Subnormality canceled this week.

December 2, 2007

Okay, I had to pull the plug. There won’t be a strip this week. I got sick, I tried to finish the comic anyway, I got about 75% of the way there, but I’m sitting here looking at it and it just doesn’t meet the standards I expect of my comics. I’m the first to admit that I’m a big diva and I can’t do my best work under duress, and I pretty much proved that over the weekend by making a shitty, shitty comic while being sick. I mean, what a mess. Just terrible. So I’m just gonna scrap the fucking thing and redraw it for next weekend. I realize that I promised not to skip updates, so expect a double update in the near future to atone for this week’s ridiculous tomfoolery. I apologize, but if I can’t put my best foot forward then I ain’t walking. So look for the exciting conclusion to the Letter Opener Trilogy this coming sunday. Sorry.


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