. Dave Says:

    What really made me giggle was what the Gideons are up to after the Apocalypse.

  5. Toronto Says:

    loved it. could you explain who are the celebs for those that didnt get it? (not me! I got it all. really!)

  6. Mo Gristle Says:

    So the joke’s that the guy was wearing a Quebec Nordiques shirt right? Seriously, though, I love nearly everything on this site. Keep it up!

  7. jesse loop Says:

    it nearly appears to be a newly drafted constitution for worldwide social justice and human capital equity.
    welcome to the cabinet of the leaders of the known universe.
    you’re appointed…hmm….chief informational office and secretary of human social awareness.
    Happy New year (either early or late, either way…it’s just an old calendar…perhaps we missed by a few months, it could be new years?).
    ok anyway, does the “four horsemen” come in poster sized format (suggest around 28×36″ or so…)???

  8. loved it. could you explain who are the celebs for those that didnt get it?

    I suppose that here would be a good place to start.

  9. Loved. Absolutely loved it, and both me and others on Planet Atheism have linked to it, and lovingly praised it, today. 🙂

  10. Thanks! And the links are much appreciated. I like the sound of this “Planet Atheism…”

  11. Mz Says:

    Great comic, enjoyed it alot ^^

  12. Mark Says:

    No dude, no need to shorten this at all. This is beautiful.

    *sniff* I wanna live in that world.

  13. El Santo Says:

    Hey, Chief! I did a review on you not too long ago.

    I just wanted to drop in because I was checking up on T. Campbell’s webcomic rankings, and I was surprised to see Virus Comix had made the list.

    T. Campbell Rankings

    According to the site, it was a 19,863% jump from previous rank, and it’s now the 13th most popular webcomic according to Alexa (currently beating out Order of the Stick and Ctrl+Alt+Del).

    Congratulations, man.

  14. El Santo Says:

    13th? I meant 9th. You are the 9th most popular webcomic. Congrats!

  15. That’s 9th on the “” list, as I’m not actually in the Alexa top 20. It’ll be nice while it lasts, and I appreciate the congrats (thanks!), but it’s a temporary traffic spike and I’m sure I’ll be rocketing back down the charts by the time the next rankings are drawn up. I hate to rain on my own parade, but my reign as the 9th most popular webcomic will be brief. Hopefully when traffic levels off it won’t be too deep in the basement. I could live with 90th, frankly, since I was about 9 billionth up until last month.

  16. El Santo Says:

    If you keep racking up the diggs, though, you should be good in the long run. I think top comics xkcd and Cyanide & Happiness picked up their rankings in pretty much the same way.

    Sorry. Optimist.

  17. akwok Says:

    My god, “I Can Has Cheezburger” is #1? That kind of shit wasn’t funny when it was on 4chan ages ago, and it still ain’t funny now.

  18. Exactly. Why it’s even included in a webcomics ranking is a mystery to me. Can’t we all agree that photographs of your cat are not a comic?

  19. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Yes, but they’re photographs with dialogue.

    This is a comic, right?

    You can certainly argue that they’re not any good, though – although some of them are goddamned hilarious.

  20. Trex Says:

    i can has cheezburger?!!!! NOOO! Please, no!

    Just keep up the good work. Subnormality will steadily rise in popularity.

  21. Mirko Says:

    The bearded guy looks a lot like James Randi. I guess he would work as one of the horsemen as well.

    Thanks for the link to “The Four Horsemen”, I just downloaded the whole discussion in audio format and shall try to enlighten my mind on the bike ride into town tonight. Followed promptly by deletion by alcohol, but something may stick.

  22. Sawyer Says:

    My favorite part of this comic is the change from lb to kg on the onion sale sign.

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