Redesign of Subnormality Website

January 15, 2008

Okay, so I went ahead and made the Subnormality main page a bit less awful. Much more straightforward, and no more of that “comic too big–click here” crap. And I only took down that Calvin & Hobbes picture by Mark Poutenis because it was his idea to do so. I’ll have to find somewhere else to stick it. Mark’s comic, The Thinking Ape Blues, has just reached its 350th comic, so go read it before he poisons your dog or something. Read a few of them, because it takes a few comics to get the tone of the strip, but once you do it’s muy enjoyable. MUY! Plus he really will poison your dog if you don’t read it. He’s out of control. Seriously, though, it’s a fine comic.


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