This Week’s Subnormality / 1st Anniversary!

February 10, 2008


This week’s comic is now finished, so get yourself over there and read it! Or go watch hockey, like I’m going to.

In related news, it was one year ago today that I began Subnormality–in that distant, mysterious winter of 2007! Yes, I have defied the odds and kept at a task for an entire year, thus spitting in the face of years of shameful, lazy precedent. The comic continues to evolve, and I strive for greater consistency on all fronts as we enter the giddy, white-knuckle mania of Year Two! I suspect that the success (or lack thereof) of Year Two will largely determine whether there is a Year Three, but that’s next year’s problem. For now, let us drink and be merry and some other stuff too, and let me now take this time to say to you, before disappearing into the night, Frodo Baggins-like, a hearty Thank You for reading the comic, whether you just discovered it or if you’re one of the three people who’s been here from the beginning!! Thanks be to you, the reader, for frequenting my website of Iniquity and Drollness and Also Some Comics, and may you return upon the morrow for more of what you have seen here today, only better and more streamlined with a hybrid engine, xl cup holders, and racing stripes!!

And by that I mean Thank You for reading my comic, and I hope you all will keep coming back every week because there’ll be another new comic waiting for you if you do! Cheers to all!


6 Responses to “This Week’s Subnormality / 1st Anniversary!”

  1. Tim Says:


  2. Winston Rowntree Says:


  3. Twheat Says:

    just “Stumbled” upon your site. it’s fantastic! congrats on turning one.

  4. Winston Rowntree Says:

    Thanks! There’s a lot of “Stumbling” going on this week, I’m happy to say.

  5. Toronto Says:

    I stumbled here a few days ago.
    Just finished going through the whole archives and I must say this is one of the best stuff I ever saw.
    One thing I wonder about is this: going through all the comic strips I got the feeling the the creator must be a girl. If this is true then I would so marry you! seriously. ( If you’re a guy then forgetaboutit.)

  6. Glad you liked the comics! But I’m not a girl, so you can’t marry me.

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