This Week’s Subnormality

February 24, 2008


This week’s comic is now finished, and is dedicated to all those in the Winter Regions. Shoveling is so passe. And A Big Thanks to all the people who’ve been emailing in this past week! I’ve been very encouraged by all the positive vibes recently, so cheers to everyone who’s taken the time to write in with feedback.

In administrative news, I’ve cooked up an RSS feed on the Subnormality main page, but I’m still getting the hang of the whole RSS thing (as evidenced by this week’s multiple-feed-updates-for-no-reason) so, like it says underneath the button, please bear with me while I’m figuring it all out. Please post a comment here if there’s some crucial problem with the feed that I’m not aware of, because god knows there is. That’s all for now. Cheerio, and thanks for reading!


6 Responses to “This Week’s Subnormality”

  1. I doubt it. Half the comments on Digg are people calling me “Mr. Douchebag Comic Man.” Guess I’ll give it all up and sell wallpaper door to door or something.

  2. akwok Says:

    Henceforth you shall be formally known as Mr. Douchebag Comic Man.

  3. Clarence Boddicker Says:

    Dear Mr. Douchebag Comic Man;

    I would like to inquire about purchasing your Russian Howitzer. If you’re interested, send me a quote and, if possible, a shipping estimate (Canada Post preferred).

    C. Boddicker.

  4. The howitzer in question is valued at upwards of 976,000,000 Rubles. Shipping is $1.50 extra.

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