November 8, 2012



Hey, comix return. Sorry for the disproportionate wait– i was out of town for a while, having a quite lovely time as it happens. OH THIS FREEWHEELING COMIX LIFESTYLE… Seriously though, i’m back, and this comic might have like six words but fear not, walls of text are forthcoming. I declare the rest of the year shall be text-heavy indeed.

more later,


PS: Thanks for the feedback regarding the zoom-in-style-thing that i tried out with the previous comic! I’m definitely gonna stick with it for appropriate comix (like the new one), as it makes me feel better about the tiny, illegible writing i like to stick in there on occasion. Now it’s like, hey, someone might actually read this..!


Store Update

October 20, 2012

YESSS! So the store’s been updated with a bunch of new prints for y’all: the new Floor Plan of the Mind comic’s in there, as are the three comix before that, plus there’s now a new “Other” section where you’ll find prints that aren’t Subnormality comix. Right now you’ll find in there a bunch of the Cracked comix, plus a superfantastico new print of the entire Subnormality cast that you might enjoy (you can preview it here). The full list of all available prints is right here, and it features thumbnails of all of them so you can see the layout of various comix when reformatted for print (it looks messed up in Internet Explorer, but i’m gradually fixing that). Good times.

And thanks to everyone out there for buying prints! I know you don’t do it as a favor to me, but i just generally appreciate the support as it’s a big part of what income i bring in. And there are a few MegaHeroes out there who i see buying like seven or twelve prints at a time, which is happily awesome, so cheers to anyone who’s bought even one and i hope you’ll like the new offerings!

And yeah, i know people would like to be able to buy a book as well. I solemnly swear to make that my Big Project for 2013! To pioneer the technique of making a book with 150 different page sizes. TO TEST THE UNKNOWN



Floor Plan

October 12, 2012


Okay, aaand we’re back. This ain’t perfect obviously, but i, uh, ran out of pixels. Like it says on the home page, i’ve also set up an experimental Thing where you can peruse a larger and zoom-in-able version of the comic. Just use your mouse and mousewheel to navigate around with ease. I know a lot of people wish my tiny, horrible writing was otherwise, so this is one way of addressing that whole thing (as i said i would. PROMISE KEPT). Won’t be necessary for every comic, but some of them for sure. Let me know what you think in the comments!

thanks for reading,




September 21, 2012

Comic! New!

back soon,


PS: Huge props to XKCD for the recent Huge Comic. That’s doing a Huge service to this medium, i reckon. Respect.


Museum 2

August 30, 2012

Okay, comics again, walls of text return. Let’s get this summer thing over with and get back to some, uh, whatever it is we do in the fall. RAKE LEAVES


PS: Museum previously seen here!

new comic. plus: ask me anything

August 5, 2012

Heya, new comic for you, kind of a short one for once.


Also, i’m doing an “Ask Me Anything” (which is exactly what it sounds like, if you’re unfamiliar) over at today (aug. 5th), so look for me there if you have any questions about anything to do with subnormality or webcomix in general. I mean you’re absolutely welcome to ask me anything via email any day of the year, but if you want a more timely reply then come on by today.

thanks for reading,


[EDIT: updated AMA link!]


July 18, 2012

Okay, so how about a comic for once?


Seriously, thanks for waiting for this one, i know the delay was unfortunate. 43 weeks between comix is not going to be a thing now, i must state. This was just the combination of a Quite Huge comic and a bunch of other side work and an ongoing heat wave that just goes ahead and drains one’s efficiency at times.

So i’ll see you again soon, and thanks for hanging around for the first 200 comix– it’s been a massive privilege indeed so far, and whatever opportunities i’ve had of late have been thanks to You All and the sharing of my work and the Word of Mouse that’s enabled me to pay the rent via a pencil an increasing number of times lately (be extra nice to anyone from that you run into at the grocery store/bowling alley/drunk tank, because they are The Best).

So cheers anyway, curse the preceding wait, and i’ll see y’all again soon. Them milestone comix, they be big. Apologies way in advance for the ungodly delay that will precede comic #300…


Progress Update

June 26, 2012

Hey, just wanted to check in with y’all, and say “yo, don’t worry, the new comic is on the way.” It’s obviously no secret that updates this year have been slow, it’s just been the combination of more bills-paying work coming my way (hurrah!), as well as me trying to get out a few Epics (the 5th anniversary comic etc) leading up to comic 200. And them Epics take…a long time, unfortunately, often an obscene amount of time, and comic #200 is unsurprisingly another 3000-word beast, so it’ll be a little while longer. But just a little while, and then i’ll perhaps get back to some more sustainably-sized work (2000 words, maybe) that comes out slightly more frequently. I know y’all are patient and are not asking for apologies, so i’m not apologizing, but i shall thank you for the patience (thank you!) and i shall see you again as soon as i’ve got some #200 to show you.

on the way,



June 5, 2012



mini-golf hell

May 12, 2012

Heyy, comix return, possibly somewhat less serious than last time. And you thought the ones with walls of text took a long time to get through…

(source for Regrets of the Dying)

Things i should have mentioned weeks ago

Updated the ol’ t-shirt shop with some new designs finally, for anyone interested in that. A bunch of the designs now use a better quality of printing, so they should last longer than the average made-to-order internet shirt.

And: a few new prints are available in the prints store as well– including the 5th anniversary comic, which you can see a picture of right here (it’s fancied up a bit from the version on the site, so you can at least see what it looks like here):

Just a huge Thanks, by the way, to anyone who’s supported This Here Comix Thing by buying some of the aforementioned Stuff. It’s a Big Deal to me to sell any merchandise at all, so thanks indeed for pitching in. You with the donations as well– holy flurking shnit, your generosity is quite vastly appreciated. Huge, huge thanks in your direction for sure.


I was Busier Than Usual the past month or so, and would like to apologize to anyone who emailed me and didn’t get a reply. I’ve generally been on top of the ol’ personal correspondence, but not lately, so apologies to anyone who didn’t get a reply or a thank you from me, and i’ll say Thanks now to you and anyone else who writes in because i most assuredly get some obscenely kind emails and am really rather very extremely grateful for that indeed.

Lastly and so not Leastly

Without going on and on about it as we’ve all read the news articles at this point, i do want to at least acknowledge  the horrid and untimely death of Adam Yauch, a really fine artist who was most definitely an influence on me. He showed How It’s Done: how you can start your artistic career as one thing and then evolve into something far more sophisticated without actually losing your sense of humor, and he said things about the world that needed to be heard, and he was remembered above all as just a good human being, and that’s always been something to aspire to, if not the only thing. So cheers, MCA. I would have worked a proper tribute to you into the comic, but it takes place in hell, and if there were a hell you would be a million miles from it.

“I want to say a little something that’s long overdue/

The disrespect to women has got to be through/

To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends/

I offer my love and respect to the end.”


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