This Week’s Subnormality

March 2, 2008


Finished this week’s comic, so find it in the usual place. Finally, all the people who like to complain that my comics are “too wordy” can take the week off. As for the rest of you, the wordiness will return–don’t worry! The RSS feed I’m still wrestling with, but it seems to be working on a rudimentary level. It’s not updating in Google Reader right now, but maybe that’s temporary or something. I’ll work at fine-tuning it when I get the time. The feed for this blog, on the other hand, is conveniently built-in, and I’ve added a nice big button over on the left there under the Blogroll so it’s easier to find. You might as well just use the blog feed, come to think of it, since all new Subnormality comics will be announced here the same time they go up on the website. Righty-ho, it’s off to somewhere else I go. Thanks to all for reading, and to all a fine March. Beware the ides though. Terrible business, those ides.


5 Responses to “This Week’s Subnormality”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Just wanted to say that I loved the Beirut = Bayreuth Wagner joke. Please keep doing the sphynx! She is my favorite part of Subnormality.

  2. Thanks! Look for more Sphynx in the near future…

  3. Questo's Dad Says:

    Not at all related to this week’s comic but if you needed any extra incentive to come home, Mexican Chili chips are back, complete with the strange little yellow dude under the huge hat. They’re every bit as good as I remembered them. Hoping this little bit of information gets me off the bottom (or is it the top?) of the bad friend list.

  4. Are you serious?? Yesss!! Virus Comix heartily endorses the return of Mexican Chili flavor chips. And don’t worry–the bad friend list is currently being propped up by people who aren’t you. I thank you for this valuable piece of information.

  5. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    That’s no “little yellow dude”. It’s el Chupacabra!

    Legend has it that if you leave your empty Old Dutch Mexican Chili Chips bag under your pillow, el Chupacabra will come in the middle of the night, and replace it with the blood-drained carcass of a dead dog or possibly, a racoon.

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