Interview: Flak Magazine

November 6, 2007

If yer wanna read an interview with me, here’s yer chance. Flak Magazine has been good enough to run my comic on their Sunday Comics page since the summer, and they have been running a series of interviews with most of the featured cartoonists. I’ll admit to being in kind of a belligerent mood back in August when this interview was conducted, but I stand by my remarks (although Scott McCloud isn’t completely a rubbisher. But his “Reinventing Comics” was as shite as “Understanding Comics” was brilliant). I only wish I’d mentioned more of my influences, because there’s some glaring omissions. Tom The Dancing Bug, for instance, is my favorite comic of all time ever. If it didn’t exist, then that’s what my comic would be like. But we already have a Tom the Dancing Bug, so my strip goes in other directions. Adios!


3 Responses to “Interview: Flak Magazine”

  1. Mass Says:

    great interview. you said another reason why you use the alias winston rowntree is that you use your real name for another artistic pursuit. do you mind revealing what that other pursuit is? i’m guessing that it’s writing, but it could also be the great art of sumo wrestling…

  2. Winston Rowntree Says:

    Thanks, Owens, but your rap song stinks–stick to football. You wanna be the next Shaq?? Cause I don’t think you wanna be the next Shaq.

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