September 30th

September 30, 2007

Today marks one of the countless grim anniversaries we so easily forget. Read about it here.

6 Responses to “September 30th”

  1. Mass Says:

    as someone who has both purchased and read the comic, i give a moment of silence in anniversarial (not sure if it’s a real word, but it sounds good) rememberance.

  2. Michael Ezra Says:

    Hi — I don’t know if you’ll notice this comment such a long time after the post, but I just read “September 30th” today, after going through the Subnormality archives. And I must say that the story is dead brilliant in its setup: I really believed I was reading about present-day Americans, and the reveal was shocking yet entirely plausible. You simply MUST try to get this published again, in print form. I’ve read Superosity; I’ve read _Captain Estar Goes to Heaven_, and much as I enjoyed them both, this short story is your masterpiece thus far. Thank you for producing this.

  3. Michael Ezra Says:

    Oh, shoot–“Subnormality,” not “Superosity.” (Particularly embarassing because I’ve heard of the latter but never read it.) Please excuse me. Well, I got the name right in the first sentence.

  4. Thanks for your kind remarks–I really appreciate it! I’m really glad you like the story, and I admit to being quite proud of it (despite any inconsistencies in the art). You know what? I really feel like I did the most you can do with 12 pages, and for a good cause. The story actually got a couple of bad reviews, which are posted on my website, and I really think that anyone who dislikes it is completely and tragically missing the point of the story. I don’t mind saying that. I really think it’s an effective story about how it was people like you and me who were murdered by the Nazis. It’s one of the few things I’ve done that I’ll actually speak positively about. I have no idea where I could get it republished, but any suggestions would be welcome. Being on the internet is probably the best exposure it’s ever gonna get.



    (NOTE: I’ll definitely notice new comments posted to old blog entires, so people can feel free to chime in on archived topics!)

  5. Michael Ezra Says:

    Oh, those two reviewers really did miss the point. Although it was obvious we were supposed to assume a Bush-era U.S. setting until we’re shown otherwise, the story didn’t strike me at all as a “Bush = Hitler” polemic. A cartoonist who actually was going for such a facile (and, Bush’s misdeeds notwithstanding, grossly inaccurate) message would probably conclude the strip, not with a simple epitaph for the murdered Jews of Babi Yar, but with a caption that said “See what America has become!” or a panel sequence showing a laughing Hitler, hands dripping with blood, morphing into Bush, or some other overblown crap.

    I honestly took the strip exactly as you said you intended it.

  6. a caption that said “See what America has become!” or a panel sequence showing a laughing Hitler, hands dripping with blood, morphing into Bush

    Ha! That’s classic! I can picture it in my head…

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