New Subnormality Posted

December 16, 2007


I have posted this week’s comic, and I’ve posted it early–just like in the good old days! It’s a real behemoth, and it took way too long to do for a joke that hinges on… well, you’ll see. I can’t even tell if it makes sense anymore, personally.


I can’t promise a comic next week, because I’m moving to a new apartment and I’m anticipating no end of trouble getting my internet/phone switched over. I’m confident that Bell will do all that they can to screw everything up while simultaneously overcharging me every step of the way. Thus, it’s all too likely that I’ll have no internet access this time next week. In addition, I’m going on vacation for Christmas, so there will definitely not be a comic on Dec. 29th, I’m sorry to say. Here’s hoping that somehow everything works out all right and I have internet access next week. Merry X-Mas, anyway!


One Response to “New Subnormality Posted”

  1. haha. that one was real creative. Happy holidays!

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