New Subnormality posted

November 19, 2007


Again the time has come for a new comic. I swear I just made that one about the time traveling stuff, but whatever. Lousy passage of time. Anyway, old whatserface returns this week for some more retail madness. And yes, It’s pretty much supposed to be Shoppers Drug Mart. I shop there a lot. This ain’t product placement though. I also support my local sketchy corner store with the flies and the faded packaging and the expiration dates which bring back memories of elementary school. Friendly service though, and they have a wide selection of butter tarts and feta cheese.


Finally finished scanning in all of “Captain Estar Goes to Heaven,” and am now gradually making the necessary web pages. Not too much longer to wait, I reckon. I’ll get it done during the week when I’m too goddamn tired after work to do anything else. As you were.


2 Responses to “New Subnormality posted”

  1. Mass Says:

    woohoo! i admire your fortitude and commitment to readers (voracious buggers that we are!)

  2. Winston Rowntree Says:

    Had the day off today, so expect Cpt. Estar sooner rather than later. It’ll be nice to get the damned thing over with and move on to something else.

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