Review: Subnormality

March 14, 2008

You can go here to read a new review of Subnormality by Larry “El Santo” Cruz. He’s an intelligent reviewer, and I was thrilled to get his take on the strip. You can read my reactions in the comments section following the review.

So is he right–are my best comics the ones with the least amount of dialogue? Or are there people out there who enjoy my huge blocks of text? I’d love to hear from people on this.


14 Responses to “Review: Subnormality”

  1. Anon Says:

    The blocks of text are totally the best part! I love the build up in comics like “The Waitress”. Actually, that comic in particular is awesome, and I would never want to lose something like that. It’s only once a week and a short comic with little text isn’t worth the wait….

    Excellent comic overall!

  2. I think your comics are superb, the dialogue is a refreshing change from the ‘Garfield’ type comic stips that seem to proliferate the web these days. Don’t get me wrong, I like Cyanide and Happiness as much as the next person, (i think it’s hilarious in fact) but I find I don’t build a level of intamacy with the characters like I do with yours.
    I will say that a certain attitude towards humour and a certain personal phylosiphy are required to really enjoy the comics, but 90% of my friends would find these comics wonderfully cynical and rather funny. You certainly seem to have a British sense of humour anyway! A big thumbs up from me and others round my way!

  3. Your instincts are correct–I am in fact half British, so there you go. Thanks for the thumbs up!

  4. Questo's Dad Says:

    I also enjoy the wordy ones, but I think Brendan prefers the shorter ones. I didn’t really understand why he thought you were trying to hammer the “people sure talk alot” point home. The time traveling scientists’ debate is a pretty good example of a “wordy” one but I don’t think there are any superfluous words there. It’s a funny premise and I don’t think anyone could get the point across in 4 sentences. Oh well.

    P.S. Is Man U going to hit double digits today? I say 10-1 with the one being a Wes Brown own goal. Ronaldo with a spectacular 8 goal performance.

  5. Prediction noted. Wes Brown is overdue for an own goal–maybe an own goal hat trick. I will join you in trying to hammer home the “Ronaldo sure scores alot” point.

  6. Sprawn! Says:

    Don’t overthink it, baby. I stayed up all night laughing so hard I cried. And when I thought about it, I mean, REALLY thought about it, I started crying so hard that I had to laugh. Keep plugging away. You are the best. With regard to “wordiness” or a lack thereof… it is rare for someone to have the flexibility to be able to do BOTH. So, go where you will, and do what you need to… It’s all good, baby!

  7. Kiwi Says:

    I think the words are great, you’re clever and write natural sounding dialouge, so it’s never a forced read

  8. Thanks, you all. Glad there’s people out there who like a bit of text with their comic. Your compliments have been filed, and you shall each be mailed a commemorative life-size bronze replica of a historically significant castle or “chateau.” Well, in spirit, anyway. As for me not overthinking it, that’s kind of an ongoing battle. Sigh…

  9. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Your webpage keeps telling me I’m trying to post a duplicate comment, which is ridiculous since each of my posts is as unique as a snowflake or flower.

    Anyway, I like the words. “Zweihundert reichsmarks, bitte!”

  10. Sorry about the “duplicate comment” thing. WordPress seems to have a lot of gremlins for some reason. You should be entitled to zweihundert reichsmarks for your trouble!

  11. Slyer Says:

    Yeah keep up the long worded comics, loved the four horsemen one.

  12. Di Says:

    Hi there, just wanna say that I love Subnormality and strongly disagree with what the reviewer said about the big blocks of text being pointless. I can see where you’re coming from with it, and it’s central to the humour in so many of your strips, such as the “air freshener” and “reserve goalie” strips. I love PBF as well, so don’t worry about your work not catering to the mainstream and only appealing to an alternative crowd. I believe that your “substantial growth in readership” is well on its way, and that additional effort in creating publicity (such as starting a forum, selling T-shirts and plushies and collaborating with other artists) will be very helpful in starting the exponential effect. Don’t worry about selling out or anything, nobody expects you to live on zero income. I mean, I don’t even see any advertisements on your website.

    Thanks for the awesome comics, and good luck! =)

  13. Bud Says:

    keep up your wordy works of art!! definitely enjoy reading my heart out on each strip, it’s probably different when your a reviewer 200+ comics as opposed to someone who just wants to fully enjoy the essence and substance of a single comic. i have a tendency to read slower sometimes just cause i don’t want it to end.

    Cheers from Malaysia!

  14. Do what you do, man. I love it.

    I’ve read 138 strips in a work week and feel inspired, artistically and emotionally, through your brazen ability to just put it all out there. Cynics be damned. If your goal was to be just like everyone else, I’m sure you’d be more suprised by the mediocre review from the faux luchador.

    Subnormality is the 2nd best comic that I’ve ever read. I say “2nd best” in hopes that I will find another comic worth reading whenever I (dreadingly) catch up with your most recent strips.

    Thank you.

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