Thank you. Yes, you.

October 2, 2007

September was the busiest month yet for web traffic at, so I’d just like to offer a big, genuine thank-you-very-much and a firm handshake to all those who’ve been reading my comics! I don’t think I have anything for you…(rummaging in pockets)… Oh, well, there’s this piece of unused Subnormality art. Have a look at that. Thanks again!



2 Responses to “Thank you. Yes, you.”

  1. Mass Says:

    my pleasure. and thanks for the pic. ( actually, i’ve already downloaded one of her pictures…to tell you the truth, i think i’m in love with her…HELP! falling in love with comic book characters cannot be good…)

  2. No its not normal, but then again I had the hots for a comic book character called tank girl,,,,,

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