Meet my sorry ass!

October 26, 2007

For those in the Toronto area, I’ll be selling my stupid little comics at the annual Canzine independent arts fair–this sunday from 1pm to 7pm. Full details are HERE. I don’t do sketches or anything, but I’ll be selling the physical versions of most of my comics, including the not-yet-online graphic novel that I mentioned in a previous post. Canzine is basically a self-publishing fair and independent arts showcase run by the people from Broken Pencil magazine–the magazine of said independent arts. Come for the zines, stay for the…uh…zines! It’s also the only event left in this city that’s worth attending if you’re a sketchy self-publisher like me. The two big comic conventions in Toronto have pretty much priced people like myself out–particularly as attendance at both shows this year was fucking pitiful compared to past years. I know the Paradise Comics show will be undergoing a reformatting for next year, but I’ll only show up if they significantly lower their table prices. As for the big Fan Expo–I think that honeymoon’s pretty much over. This year’s show was absolutely fucking godawful–people were selling HALF of what they usually do–and yet the prices keep going up, so don’t look for me there in the future unless prices drop or something. It would also be nice if they didn’t set aside half the building for a goddamn video games contest. Anyway, Canzine is great and always has been so give it a look if you’re in the GTA this Sunday! There’s no other event like it, and I’m glad it exists.


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