New Subnormality Posted

November 13, 2007


This week’s comic is now finished. All the people who think my comics are “too wordy” will love this one, because I made it just for them. Well, not really, but, er, what was my point here…? Oh yes–if you object to reading then go look at a less demanding comic. Something no so brutally taxing, like Garfield or Sally Forth or that delightful Marmaduke! God knows, The Perry Bible Fellowship is practically word-free, so go read that too! Anyway, I had this big sombre, thoughtful thing planned for the Rememberance Day comic, but then I scrapped it at the last minute because, while it’s my comic and I can do what I want with it, it’s also supposed to be a humor comic and people have plenty of other ways remind to themselves of the sacrifice of our war dead. Or something like that. It’s late, and I just don’t care anymore. Anyway, the comic’s done so go read it or don’t.

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: Should I ever disappear for a week or two for no apparent reason, it’s because my computer fucking ate it and I’m scrambling around trying to buy a new one and reinstall 744 different programs. This scenario is looking more and more likely as my computer edges closer and closer  to the scrap heap. Ominous noises, blue screens of death, multiple log-in failures, etc, etc. So this is just a preemptive warning. You heard it here first.


2 Responses to “New Subnormality Posted”

  1. Robin Moshe Says:

    See, what I want to know is, why didn’t history change the moment he decided to bring up the subject of time travel in conversation? Or the moment he decided on a major in college? Or the moment his mother first looked into his father’s eyes?

    And, well, wouldn’t all he’d have to do to fix things be to decide to dedicate the rest of his life to aquiring another time machine and using it to stop himself from inventing a time machine in the first place?

  2. Winston Rowntree Says:

    No, because time machines are VERBOTEN!!! Yes, that’s it…

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