Review: Captain Estar Goes to Heaven

December 5, 2007

You can go here to read a review of my sketchy “graphic novel” by a guy on a nice-looking website. It’s a good review, in that I agree with most of the conclusions (inconsistent art, bad lettering, etc.). The guy enjoyed it though, which is all that matters to me. If he loved the art but thought I was barren of interesting ideas then I would have to either kill myself or go work for Marvel Comics (same thing, really). So let’s all hear it for people who write positive reviews that bring attention to the attention-less (ie: me).


Someone else who needs some attention is one Kate Beaton, who makes some hilarious comics that you can read by clicking here or by hitting the new link I’ve added over on the left there. Imagine if Posy Simmonds was 40 years younger and Canadian, and you’ve got the idea. This kid’s got talent, and a bright future. If there’s any justice.


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