Subnormality for March 9th

March 9, 2008


Yes, yes, it’s time for another new comic. New readers can find the previous adventures of this week’s starring character here here here and here.

9 Responses to “Subnormality for March 9th”

  1. akwok Says:

    I love how you drew the guy cowering in fear in the last panel.

  2. akwok Says:

    Dugg again:

    This time it’s about Cobain being drawn right-handed. 😛

  3. Yeah, people have emailed me about that, inevitably. It’s artistic license! Explanation? Just picture the comic with him being left-handed and you can see why I changed it. The visual flow/composition wouldn’t work at all. Nirvana’s my favorite band–I know he was left-handed. If Nickelback was at the top of the Evolutionary ladder, THEN we’d have a problem…

  4. Zifnab Says:

    It’s hard out there for a sphinix.

  5. I have an idea – why not re-do his guitar so that it is left handed but is slung to the right?

  6. Yeah, I’ve thought about doing that. If I ever put out a Subnormality book then I’ll fix it for that, otherwise it’ll have to wait. Of course, then people will be going “His guitar’s upside down…”

  7. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    You’ve got to leave it. It’s art!

    Anyway, your reaction to this will probably be similar to mine – mixed – but you have to see it anyway:

  8. Thanks for the link! At first I was like “this is the stupidest thing of all time, and clearly these people have wasted nine months of their lives,” but every time they rhymed the actual dialogue with the lyrics I couldn’t help but laugh, so I ended up liking it way more than I should have. Plus I love that movie, I really do. Ah, Predator…

  9. OldBrit Says:

    OK, this is exactly four years late, but whatever …
    Had that salesguy been more alert, he could have pointed out that keyboards (or at least a set of big buttons) are available for people who can’t use their fingers, but have to use their whole hands. There are even input devices that use human feet.

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